HOMBREOLOGIA (english sub)

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oh.. no no thats not me...
hey what's up cachorros how are you?
i hope you are doing fine because.. I am not doing that great
i had some problems today, and thats why i uploaded my video kind of late
I want to show you, i had a little surgery
look at that, just look at that...they did this an hour ago
they did it at a swap market near my house
they did it at a swap market near my house
but what can I say, let's start today's vlog
I want you all to share this video its going to be pretty good
you know what they say, laughter makes you live longer
today you will be immortalÉ. ahh jk
today's vlog is about....
(subliminal message) subscribe and like this video. a video about manhood.
there was already a video about being a woman
and today we are going to talk about the opposite
meaning we will be talking about men
even though we are not hard to understand
if that was a class subject it would be toilet 101
many women wonder, why can't they get it into the toilet?
its not that we keep missing, we actually do it on purpose
we make a mess because that way we set our territory
actually dogs are the ones copying us!
i want to keep going out with you, do you want to be my girlfriend?
for real?
yes, for real
yes, yes! I wan to be your girlfriend!
i've always wanted to...
we do this on everything we own
and yes, Christian has two penis
peeing on your girl friend is very romantic
it is something that comes from deep inside you
and there should be another important subject called pride
because us, men are 3/4ths pure pride
don't you understand!?
my love, its zero
4 times 0 is 4!
how can you not know that!?
we are stubborn and full of pride
i can't deal with you
look, here is the actual chart, just look
mmm... where did you buy that?!
at the market
ohh.. well of course... its fake, but take out your phone! do it with the calculator!
we never accept we are wrong
and even less when the woman is right
look! 4 times 0 is... 0
ok lets see...
look, 4.... check this out... 4
4 times 1 is... 4! see!
we were saying 4 times 1 , and now you try to change it! come on!
4 times 0 is obviously 0 but times 1 is 4
did you hear that crap?
alfa male, that subject that talks about the well known "why doesn't she treat me the same in front of her friends?"
ohh my dear how are you, I had not seen you in a long time
Im so happy, how are you?
me too live, i love you my little bunny!
you are soo cute!
hey whats up, how are you?
so whats up? not much.. just here with my stupid girlfriend...
just wait a sec, i get her out of here, and then we can leave
why are you talking to me like that?
look, your big boobs, you have big boobs did you know!
no no.. respect me!
they are mine, you are my woman so they are mine!
nooo nooo, don't treat me like that..
why are you like this in front of them? shut up! they are my friends!
you are my big boobs, and they are my friends, my big boobs, and my friends so shut up!
ok lets go guys, ill see you later my big boobs, lets go!
whats up big boobs whats with those guys? lets make out!
we pretend to be all tough in front of our friends so that we don't look weak
alfa male part two
yes.. yes my love...
whats up dude? how are you?
working out?
yes yes, i don't know.. maybe later...
and then...
i am trying to see if i can...
hey excuse me... can you tell me a little about the zumba classes?
we make a lot of noise... even if we are carrying 3 pounds..
another class that would be really important would be... the man's brain
girls.... shut up... shut up... SHUUUT UP!!!
girls, welcome to the class, that studies the brain of a man
yes, you are excited right?
first of all, we have to see, the brain as it is
the man's brain is made up of all of this thing you know...
do you have any questions?
ok you, go ahead
does the brain spit?
mmm yes some do
does the brain grow?
mm yeah.. some do
I have eaten tacos of male brains miss they are very tasty
don't say those things!
does the brain comb its hair?
mmm no.. you have to comb it
miss i saw Kike Garay show his brain one day
it even shined!
why do we pretend? it was Kike Garay's penis!
ahh Just Kidding
it is true that many times we thing with our penis!
and if thats the brain then... i must be a genius
the subject: all powerful
us men think that we can do everything, and that we know everything as well
and we are everywhere
for example, when our car breaks down
whats wrong baby?
well.. its probably.. it just... doesn't want to turn on
if you want, i can call a mechanic
no no don't thats why I am here.. its mostly a battery problem
whats happened?
its the cable... its also the pistons.. you just have to adjust them.. and then
also the clutch but I can fix it.. why would you waste your money if I know how to deal with it...
well.. its because the mechanic is near by
no no no , I can fix it, just pull the clutch, lower the pistons... and ready in less than have an hour
you don't know crap do you?
women never know more than we do
thats what we think!
lies 101
and among men, lying is really easy
whats up dude, are you going to the party?
what party?
todays party at johnny's
ahh ahh no.. i have stuff to do.. write a vlog and edit it.. so no...
oh ok.. its cool...
without any problems
but when its a woman...
hey baby, are you going to johnny's party?
no, its because I am going to write the vlog and edit it so probably not...
nooo! I cant.... i have to write.. and then maybe go out with some other friends
they are my friends ok? thats it.. we go out and drink bear!
the silence and the faces of a woman can make us confess pretty much everything...
and then I have to upload my video, but if it wasn't for that i would really go
what are you talking about?
what ex girlfriend!? what ex girlfriend!? you are being crazy!
I didn't have sex with her yesterday.. no!
so if you want to find the truth.. stay quiet
thats why we have two ears and one mouth to listen twice as much as we talk
that is a rule...
you can probably lister four times as much freaking dumbo!
freak! big ears! wax keeper!
cachorros that's it for todays vlog
i hope you had fun, pleas share this video
and please excuse me for uploading it late
but there is always a smile to share so
share it on facebook, twitter, myspace, hi5
we all have a hi5 right?
i send you a big hug and here in the studio, in studio number 3
werevertumorro tv.. well see you
see you next week, thank you for letting me inside your homes
ill see you later... mr Aguilera thank you mister...
well see you and I want to see you triumph
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