How to add a Brush to Photoshop

Uploaded by EasyTricks4Dummies on 14.01.2011

Hey, what's up guys. It's EasyTricks4Dummies with another tutorial again.
Uhm, this time, I'm going to show you very quickly, how to add brushes to your Photoshop.
This'll work for any version. Doesn't matter which one.
So, what you've gotta do first, is open an Internet Browser.
You have to go to:
Uhm, the link will be in the description.
I'm just gonna pick this site, 'cause it's my favourite site to get brushes from.
You see all these different brushes here.
I'm just gonna pick this one...
Looks kinda nice.
It may say that is is for a lower or higher Photoshop version. It actually doesn't matter. This'll work for ANY version.
So, you need to download the file.
And you have to unzip it.
You have to do this by using winzip, winrar, 7zip,...
Any kind of those programs.
Okay, you've got this file here. Open it.
If you have Mac OSX. You have to pick this folder, but I'm on a Windows 7, so I'm gonna pick this one.
Then, you have to go and find your Photoshop direction.
I'm just gonna go to computer - local disk - program files - Adobe - Adobe Photoshop.
And then, here is the presets. Then click on Brushes
You'll see all these different brushes here.
This'll be your direction.
So, you have to take this brush in the Zip file, and drag it into the Photoshop direction.
That's kind of it....
I'm gonna open Photoshop, and show you that it works.
Uhm,... It should work now.
Okay, click here, then, click on this arrow.
Hmm, I guess I took this one.
So here you got it. Your brushes!
You can change the size and stuff...
So yeah... That's it!
I hope you enjoyed.
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