Small Present Victories - Week 6 - I Made America

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[theme song] Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Washington,
and John Adams
We came here from the paaast, and brought to 2012 Chicago, and
this is the story.
Jefferson, I assure you, they are delicious.
Could you at least have given me a complete one?
Why do you wait? Is this task so laborious?
Hamilton, appear from your room! You're as qualified for this honor as I.
You would trust me with this task after I've lost Madison.
Pause from your penance for a moment sir, and join us for our return to electrical power.
No bother.
our bills are finally paid. [happy laughter and "well dones" abound]
In search of Madison again?
Am I to be alone in this operation?
Madison is sick, the picture of a child, and he is lost because of me.
It has been seven days of searching.
Afford us these small, present victories.
We have power now.
I hate to say it, but…
there may be no hope.
Maybe not for you.
Stand idly by.
Hamilton, wait. Be calm.
Our combined efforts have led to seven days without success.
No amount of searching will ease your guilt.
No. But finding Madison will.
[le sigh] You enjoy these?
I love these.
This happens every time! If I don't have that damn contract here by 5pm today you can kiss my ass goodbye!
Now don't worry. We're going to take care of this. Just give me one minute.
Washington! You were handling the Dendridge ontract, right?
This fucking dragon lady is breathing fire down my neck.
Now I need that signed copy by 5:00pm or else she's dropping us and you're out of a job!
She sent it to your Outlook.
Yes, I recall the moment of sending it to the press.
Look, I don't have time for this!
Josh, run to CVS and buy some tobasco. Ms Dendridge likes to sprinkle it over her coffee beans
before griding them. [Josh reacts with a WTF expression/sound]
Don't laugh. She will eat you.
Caroline! Help the General here. He's an Outlook rookie.
I'm going to grab my lance.
[Adams gives a startled/angry growl]
You beastly, sordid, incompetent--
Whoa, person!! I'm so sorry.
Is your face okay?
Yes! I…uhm…
was attempting to…my lady.
Um, I have to get back to work,
but I'll totally make this up to you.
Can we meet back here at 1:30ish?
A one-thirty appointment?
My labor hours ought to be done by then.
Yes, I am unaccustomed to such doings.
Hey…I like your wig.
I gotta get back to work.
You're the one with the Almanac and the head full of quotations.
Contrive of one to make and cease this madness.
Just give him some time.
He is in need of another full day of movement before he can accept what is.
It has been seven full days and now eight.
And no one is at fault.
The situation is as it is and that is-
It is his damn fault! He is the problem!
Search "Dendridge Signed Contract."
Nope. Tried it.
Signed Contract Dendridge…Important
[frustrated sigh, followed by snappish tone] Do you have any other words?!
Did you save it?
Did you auto archive it?!
Do you even know what that means?
[sigh] I am unfamilar with all of these archives!
Look, I wrote your job description because they asked me which qualifications were important to me.
They copied my description verbatim and then I waited for an employee with rigor and competence.
But instead…
they hired you!
Forgive me, madam.
I am at fault.
If my position is to be relieved, then let that be the will of Providence.
I have work to do.
You're on your own.
General Dubs. It was an honor, sir.
So he was just covered in honey in feathers and he's like "I'm leaving!"
Yes! And we were abandoned!
Ah, geez.
This is the kindest act that I have received since my arrival.
In Chicago?
Indeed, madam.
Madam. You're so individualist.
Right on.
Is this you chosen profession? To bake?
Ha, no. Vegan Sweets is just my day job.
I make enhanced science-fiction dioramas.
You should see my wall sometime.
I accept your invitation!
I failed to collect your name, madam.
It's Abby.
I must take my leave.
You didn't find it, did you?
You're not an office manager.
And you never will be.
Remember that.
In the nick of time.
And to think you wouldn't have pulled it together.
You wanna grab a drink and celebrate?
[surprised, confused, relieved, awkward laughter] A drink? Hah, yes. A drink.
General…you are good.
I was scared dragon lady over here was going to kill us all. Am I right? [pretends to breath fire like mythical dragons are supposed to]
Are we talking about--
[Four adults begin doing absurd dragon impressions in their workplace] know the city is simply going to remove them all again.
Then I will put them all back up again!
We must return home Hamilton. It's getting dark.
They have street side lamps! I will nary tire and stay up all night!
You took great care with him.
You did all a man could do,
and kept him out of danger!
Right, Franklin?
This isn't about Madison. Is it?
You know the saying, good sirs.
Why do we fall?
So we might learn to pick ourselves back up.
Is that an actual quotation?
More or less.
Is it yours?
Nay. Batman!
[theme song] Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Washington,
[theme song] and John Adams.
[voiceover] Thomas Jefferson, here.
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