"Zombie Spider" - Written By A Kid Ep 11 by Nicholas Humphries

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WILL BOWLES: Hello sir, how are you?
AIDEN: Good.
WILL BOWLES: Could you tell us your name please?
AIDEN: Aiden.
WILL BOWLES: Aiden, I'm Will.
How old are you?
WILL BOWLES: And you're going to tell us a
Halloween story, right?
And what is this story called?
AIDEN: The Zombie Spider.

Once upon a time, there is a little kid, Jake, and a
tarantula that keeps following him.
Jake has a green mohawk, and he's really fat.
The tarantula's name was Michael.
He came from England.
MICHAEL: Hello, Governor.
WILL BOWLES: How big is this tarantula?

OK, Jake is just rolling around town and there's this
giant tarantula following him?
JOSH FLAUM: So, where does he live in England?
AIDEN: He has a huge cave.
JOSH FLAUM: A huge cave.
AIDEN: With his little babies.
JOSH FLAUM: Oh, he's got babies?
WILL BOWLES: He's got babies.
How many babies?
AIDEN: 100.
WILL BOWLES: Ah, I knew it was going to be a lot.
AIDEN: And then he had humans hanging on the walls and
babies on the floor just laying there like this.
The dad was going to hunt the spider down, but he was
looking around, the spider is behind him and eats him.
And Jake also has a baby brother, and then the spider
ate the baby.
WILL BOWLES: And did Jake see that happen?
AIDEN: He saw his bib come out.
JOSH FLAUM: Oh, he spit the bib out.
WILL BOWLES: And so what did Jake say at that point?
What happened?
AIDEN: He screamed.
WILL BOWLES: He screamed?
AIDEN: The mom screamed to death, and then she died.
WILL BOWLES: Oh, this is horrible.
AIDEN: When Jake isn't looking, the tarantula eats
him, but he's strong enough to get out.
He went back home and got all his gear and stuff.
His dad, he liked to play hockey, so he
got his hockey thing.
Also, he was a golfer, so he got his golf
clubs and the balls.
And just got his golf thing and started hitting him and
throwing some balls at him, and he accidentally picked up
one of the babies and threw it at him.
WILL BOWLES: Threw the baby spiders at the big spider?
AIDEN: And he actually got his baby brother, the human one,
the dead one, and then throws it in his
mouth, and then he dies.
And then they have this graveyard for spiders so he
puts him in there.
AIDEN: And then buries him.
He buries him in the wrong one.
WILL BOWLES: Oh, the wrong grave?
AIDEN: Yeah.
JOSH FLAUM: What made it the wrong grave?
Like, why wasn't it right?
AIDEN: There was bad stuff in there,
everybody came back alive.
WILL BOWLES: OK, yeah, so that didn't kill him.
AIDEN: He was a zombie.
MICHAEL: Hello again, Governor.
AIDEN: And then God dropped a bazooka and screamed like, I
shall drop a bazooka.

And then Jake shot the zombie.

The end.
WILL BOWLES: There you go.
JOSH FLAUM: Happy Halloween.
WILL BOWLES: Happy Halloween.
Am I the only non-Zombie here?
This is ridiculous.
Hey, hey.
No, no no.
Get away from me.
I should've run!
I should've run.
I just stood there.
Oh, no, no!
Why didn't I run?
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