Ticket to Ride - Gag Reel TableTop Episode 4

Uploaded by geekandsundry on May 24, 2012


WIL WHEATON: Oh, hello, Internet.
I didn't see you come in.
My wife and I were just sitting here on this bench
that we have haphazardly arranged on our backyard
patio, with a camera in front of us--
WIL WHEATON: --like we do every afternoon, just in case.
There's no new TableTop this week.
But there is a gag reel from last week's episode, "Ticket
to Ride," where tiny plastic trains learn to be scared to
death of you.
ANNE WHEATON: Oh my god.
I would like to point out that this was not intentional.
I did not realize that that table was flexible.
But didn't you say you had something set up under it?
WIL WHEATON: Yeah, we had some little cards up underneath
that red felt, so that the table instead of being like
this, would be a little bit like that so the cameras could
see it better and so there wouldn't be
glare on the thing.
But, really--
ANNE WHEATON: Well but--
WIL WHEATON: --you're really blaming the victim right now.
ANNE WHEATON: Obviously, the problem is that you guys
tilted it up and not what I did.
WIL WHEATON: You're right.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
So next week, it's Munchkin with Steve Jackson and Felicia
Day and Sandeep Parikh.
This weekend I'm going to be at Phoenix Comic Con in
Phoenix, Arizona.
So if you're coming to the Con, bring me some dice.
I'm testing the theory that you can never
have too many dice.
So far, it's going very well.
And here's the gag reel.
WIL WHEATON: At the end of the game, the player with the most
points will be declared the winner, kind of like a game.
No, that was awful.
It was so good.
And then I said something stupid.
And I hate my life.

Color, to claim a route--

WIL WHEATON: You can take three simple actions.
That's not what you can do.
Took too long, because I had a thing in my throat that was
probably a monster.
ANNE WHEATON: Are you showboating right now?

COLIN FERGUSON: I had the-- when I got--
WIL WHEATON: Feel sorry for me and--
On the ticket, we get the number of [BLEEP].
And I'm going to say it twice.
COLIN FERGUSON: I don't trust Adam or Lindsey.
MALE SPEAKER: How about me?
COLIN FERGUSON: Yeah, you bought beer.
Here's my phone.
Here's my car.
Thanks, buddy.
WIL WHEATON: Connecting cities across North
America with your mom.
There's always one place where the wheels
fall off of my brain.
We have found it.
Jesus, [BLEEP].
It's the easiest game in the world.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Make it stop!
COLIN FERGUSON: And I had to do it via Portland.
I was like, there's no way it's going to happen.
Someone's going to take one of my one routes.
So that's why I was so focused for the
first half of the game.
WIL WHEATON: What are you doing?
WIL WHEATON: Unbelievable.
WIL WHEATON: If she wasn't the boss's wife, I would fire her.