Alexander Rybak about Christmas and New Year (25/12/2010) Eng.subs

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Aspic, salad Olivje, jelled beef tongue, stuffed eggs. Salad "Herring under a coat"
Already for twenty years Natalia Valentinovna is keeping the family traditions which were formed yet in the USSR.
She admits that it's all for her beloved men, a husband Igor, and a son Sasha, who is now forever in love with a fairytale, perhaps even with the NewYear's one.
To catch them all together is almost unreal thing. Only a few days left till the New Year and this is a crunch time in their musical family.
We managed to catch only two of them - the parents. Sasha is on the eternal run-throughs and rehearsals.
In the morning under the New Year tree there necessarily must be the presents. And this is really the tradition which is unbreakable up to now.
They moved from the Soviet Belorussia to Norway when Sasha was only 4 years old.
And they realized it right away that they hardy could become the locals completely. And they also didn't want to abandon what they got used to.
But what it was for them, the Orthodox ones, to do, if Christmas there was earlier, the New Year is not celebrated there,
and our Christmas is not celebrated either and about the Old New Year the Norwegians have never heard about.
I got very disappointed when I realized that here they didn't celebrate the New Year that huge as we did.
We have combined the Russian New Year and the Norwegian Christmas in a way.
We started to give each other presents on the December 24th, on the New Year and on the 7th of January.
So, that's how the young family of Rybaks under the pressure of circumstances had to widen up the holidays up till two weeks.
Much harder it was to explain to little Sasha how come even if there was not Grandpa Frost (Russian Santa) in there
but the presents turned up under the New Year tree without any delay.
I believed in Grandpa Frost very much.
When we moved to Norway it was strange to me, how come the Russian Grandpa Frost came flying over here only to give us the presents.
Alexander Rybak had some troubles with Grandpa Frost from the very beginning.
He got scared of Grandpa Frost very much and was thinking for a long, would he tell a little poem to Grandpa Frost or it was not worth it.
Eventually he put himself together and told the poem to Grandpa Frost and got his first present.
Sasha liked the present so much that right after moving to Norway Natalia Valentinovna run for shopping.
For a long time she was dreaming about giving the son an electronic toy and she found a sweet musical clown.
While it's playing Alexander falls asleep within seconds even now.
It's very sweet and when Sasha got it for the first time he was turning it on for the countless number of times.
He couldn't get to sleep for a long time that night.
The victory of Eurovision turned their life upside down. Their son Alexander took off to live on his own.
I feel very sorry for my parents because after I won Eurovision they don't have time at all...
The parent's house turns into the big post-office for the second Christmas in a row.
They send the icons, some send their Bibles, their own Bibles which served them for many years
and they want to give it to Sasha as a gratitude and hoping that it probably will protect him from some troubles in life.
Now for her it is simpler to see her son at the concert. To talk to - in the break between the two 45 minutes long performances.
How do you choose what language to speak to each other?
It's very difficult because... usually it happens automatically.
The father still haven't seen the new show of his son. Every time he manages to come only to the autograph signing.
But the viewers are pleased, that means that everything went out well.
This Christmas Alexander promised to spend at least a couple of days with his parents. They missed him; he missed them and got tired.
And he has something to ask from Grandpa Frost, but it's unlikely that he will be able to put it under the New Year tree.
Vacation. Vacation or somethingů to go to rest somewhere. I work already for two years without a break.