Survivor Israel VIP S06E11 [w/eng sub]

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Previously on survivor (the Oshri blindside, and how Itay t. is close to Oshri)
(talking about Oshri's reaction to his eviction, and how he claimed it was only a game when it came to others.)
[moshe] we had a revolution, we beheaded the king
Dang - day 16
(talking about the bad weather, lack of food and missing home)
- He was shocked, did you see his face?
- I wonder how he feels
- he told us liars, but he can't understand that what we did is part of the game, he did the same to doron (jamchi)
- I'm sure that, with time, he will understand us
- we will be happy anyway
[buki] the dang tribe has washed my happiness. we were an united group but we cause a tragedy by getting rid of oshri
now they will burn down God and everyone... What happened?
hope island
who is that?
[harel] I'm completely shocked, I can't understand what happened.
(oshri tells harel how he was betrayed by his alliance)
[oshri] i think they voted me out because of my strenght and my leader role,
So I take it as a compliment
- i thought buki or yulia would be voted out
(trying to teach azam Yoga, azam says it's stupid)
[itay t] we continue pretending we are with azam, so he wont suspect.
(now azam teaches them a Druze dance)
[azam] i felt good teaching them about my culture
- "we loved to play when we were kids.. run, throw... it may looks simple, but its not a child play..."
[itay s] going to the reward task, i know i'll be looking at itay turgi's face
- oshri is gone! - im in shock
[itay t] WHAT!?
[guy] tinium, take your first look at the new dang tribe, oshri was voted out
- I can't believe it
- can you go somewhere else?
- how fast?
- What a drag
(azam says he had been in their tribe and had no idea about it.)
[azam] i was happy, turgi is now weaker and im stronger.
- he didn't deserve it, where is your heart?
- we have no heart?
- I swear I love the man, but that's what we were supposed to do
- no one is as good a survivor as oshri was, not even close.
(Buki says oshri is not that special)
[buki] why oshri is so good? , who are you? apart from a kid of 25, 26 years old.
- I wouldnt been able to do that heartless move
(they say that she did the same to michal)
- That was strategy of growing companies, I growled because the first thing for me is--
- forget it
[itay t] oh this ****, they are a bunch of idiots because of what they did
the game: 4 members have to pass a clay ball between them 21 times.
while two member from the other tribe will try to block them.
if the tribe makes 21 passes, it a point, if not, a point to the other tribe. 4 points win the game.
you cannot pass the ball back to the one who passed to you.
the reward is something special... i know everyone misses their family
here there are personal items from home, pictures, letters from your family...
- whats wrong itay? - maybe it's something from my daughter...
[itay t] i wanted to tell him: you are not going to get anything from home... you're not winning this task.
Buki sits out
tinium will play, natalie and itay will try to block them
Dang leading 1-0
dang will play, turgi and ana will try to block them
[itay t] The game has started and I will be a demon
Dang 1 - Tinium 1
tinium will play, itay and moshe will try to block them
Dang leading 2 - 1
azam and turgi will try to block dang
2 - 2
Dang leading 3-2
dang will play, turgi and anat will try to block them
3 - 3
[yulia] all turgi wanted was to take revenge
tinium wins reward!
[itay t] i wanted them to see they can't win without oshri
- i did my best for her, now i have to wait 3 more weeks to see her
[itay s] It's really, really hard to control emotions here
coming up...
(itay still going on about oshri... we are honest they are liars...)
(anat got a bracelet her kid wore when she was born at the hospital)
(anat telling a story about her kid)
[itay t] all I was thinking was 'oshri','oshri', 'oshri'... what?! I can't figure out what happened
(Ana gets 'Shnapi'.. and asks everyone not to make fun of her...)
(azam gets a letter from the ex-prime minister, Arik Sharon, the one who released him from Egypt prison)
[ana] Arik Sharon has nothing to do with this.
(itay gets a bible)
[itay t] this is the only thing that can cheer me up
(they're all sad for itay...)
they bet if 'careless whisper' was a Wham song or a solo george michael song...
(trying to google it... then making some PC/skype related jokes)
- itay? I hear you, can you hear me? - hi natalie, is there anything new?
- hey natalie, can you hear me? - what? i hear you - I'm in thailand
- I'll call back
- who is going to the negotiation hut? moshe hasn't been yet.
(itay and moshe jokes about the negotiation)
itay/turgi you should go to the hut.
[itay] i want to go to, to find out who was responsible for oshri eviction.
(itay trying to find out info about Dang)
- Who lead the move against oshri?
- when I arrived they had already planned the move
(moshe says he is sorry about the move.... itay tells him to do moves he believes in)
"each one will give a member of the opposite tribe a map to the hidden idol"
- I want to give it to yulia. - fine.
[itay] yulia will be with us once we merge.
(moshe wanted to give it to azam but he doesn't want to say it to itay)
- i want to give it to anat. - fine.
[itay t] he chose anat, that was stupid.
yulia, you have a gift, a map to the hidden idol on the island.
(tells them about the hut) - I give the clue to anat
(itay and natalie are not happy that yulia has the map)
[itay s] turgi was thinking about the merge giving the map to yulia.
-why don't you gave it to azam?
- I wanted to
- Why did you do what he wanted you to do? - That was how things turned out
[natalie] i wanted to slap him... wake him from his naivety
- I was thinking about the merge, anat and azam will be with us (natalie) - You can't assume that, stop being so naive
- It seems like you want to weaken our alliance
[itay s] for some reason, moshe decided to give the clue to anat... you had an opportunity to dismantle this trio giving the clue to azam
and now you put yourself in danger
[moshe] i was hurt
itay lies: there was a cubes game, which i won, and i've got a map to the idol for myself.
coming up...
[itay] i know this map is Anat's but on the way back i had this idea...
- everything i said was a lie, the map is yours. there was no game. i gave the map to yulia and moshe gave to you.
- the idea is to show that there are problems in our threesome. it will probably come up that yulia also got the idol
- so it would seem that i've lied to anat and ana, and you both are mad at me, and the alliance is done.
[itay t] azam would be sure that i've cheated on the girls, and they are no longer with me.
welcome to the immunity task
- moshe, tell us about the hut - each got a map to give and i gave it to Anat.
[anat] you mean to itay [moshe] no, to you.
[anat] it's show time...
[azam] anat looked at turgi and ana too, all are shocked
(everyone is surprised and saying turgi is a liar... and that he hurt himself in the game.)
[ana] i think we all deserved oscars...
[itay] not only we tricked azam, everyone now thinks we have problems in the alliance.
immunity up for grabs
- there are 3 flags, in each tribes color. you are tied to each other and to the starting point with a bungee cord.
- you have to pick 3 flags, one at a time.
[natalie] this is our chance, if we win, they surely evict turgi.
[azam] even if turgi lied, we must work as a team and win, cause if turgi wins the personal immunity, ill be going.
[anat] (talking about the task and how the best way to do it)
tinium has the 1st flag
[buki] I was a strong and fast soldier and now 35 years later I can't get up
dang has its first flag
tinium has 2 flags.
dang with 2 flags too.
[itay s] we can win, and finally they'll get rid of turgi
Tinium wins immunity
[anat] we were happy to win, but ana and I pretend to be mad at turgi
coming up...
tinium, congratulations, you've won immunity
Dang, I'll see you tommorow at the personal immunity task.
welcome from hope island, harel and oshri.
[yulia] it was hard to look oshri in the eyes
(oshri goes on about how he is honest and the others in the tribe are liars)
(Itay agrees with him...)
im happy that nisim and yardena's (his parents names) upbringing got me to good places...
[buki] i don't know any nisim and yardena... I know 'ahmed and salim' a restaurant with good food...
[buki] oshri behaves like someone who was promised a place in the final cause he is this movie star.
(oshri continues his speech... ) "ive played for the alliance... for the tribe..."
[itay s] and that's the speech he prepared for the Oscar's had he won with the movie 'beaufort'...
- Harel, pick someone to play for you in the duel
- I'll choose Azam
oshri who will you pick from Dang?
[yulia] no one wanted to be selected by oshri
this is a strange situation, after tribal when all voted me out, no one would like me to stay in the game
[natalie] we knew who ever was selected is going to lose it.
- i'll pick yulia. she's the only one with some credibility.
- i'll do my best
[itay s] of course yulia says she'll try her best, like you Mr. oshri promised Doron Jamchi and then lost on purpose.
[yulia] i had a dilemma, either to do what the tribe wants and lose, or stick to the word you gave to oshri and fight.
next time on survivor...