I felt miserable and I was miserable to be around

Uploaded by VeteransMTC on 14.04.2012


I started getting into alcohol, drank a lot,
withdrawn, very depressed.
I was angry.
I was miserable.
I was miserable to live with.
And I didn't know it.
I didn't even know I was doing this.
I didn't have a clue.
It was just this constant anger.
And I couldn't put my finger on it.
I didn't know what I was mad at, just constant outbursts
for absolutely no reason.
And some of it I don't remember doing.
She would tell me about it.
She said I'd wake up at night.
I actually hurt her one night.
And she said I punched her.
And that scared me.
You don't see it yourself.

I'd wake up at night and in the morning, soaking wet.
I could wake up for any reason at all, and that was it.
I'd be up the rest of the night.
Going to sleep was very tough, very, very hard.
I was afraid to sleep.
I was afraid I wouldn't wake up.