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I am Doctor Bill Sears
author of over 14 books on parenting
and a peaditrician for over 40 years
mother often ask me :
where should my baby sleep ?
And i answer that :
The best place for most babies to sleep
is in a arms'reach bed side co-sleeper
the Arms'reach bed side Co-Sleeper
is safely and securely attached to your bed
the side next to the bed is low enough
so baby and mother can see 'one an other'
and allows easy access to baby for conforting and nursing
the other 3 sides are high enough to safely contain and protect baby
i ve been recommanded the CO-SLEEPER for nearly 15 Years
in my pediatric practice
Mums 'love it', Dads 'love it' ...
.. and Babies love it
and here's why :
When you sleep close to your baby, Baby sleep better
And the reason is : There is no separation anxiety at night
Mumy sleeps better because mum are not worry ...
... there no separation anxiety between Mum and Baby
When Baby wakes up,
Mum is simply reach him over
..conforts and nurses, and feeds Baby
and both members of the sleeping pair drift back to sleep
often time with out fully awaking
i sumured up by what i call : 'Night time harmony'
when you Co-Sleep with your baby
and baby is in a close nursing and conforting distance
all family member sleep the best