How to redirect your website easily?

Uploaded by tyroneshum on 09.06.2010

Hey everyone, itís Tyrone from In todayís tutorial, I want to share with
you a question that Iíve been asked quite a lot since I sent out my previous video about
creating a FaceBook landing page which you can see right here is how did I create the
FaceBook link that Iíve got there thatís just short. As you can see itís
and people been asking me how did I create that.
Today, Iím going to show you how to create a simple redirect and install it firstly on
WordPress which is easy to do or if you donít have WordPress setup then you can set it up
directly using a script that Iíll provide for you. The first thing that you need to
do is to jump over and go to WordPress Pretty Link which is the plugin that Iíve got here.
You can find that quite easily at You can download this one if youíve got WordPress
simply by clicking on this button and then install the plugin directly onto your blog.
Once youíve done that, weíll jump straight into my blog and youíll see right where it
is. Iíll scroll right down for you.
As you can see, Pretty Link has been installed there and to use it, itís very simple. All
we do is to jump straight into Pretty Link tab right here on the left, click on it. And
what youíll find is a whole ones that Iíve created previously and as you can see the
FaceBook one has been created and youíll see that itís then
thereís the redirect link there. So if you want to cutdown the link size because usually
itís which is very, very long. Whereas to give
someone else very simple link, you can direct it to something like this.
Iíll show you exactly what to do. Weíll click on ìAdd a Pretty Linkî then youíll
just type in the Target URL say for example Iím forwarding it straight to my Twitter
account. So Iíve typed in my Twitter URL there. Then, the Pretty Link or new link that
I want to redirect it to is twitter for example. Once youíve done that, simply click on the
Create button. There you have it, youíve already created a whole new link for Twitter.
So, Iíll highlight that and Iíll show you exactly what it does. Iíll open a new tab
and paste it in and automatically it redirects for me to There you
have it, itís as easy as that. Thatís the first method and thatís the easiest method
to be able to create a link in WordPress ó takes you few minutes and youíre done and
be able to create as many as you want. The great thing about this piece of little plugin
is it also allows you to track how many hits and links has been going straight back there
which is great for tracking it for affiliate campaigns or anything else thatís happening
Now, if you donít have WordPress, Iíll show you another way on how to be able to create
a redirect which is just a manual way. Iíll open it up right here now and youíll see
this index.html file which Iíve included at the bottom of my post and you can just
copy it. All you need to do is simply edit this file and itís got its all HTML code
in there but donít worry about that. All you have to do is edit whatís over here.
Letís say for example we want to change it to redirect to Twitter for example. Once youíve
done that, simply save it and close that up.
What you have to do is to open up your FTP program so wherever your server is located,
just open that up and Iíll show you right now. Itís logged it straight in for me and
the FTP program that I use is called Filezilla which is free as well. Basically, just jump
into the Directory and this is my directory for Tyroneshum. Youíll see here bunch of
files. What youíll need to do is create a folder there by clicking Create Directory,
letís say we want to create re-link to Twitter profile because Twitterís been taken inside
WordPress and I canít use that.
Doubleclick the directory and log into it, as you can see itís still an empty directory.
On my left where I saved the file index.html on my Desktop, all you need to do is simply
click Upload and itís uploaded straight in there. From now on, if I ever want to redirect
it, itíll be Iíll show you how that works right now.
So Iíll open up a new window and type in and there you
have it, itís redirected to my Twitter profile. Thatís how you create a simple, nice redirect
link straight to the link you want to. This is excellent for putting in affiliate links
to cover up those long links that you might get from affiliates or things like FaceBook,
Twitter, and so forth. This is how you create a redirect link or a link cloak that we call
All right, thatís pretty much it for this video. If you have any feedback, comments,
or anything that you want to share with me, just leave it back on my blog, Iíd love to
hear them and also any more questions that you might have. Iím building up right now
lots of new videos on training and how to do different things so feel free to leave
your comments and Iíd love to hear from you soon.
Well, thatís it for me today. My name is Tyrone from Have a great day
and see you in the next video.