Best Military Defense Welcome Video

Uploaded by BestMilitaryDefense on 03.12.2012

>>ANDREW CHERKASKY: Hi, I’m Andy Cherkasky, and I want to be your lawyer.
I understand what you’re going through. I know how unfair it may seem. And I know
that it feels like the government is using every
available resource it has to take you down. I
know how scary that can be.
I know that you want the best to represent you. I believe I’m the best military defense
counsel there is out there today, and I’ll give you three reasons why.
First, I hustle harder than anyone else out there. That means I’m going to work day
and night to find the facts and evidence that
may set you free. The ones the prosecutor doesn’t
know of. The ones your free military defense counsel may not have the time or energy to
I’ve prosecuted and defended over 100 cases in the military. Opposing counsel, military
judges, and the Air Force Judge Advocate General have all recognized me as the best at
what I do. When you call, I’ll take the time to explain how some of my experience
will help in your case.
Second, my courtroom skills are the best in the game. You need a lawyer that doesn’t
just give you a good sales pitch, but who can perform
in the courtroom. Who can give you that feeling you get when you watch A Few Good
Men. When you call me, I will take the facts that we discuss and I’ll give you an idea
of what a closing argument can sound like if you
hire me. That’s something the other counsel don’t offer. That’s something I can guarantee
will impress you.
Lastly, I am uniquely able to use technology to make our point. In a day and age when
military members get death by PowerPoint on a daily basis, I’m able to use technology
to present evidence that looks and feels different
than has ever been seen in a military courtroom. When we talk, I’ll explain how
I’ve used technology in the past, and how we
might be able to use technology in your case.
Now, I can’t make a promise concerning the outcome of your case, and no lawyer can. But,
what I can promise is that I believe I am the best military defense counsel there is
I have so much more to talk to you about. And, when you’re ready send me an email.
Or better yet, pick up the phone and call. When
you call, the number below, I answer. Twenty- four hours a day, seven days a week. The first
call is totally free and confidential.
In a day and age when our military is fighting its wars overseas, I am here to defense
America’s true heroes. You.