A.C.A.B. All Cops Are Bastards - Trailer #2

Uploaded by FilmIsNow2 on 12.01.2012

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A.C.A.B., that is All Cops Are Bastards,
it's the new movie directed by Stefano Sollima,
adapted from the homonymous novel by Carlo Bonini.
The lead roles are: Pierfrancesco Favino,
Fillippo Negro e Marco Giallini who interpret three cops
involved in the most controversial and known episodes of violence of the last years:
such as the military assault of the ultras to a barrack in Rome,
the hunt to the Romanian in the suburban or the riots for the trash of Pianura.
The movie comes out in Italy January 27th 2012.
The new movie with Emma Stone is called Little White Corvette.
Written by Michael Diliberti and David Bronson Smith,
it''s a comedy that talks about a nerdy boy and his older sister
(presumably interpreted by Stone) who with a massive stash of cocaine found
in their father's car, drive till Miami.
Shooting will start this summer as to think of a release date in 2013.
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