Behind the scenes of GSL: Baneling - Ep 1, Part 1

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Look forward to
behind the scenes stories
on our new show 'Baneling'!
It starts now!
GOMTV's show
'Baneling' has returned.
What's the meaning of the title 'Baneling'?
Engine, explain us.
Well Banelings
so in this show we pour out all our inner thoughts
and self-destruct.
I die, you die,
we all die together!
We will tell you behind the scenes stories
about GSL, GSTL and other things.
I heard especially DaeJang
has a lot to tell us.
I plan to let out everything on this show but it's not a good time.
it feels like there are burrowed banelings beneath my feet which makes me uncomfortable.
Actually 5 burrowed banelings are supposed to be here today,
one seems to be missing.
Why is Mr. Chae not coming?
He said he'll be late because
the traffic is so bad right now.
Actually, I'm afraid of him
so I'll not be able to confront him about that,
Mr. Park, please tell him off!
Okay, since it is our duty to respect our viewers
and be on time I will scold him accordingly!
GiSaDo also seems
to have a lot to say,
I'm looking forward to that, too.
If I'm too honest here
and you don't edit this
there might be a big problem hehe.
Oh, I'm really looking forward to that then.
Okay let's all together
do our best for this show!
Baneling fighting!
We're starting with the behind story
of our GSTL Grand Finals.
All because of DaeJang
DaeJang, you were supposed to do
the Korean commentary for this,
why weren't you there?
There was an uproar on the forums
about how Mr. Chae stole your commentator spot.
What happened?
It's embarrassing.
I mean casting the Grand Finals is the dream of every commentator.
GiSaDo, you also wanted to go right?
You all wanted to go but didn't, so what's the deal with that?
Actually we had been preparing a plan since 2 months before the finals,
which included winning the jackpot in Vegas and never returning to Korea¡¦
On the day of the flight I realized that my passport was gone.
Why was it gone?
I never carry around my passport usually,
but that day when I had to make a copy of it at the company
I must have lost it somehow.
Because of DaeJang all staff waiting at the airport
actually went crazy and frantically checked
if they had their own passports.
At first I thought this is some kind of prank
and looked for the hidden camera at the airport.
How can something like this even happen?
Everything would've been ok
if you had just held on to your passport.
Heard you all had a hard time because I couldn't make it to Vegas
Especially Mr. Chae¡¦
That guy actually really liked the atmosphere without you.
He probably thought
"Since DaeJang can't go it's my time to shine at the finals"
and enjoyed it.
Actually since DaeJang couldn't go,
GiSaDo would have been the next in line to cast.
Yeah I was contacted.
When it was clear that DaeJang lost his passport
the staff contacted me.
They asked me if I had a passport and I said yes,
but then I checked and..
the passport I had was one-time use only, because when I made that it was
$20 cheaper than a regular one and I had already used the passport so..
Mr. Chae with a confident entrance
considering he's late.
We were talking about our program 'Baneling'
and the behind story of GSTL just now.
It was all DaeJang's fault.
That's GOMTV's number one meme right now:
"It's all DaeJang's fault". "This is a clear case of DaeJang".
I was on Twitter and saw GiSaDo tweeting
'Let's become prepared individuals',
that wasn't about someone else.
It stood for 'Let's prepare our passports'.
On the set we always prepare well
and go full power,
but naturally there's times when everything
just goes wrong and you're about to explode.
On the first day we had so much energy and started the first set very cheerfuly.
But later at the 9th set we were like ah¡¦¡¦
It felt like someting continued and never end.
We went to check out IPL and
wow they are doing this all day long?
On the last day in Vegas we wanted to have a good time
and do something memorable
so we started early at 10 in the morning.
When we finished it already 1am T_T.
It's all DaeJang's fault. The curse of DaeJang.
Now be honest. You didn't lose your passort
but actually planned of all this
and didn't go on purpose right?
This is all really suspicious for some reason.
No, never!
But it's really strange¡¦
How can someone realize his passport is gone on the day of the flight?
I think also the viewers will have a hard time believe things, it sounds like a scam.
Someone on the official forums suspected that
Mr. Chae hid the passport somewhere
so he could take DaeJang's spot and go to Vegas to cast GSTL.
There were people with those kind of conspiracy theories.
When we heard why DaeJang couldn't go,
we actually had that same theory after 3 seconds.
While casting Mr. Chae always had
this suspicious smile on his face.
I thought 'What is he smiling so much about while casting?'.
To be honest I really enjoyed casting GSTL.
When I heard that DaeJang couldn't go
I thought, well okay I guess I'll have to do it.
But on the next day we had to do the IPL broadcast all day long
and I got really angry that DaeJang wasn't here.
DaeJang really¡¦
as I said before, right now whenever
something bad is happening at GOMTV,
everyone keeps blaming DaeJang.
Happenings in Las Vegas
So any big issues during GSTL in Las Vegas?
We all know something happened.
There was the MKP against Parting match in the final.
The rivalry between StarTale and Prime that was created from that match.
has now also transferred to Parting and MKP in GSL.
It's something that shouldn't have occurred in first place,
but from the point of view of a commentator,
looking back at this incident, the rivalry and story
that was created by this is
good for the spectators and e-sports history.
It's something that has started from an unfortunate accident,
but the rivlary that was now built from that is very exciting and interesting.
Like before at GSL, the match between MKP and Parting,
MKP looked like he lost at the Finals.
It wasn't really a Grand Final or anything,
just a regular match, so that
clearly shows that he feels a rivalry with Parting.
When the two teams meet at the next GSTL,
I'm pretty sure that every match is going to be epic.
Now going back, let's talk about
that decision during the GSTL finals¡¦.
It's the Baneling show, so we can be
completely honest here.
There is a GSL referee on site, he checks and analyzes
the replay and then decides if there is to be a regame or now.
I've mentioned that during the broadcast,
once the referee makes his call and tells both coaches,
there is no going back.
The viewers can of course discuss
if the call was right or wrong.
But once the call is made and the coaches are informed,
the coaches cannot object to the decision
or do anything about it according to the rules.
There was a problem with notifying the coaches
after the call was made, that didn't go very smoothly.
If hadn't been commentating I could've taken care of these things
and things would've turned out differently probably.
I think if DaeJang had been there,
there wouldn't have been any disconnected problem in the first place.
The internet connection in Las Vegas wasn't so great.
The Wi-Fi connection kept on disconnecting! I was worried about it but it happened.
It's not a blackout! It's the internet!
Even though the staffs there were doing their best with the internet lines!
There are people who keep talking about heaters,
but Las Vegas was already HOT!
There were no heaters there!!
And I did NOT commentate during the fan heater incident!
And we didn't even turn on the AC because
we were afraid of a blackout because of power overuse!
The fans chanted really loud during that incident on the site.
We should stop talking about internet problems
and just make LAN mode.
Someone made a cartoon about this incident online.
A heater saying, "Hey Mr.Park, you are commentating at a nice place there"
I wish there is a lan mode.
I think there should be a lan mode!
I don't think Blizzard can not develop LAN mode,
but it very likely has something to do with company policy
and it's their business model
so I can't really say much about that.
But I'd be really happy if we had it.
Mike Morhaime, if you see this video, please develop LAN mode!
That one picture was really a big deal on the internet that day.
It was a screenshot of Dustin Browder and Mike Morhaime circulating online
of the moment right when it happened.
It was a big issue at that time.
Face of Dustin Browder was like this.
Everything was running so smoothly and
this happened, it was really unfortunate.
We will work even harder at GOMTV in the future.
GSTL Season 2 starts soon so we can make it better.
If only DaeJang had been there¡¦.
Did you ever find your passport again?
I'm very sure that it's lost forever.
We've been on-air for an hour now and you still keep mentioning that?
We're talking about the GSTL finals
and you are bringing that up, it's so absurd.
I'm fine with losing my passport, but rumors are running around~
like "Oh DaeJang doesn't have a passport because he's a criminal!"
It is not true that I don't own a passport
because I'm connected to various crimes.
Oh there's also a rumor that he's not Korean!
Also that you are an illegal immigrant!
I'm a Korean citizen.
I was a member of the ACE air-force!