Grant Imahara Extended Interview From Small World TableTop Episode 1

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Apr 2, 2012


My name is Grant Imahara, and I'm one of the hosts on
Discovery Channel's MythBusters where we basically
blow things up in the name of science.

I ended up on MythBusters actually through the special
effects route.
All of us used to work in special
effects in the Bay Area.
I worked at Industrial Light Magic.
And when the show came up, I basically got a call from my
friends that said, hey, we're doing this thing.
It's going to be fun.
You're going to want to be involved.
And let's do it.
I think certainly one of the main passions in my life is
robots of all kinds.
When I work on MythBusters, I build either the robot that
throws the hat from James Bond or something
that swings a sword.
That is what I do, what I enjoy doing.
I love that building aspect.
Gaming is something that I do in my real life, but not
specifically tabletop gaming.
Mostly what I do is computer games.
I used to play Age of Empires on the PC, Age of Empires II,
as a matter of fact.
It's a great strategy game.
I play a lot of games on the iPad now, like Civilization is
one of my favorites.
I have been gaming since, let's see--
When did I first experience the Atari 2600?
Probably about six years old.
I am older than I look.
But yeah, ever since then.
And it's a lot of hand/eye coordination without having to
run around and get sweaty.
I have to say gaming is entering other worlds and
being able to experience all this, stepping away from your
everyday life, but doing it with your friends.