Math Help - Power Fractions Into Surd Form

Uploaded by vividmaths on 22.03.2012

I am going to show you how to figure out Fractional Powers. Now many people hear Fractional Powers
and think to themselves, “oh that might be hard”, but in reality if you know the
process you can produce the right result so let me just show you.
Let’s say for example, we have a pro-numeral let’s called it “a”. And we’re going
to have a power here give it a fraction. So let’s called it two letters, two pro-numerals
let say it’s “T” over “B” there are your powers. Now, I’m going to say this
once, I may repeat it if you want because it’s very sophisticated. Basically “T”
on the TOP, “B” on the BOTTOM this is what they stand for. I will repeat it if you
don’t get it, are you ready? “T” stands for – TOP and “B” stands for – BOTTOM. That’s
pretty easy to remember so we have “T” on the top, “B” on the bottom so this
is how the process works: if we will have to convert this pro-numeral into another format
it is written simply like this – “a” you will put a house over it like a square-root
and then what you do is to take the “B” for the bottom and you put it here and – and
“T” for the top and you put it there. Now good way to remember this is that in the
alphabet “B” comes before “T” by far. So what comes first in the alphabet? “B”
comes before “T” so in the left it’s “B” on the right it’s “T”. If you
remember that picture, you will be able to do all fractional equations and expressions
with powers so remember that because we are about to do some examples and you will see
how easy and simple and straightforward they are.
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