[Eng Subs] 110502 MTV 日韓音樂瘋(JK POP) Super Junior-M 專訪(Interview) Part 1/2

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Welcome to Japan and South Korea's popular music
Today is really long-awaited
Every time there are many news of them and their new album
This group has finally come to this programme
They are Super Junior M
Hello everybody, we are Super Junior M
Okay, we really welcome you guys
Hello hello
Can we have each of you members to do a self-introduction?
Okay, starting from Zhou Mi
Hello everybody, I'm Zhou Mi
Hello everybody, I'm Eunhyuk
Hello everybody, I'm Kyuhyun
Hello everybody, I'm Henry
Hello everybody, I'm Sungmin
Hello everybody, I'm Ryeowook
Welcome welcome
But today we are missing two people
Yes, because Siwon and Donghae went for filming
Filming, yes
I know recently they are busy filming
Have you guys went to the scene and check the place?
Actually the six of us want to go to the scene and check the place
But because recently we are busy promoting our album
So maybe
Wait until we have finish promoting our album
We will go to the scene and check the place
I heard that the filming process is very fun
And the director is the same as the one that film the show that I was in too
Director Ah Fu right? So Ryeowook is familiar
He watched your show at home
I also saw your concert
Every day I got watch
Your acting skills are good
No no
Don't bluff
No no no
Hope that next time we have a chance to work together to film a show
Yes, is that okay?
Is there anyone who wants to act?
Everyone wants to
If there is a chance, I really hope(to work together to film a show)
Just now Kyuhyun told me today he's a little bit tired
Because yesterday he slept later(than usual). Why?
Because yesterday I.. er..
Most important
Game // Soccer game
I watch soccer game so I
He said that Soccer
Just now he's very good
Straight away used Mandrin to reply me
That yesterday night he watched soccer until very late at night
Your Mandrin is very good // Thank you thank you
You too you too
Of course my Mandrin has to be good
I know how to speak Korean
A little a little
Many Korean friends
Really really
Is it girlfriend?
Not girlfriend, it's boy friends
Six, one two three four five six
Do we have friends?
Do you guys have friends, friends who you know?
You mean us?
Now that we know each other so we are friends
Let's be friends
I know I know I know
Okay, before we become friends
I would like to learn just now that dance
Too perfect
Because every time I'm on this programme
See you guys dance
Really very handsome
He's already very good at dancing
I was secretly learning the dance but he saw me
Can you guys teach me
And I will dance with you
I want to welcome the dancing machine Eunhyuk
Teach me teach me
Nonono, disciple
I frequently watch the programme and he dance very well
Just now I also saw you dancing in front
I saw him dance wrongly
I danced wrongly? Then can you teach me?
Because I got learn secretly but I'm not sure
So I would like you to teach me
Of course of course // Can, can?
I know already I know already
A little bit a little bit
Let's continue, after that is?
Chorus Chorus // I know
Okay here is too fast
Too fast too fast, slower a bit
Good // Really?
Then can we dance once?
Together together
From the turning part start can?
From the start?
I got learn before
From the starting to the first chorus end
Thank you
You teach me
You stand beside me
I will watch you
Stand in the middle // Can together?
Thank you
I can sleep properly
You did your homework, did you?
Yesterday I can't sleep
Next time if Siwon's not around
We just asked him to come can already
Really? // Really
You can call me, I can replace
Okay? // I'll call you
I think your dance is quite nice
You watch the MV and learn?
He looks like he needs to rest a while
I watched the MV and learnt a little bit
I watched your live shows
Because MV will cut some (dancing) parts
So I watched your live performance
When you guys performed at BeiJing the time
Very good
I did not expect that you know how to dance the starting part
Really, because there is special lesson
I tell you
This is more nervous than my own performance
Very good // Thank you
So next time
If anyone of you is busy, can give me a call
I can be your dancer okay?
Let us reconsider
Reconsider what?
We can discuss about the earnings
Thank you Super Junior M