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What kind of joke is this? - What?
Hanging the pot at arm's length ! ls it festival or a joke?
Go and ask our Hero over there.
l've hung it there. Any problem?
What did you say?
Hey Hero ! lt isn't fair to hang pot so low.
Only my name is Hero - but l don't want to be a hero.
l've hung the pot according to my height.
And your height is even less than me.
Go bring some tea for me. - Yes, go from here.
Hey ! Who pulled up the pot. Did l say l'll break from that height?
Don't you know this is a town of dwarfs.
What will Rani think of me if l can't break the pot?
Oh Rani. You did that !
Hey Hero. First you break this pot. Then l might think about you.
So that's the point !
Now you'll see Rani how easily your Hero breaks this pot.
''A golden peacock on silver twig This thief below is ogling for you''
''This thief is really the Stealer of my heart''
''A golden peacock on silver twig This thief below is ogling for you''
Where are you going, dear? - Going to see Hero.
Only your name is Hero - in fact you are a zero.
Who told you to break the pot from that height.
l had placed the pot at 6 feet height. Why did you pull it to 7'?
Give it to me.
Shut up. Don't lie. This ointment doesn't hurt.
Do you remember about my interview tomorrow?
l remember. But tell me. - What?
or will she ever find a good boy and get you married to him?
Marriage ... ! l'll marry.
But with a boy of my dreams.
But what kind of boy do you like?
The boy of my dreams ...
will be a prince.
He will be tall.
With wide chest.
And he will have a grand auto.
That's all. lf l find such a boy l will marry him immediately.
lt's quite late, Rani. - Coming ma !
Now go and sleep. We'll meet tomorrow to go for the interview.
Unless l g to sleep, how will l dream about you ... ?
Where is the bed of my dreams ... ?
Hey, Look ahead !
Your suspicion was correct. Look at this.
We are proud to have officers like you in our department.
Large scale drug trafficking has almost been eradicated in this city
You are now being transferred to Mumbai.
This is your transfer order.
Remember one thing.
The method of working where you are going is absolutely different.
He said it correctly. Our working method is absolutely different.
l see that.
l hear that.
l feel that.
Tell me. How can l help you.
Sir, l'm not shy. l'm bewildered by the situation.
No need to be bewildered.
l'm giving you an assistant who was a criminal before joining police.
But l gave him government job to take him away from life of crime.
Result? He is very good man today and he has left life of crime.
But unfortunately l've not been able to make him a good citizen.
Constable Hatela - meet officer Vishal.
From today you'll on duty with him.
And now. The case l'm going to give you.
Although it is incomplete ... but now you will complete it.
The case is somewhat complex.
Last week a person operating under the guise of a courier company ...
was killed in our encounter.
lf you stay here little longer, you'll be killed in his encounter.
You're capable of killing many an experts ...
and burn hairs of their noses ...
You can praise me later on, Hatela.
ls it your dad's road ... - Let him go. Must be a bad man.
Why did you cut in front of me? - Hero, please don't ...
Did you hear his voice. How can he be goon. He talks so softly.
His voice may be soft - but did you see his muscles?
Are you trying to frighten me with your muscles?
l not only show muscles but l hit too.
lt's message from my boss. - To hell with your boss.
Don't say anything about my boss you hippo.
Let's go from here.
First drop me at my interview in the school.
Who are you?
His introduction is simple. He enters any place without warrant.
How can l help you?
l've come to investigate the case in which your employee was killed.
l am very sorry to hear that.
That man was supplying drugs in the guise of my company.
May God give peace to his soul.
Khanna, he is not dead. He is alive.
He is in the lCU at this time.
We spread false news of his death to find the roots of this case.
Sir, he is dead.
Your man is right. He is dead.
But your bewilderment shows that the root of this case starts here.
You can't prove my involvement until you have a solid proof ...
or a living witness.
Khanna, you don't have much time.
After l get the proof, nobody can protect you from me.
Don't touch my boss, understand. - Don't touch my boss either.
Move back two steps. - Who are you?
My name is Hero and l am my boss' faithful ...
You're his dog ... l understand.
l may go, but first you walk out of this place.
Hey body-builder remain within your limits, don't bark too much.
What can you do?
l'll do what l like but presently my boss here will do.
Your boss has come here without any paperwork or warrant.
l too know the law. l have seen many pictures.
This isn't a government park - this is a private club.
When two bosses speak you shouldn't talk. l'm not talking. Be quiet.
Khanna. Start counting your days. And l won't spare you either.
l'm very frightened, sir ... Please forgive me sir.
You are wonderful, Hero.
l can't tolerate anybody talking rudely with you.
That's why l say that you are my most honest and faithful worker.
Sir, you had paged me.
Yes. There is a parcel on my table. Deliver it to this address.
Okay sir. - And don't ask for receipt.
l've entered it in the register.
You're my bread-giver, how can l ... - No more acting, and go now ... !
Didn't you know that a new inspector has come in the city?
Yes sir. l forgot to tell you.
Give in the name of Allah the God ...
Sir, you too start begging - l'm not going to do it all alone.
Have you come to stroll in garden?
Hey. l'll slap you. Talk decently to your senior officer.
Senior-junior status at the police station. Not on the road.
We're here to act as beggar. You're a beggar. Come in character.
l can't do it. You can do it as you look to be from clan of beggars.
Don't involve my clan. l'll remove bandage and go. Here he comes.
Look there. A beggar with camera. - Looks a thief. Must have stolen.
Don't mess - people will doubt. Come in the character of a beggar.
A gift for your. - Who has sent it?
That boy has sent. - Open it?
l won't open it. What if it blasts?
l say open it.
lt is doing like our big boss.
Where is he ... ? - Who?
Sorry sir, but this boy was dancing so well.
lf he dances in our neighborhood, he will be awarded first prize.
l am very happy today.
ls it so? Tell me what is the matter.
Today l got the job in children's school.
That means l and my motorbike are spared from your interviews.
But l'm not going to spare you. l want a party.
Have you never belched in life?
Explain to this kid, else l'll slap him so hard he'll remember for life
What are you doing Hero? - Don't worry about them.
They all are spoilt children of their rich fathers.
l'm worried about you. - Worried about me?
Work for 6-7 months. Then get married.
l will get married. - Really.
But l'm waiting for him.
Waiting for whom?
The one who always comes in my dreams.
''He is the king of my dreams And the prince of my heart''
''l'll be crazy for him l've started loving him.''
''l'm now waiting for him You too no that.''
''Move O' rainy cloud''
Have you come to search a room her? - Shut up.
That Hero of Courier Company lives in this locality.
l've come to inquire about him. And you inquire on that side.
lf you suspect anybody - search thoroughly.
Who is this skeleton?
He is the uncle of this locality. He has lived here for 200 years.
Hey old man. - Who is calling, brother.
lt isn't phone. l'm standing right in front of you.
What are you hiding under this skeleton?
Something to eat, son. - Something to eat?
Seems like you've decided to eat today after fasting for nine years.
lt has some things for my home.
Things for your home or some dirty stuff you dirty man.
No ... ! - Come on show ... !
Why are you frightening me?
Just think about your age. What if you get heart attach?
l'm like your child.
What is this? - Flour.
Flour? Why didn't you say it before?
You can go now. Go and eat food. Walk carefully.
l let you because you are old man. l'd have fought if he was young.
What do you think of yourself. Come back to fight now.
Tell me when your work is finished. Very strange people reside here.
What new drama is going on there?
We are searching your motorbike.
Tell your boss that he can't search anything without a search warrant.
Don't be proud. You won't be spared today.
This Hero won't do any wrong to become zero in eyes of people.
Don't try to become hero. My boss will make you zero in one slap.
ls that so ...?
Sir, this is time for unofficial action. Break him to pieces.
My lion, my child. Go and attack him.
l sent you for fighting - not for shopping. Go ..., don't leave him !
l thought you're strong like almond but you're like peanut. Go attack ...
l told you don't mess without a warrant. Lion is lying like a bird.
Both young and old men of this locality are dangerous.
Let's go from here.
Do you want to make me zero from hero ... ?
After hearing you l can say that you love that girl very much.
And you want to give her all the happiness of world.
But listen carefully. To get her you will need to work ...
Sir, l'm ready to do anything. l'll work day and night.
Because l want to make Rani's dreams come true.
l'll put you on extra delivery work from tomorrow.
Why from tomorrow? Why not from today?
Give the parcel you've in warehouse to Hero. Tell him where to deliver.
By working hard you'll soon fulfill all the desires of Rani, and ...
from the hero of your locality, you will become dream prince of Rani.
You've such a princely motor cycle.
''Scarf moving on your head slowly ls making me crazy gradually.''
''Your scarf has stolen my heart.''
Take all these goods out from the back door. Wait for my phone.
What happened, sir. Any problem.
Hero has come to know everything about our business.
What if he goes to the police?
He is worried himself. That idiot is coming here to alert us.
Are you in great hurry? - Sorry uncle.
Uncle? Do l look like an uncle? - Yes.
Go. Move from here. Quick. - Thank you uncle.
Why are you laughing? Take him in.
l knew there was something fishy. l won't leave him.
What happened, sir? Call an ambulance ... !
What happened?
Wake up ... !
O' bitter man.
Yes, l'm here.
How did you dare to come here?
Hatela ... !
Shut up, you broken man !
l haven't come to fight. l've come to talk with you.
l don't want to talk with you. You tricked me in taking me there.
Because of you l'm in this condition today.
Condition? l'll kick you.
You don't know my condition because of you.
l know only this much. Because of you l'm the jaws of death.
No. You've come out of the jaws of death because of me.
l won't leave you.
After today, l won't leave you.
Sir, doctor has prescribed complete rest for you ... !
Has he asked you to sleep? - No.
That Hero had come here.
A hero had come here? Which one? Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty, Govinda?
Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan?
This is a hospital, not a studio. Only patients like you come here.
Go and rest and let me rest too. A hero had come here ... !
Hero of that locality had come and he threatened to kill me.
Actually l was sleeping, sir. l mean l was sitting.
He came out on his crutches. - l knew this is going to happen.
Relax, everything will be fine. - Sir, where have you brought me?
You'll understand everything in a short while.
What do you want to explain me. Why don't you believe what l said.
Have patience son. You will know everything in a short while.
You were brought here in a very critical condition.
The bullet had pierced your heart.
There was only one way to save you. Through heart transplant operation.
Luckily this unclaimed body was brought in here.
Doctors had only one way to save you - by giving his hear to you.
We did the operation successfully that's why you're standing here.
What are you looking at dead body. Look at this deadly body.
Did you see?
Where did this stupid go?
Madam. - Yes, what's the matter?
Who are you and what are you doing near this room?
My friend Hero lives here. Why? - What do you know about Hero.
Why are you questioning like this?
She is my daughter. She was out of town. Knows nothing about this.
Come dear. Let's go home.
What happened ma? - Did you tell them anything?
No, but why were they inquiring so much about Hero? ls he alright?
Rani ... How to tell you?
But how did all this happen so suddenly?
l don't know everything, but ...
l've heard that he was mixed up with some criminals.
l knew Hero very well. He could never do any illegal thing.
l can understand your pain, dear. He was your very good friend.
ln spite of it you didn't wait for me and performed his last rites !
No. Hero's body is still under police custody.
We don't want to involve in this affair.
At least, l had not expected this from you.
Where are you going, dear. - Hospital.
Try to understand, dear. This is a police case.
You also try to understand, ma. Hero was my best friend.
lf l can't have his last rites performed properly ...
l'll never forgive myself.
lt was a very bad dream.
lt isn't a dream. lt's real.
But you had died.
Yes. For the rest of the world. But for you. l'm alive.
But why?
Do you want to hear my painful story? Then listen.
After evading you on the bride - l went directly to my good boss.
He turned out to be a bad boss.
Boss that inspector was right !
ln the guise of our courier company somebody is supplying the drugs.
lf l find him l'll play him like a flute.
So you'll play me like a flute !
Boss, had l known that it is all your doing ...
l won't tell anything to anybody.
Boss, whose death siren is this? - Your.
That inspector has followed him here.
Boss, you must do something about this inspector. He is after us.
He must have brought him here.
Hero, you're a born idiot.
And because of your stupidity we all can get killed.
Six bullets are finished. Now l'll play you like a flute. Shall l?
You're playing your own flute. - How is that?
ldiot. Revolver contains 6 bullets. Pistol contains 9.
Where will you put them? - ln your stomach.
l ate food before coming. - Now eat the bullet.
My appetite has died. - Now you die.
l've to kill him. Until l kill him, my soul will be jumping here.
And l won't be free to go from this world.
How could l help you in this?
You're the only one who can see me, hear me, feel me.
Why me. ls there no one else in this whole world except me?
The heart that is beating under your chest, is my heart.
Your life is indebted to me.
What if l don't cooperate?
Then l'll keep pestering you.
Please forgive me. Go from here, please.
Come here. Look ,! - What is it?
Look ... ! He is talking with himself.
He thinks that Hero from the locality comes here.
Today they are cremating Hero's body.
With your permission l want to take him there.
l want to show him that he isn't alive. He is dead.
That way he won't bother me.
Aren't you a doctor?
What? Bitter man. - Please go from here ... !
Where did he go? He is gone ... !
Are you convinced, sir.
Hero's is gone from this world. His body has burnt to ashes. Look.
Don't know what has happened to him.
Strange ominous fellow. He has come to the funeral but he is laughing.
Why don't you die, man? - He is double ominous.
He himself is in dying condition but he is cursing me to die.
Hey old man, don't talk with me. - He is ominous and ill-mannered.
He is the uncle of this locality. Looks old but fights like Ninja.
Why don't you try to understand?
How many times have l to tell you. l'm dead for all these people.
l am alive for you. - Please forgive me.
Now he is asking me to forgive him like l'm a beggar. Let me show him.
What happened to this old man. l wasn't saying anything to him.
He is here. - Who?
He was right here ... !
Whether he was here or not. Why do you want me to get killed.
lf he gets mad and picked up his loincloth, many people will die.
Look, he is ready to kill.
Let's run from here. Now the constable is sure to die.
Uncle Ninja. Please cool down. My boss is very sick.
He was shot in the heart but his brain has been affected.
Cool down. You too have come on a funeral. Body is still burning.
You too have to go one day. Just put down your feet, Ninja.
Take my advice. You take leave for a few days.
Doctors too believe that you must have rest for sometime.
What are you doing here? - What am l doing here?
What nonsense. lf l won't be here - who else will be here.
Stop your nonsense. - Sir, l'm not talking with you.
See, you need rest.
What if you were short like him. - Stand up.
Don't talk nonsense. - l'm not talking with you.
ls this the way to talk with your senior officer.
Sorry sir. l'm not talking with you. l'm talking with him.
Stop talking, else he will send you straight to mental asylum.
l won't leave you. - Hey, what are you doing?
Don't move ... - Shoot me ...
Don't take the law in your hand. Put the law in your pocket, son.
l will kill you ... - ls there anybody?
You have ruined my life ... Don't move ...
Take him out ... ls there anybody ...
Put the pistol in your pocket. lt is bad to kill a person.
What are you doing to boss. - Here comes your stooge. l leave.
l know his smell is offensive. But l've the treatment for it.
What nonsense are you talking. Take him out.
Take this insane man from here. - Come with me. Drink some water.
This case is closed. Why do you want to open old grave?
You won't understand. l'm doing my job, you do your job.
He stands erect in his old age. Really wonderful.
This is his yoga time. He won't move even if there was earthquake.
Really? Okay, you go.
When he burns, he will surely move.
Do you live here?
No. l live there.
My best friend used to live here.
He is no longer in this world. - Hero?
What? Did you know him?
That rascal has made my life miserable.
What? - Department doesn't know him well.
Department? - l'm from Department of Corpses.
Corpses ... !
l can say with confidence that Hero could never do wrong.
He could never hurt anybody's heart. He could not bother anybody.
Shut up, liar.
l mean all these are lies. Department has wrong information.
Hero must be as you are saying.
l wish everybody will understand this.
Only l've known Hero so closely.
Yes. We were very good friends.
Okay. l'll leave now. - Okay.
Thank you very much.
lf you need information about Hero, you can contact me.
No, my name is Rani. - Oh ! Vishal.
Namastte. - Very happy to meet you.
l am also very happy to meet you. - No l'm much happier than that.
l am happy too.
Didn't you come here on a job?
lf your socializing is over then shall we go?
Shall we do some work? - Go.
Keep the file on my desk. l will read it.
Where do you drop from?
l've fallen from the sky and landed on the palm tree.
Did you go to my locality to inquire about me?
Now will you do as l say? - Yes l'll.
There is some problem in school. - Which school?
Some children's school in Bandra. - Rani teaches in that school.
What? - Why don't you move on?
What is the position?
Who are they and what do they want?
l don't know that but they ran over our check post.
After a long chase by our officers they've come to this school.
There are 30-40 innocent children and 3-4 teachers.
May l tell you an easy way. - What?
Turn his back towards the school and ask him to do a big one ...
all will come out in 2 seconds. - But children can also die.
That's what l'm saying.
What do you think. Have l come here to discharge big ones.
Yes. No sir ... - You don't know. They're dangerous
They have rifles. - We too have them.
They've sophisticated pistols. - We to have them, sir.
They have dangerous bombs. - Has anyone bigger bomb than you?
Sir, l want to go inside.
No. l can't entrust this responsibility to you.
You don't know, they are very dangerous.
Your small mistake can jeopardize the life of innocent kids.
Try to understand, sir. l can handle the situation very well.
They are dangerous and clever too.
They've covered all windows so can't see what's going on inside.
Take the advantage of my death.
l am alive. Fine. Thank you.
What are you thinking, brother?
Truthfully, l was thinking about you. You've a long life.
Long life ! My ... ! Do you think l'm stupid?
What is there to think about?
Tell me one thing. What are you doing here?
Waiting. - You're becoming romantic.
Ever since my heart has come in your body, you've become soft.
Who are you waiting for?
For Rani. - For Rani !
l haven't seen a mean person like you.
Hey son of witch. Control your dead tongue.
Take off Rani from your heart. - Why? What's your problem?
Because l love Rani.
For your info. Your are dead. And corpses don't love.
Don't be proud. Whatever about Rani happens to your heart ...
that's not your heart - that's my heart.
lt's your heart, isn't it? - Yes.
Then end of the matter. - How is it over.
Your heart is mine. But this body. Your body is your body.
l'll control this heart - but who'll control your body?
Why are you talking in puzzles. Say clearly what you want to say.
l want to say that l ...
Look. l know Rani since childhood. She is very good girl.
l fear that you will take unfair advantage of her goodness.
Promise me that you'll not do anything to her before marriage.
Promise me. - Yes l promise.
Really. - Yes. Now you please go.
No this fraudulent promise won't work. Promise genuinely like me.
Do like this. - Will you go then?
Where have l got involved?
We will meet tomorrow, Vishal ... - Rani, please listen to me ...
We will meet tomorrow. - What is the problem today.
You don't seem well today ... - No, l'm perfectly fine ...
What ... ? - Nothing.
That ... ! - That, what?
Why do you do that?
What were you doing before l came?
Did you see all that? - Yes.
Actually l was rehearsing. - Rehearsal ?
Yes. - Of what?
l'm in love with you.
l too.
''Someone will come quietly And steal my sleep away''
''He'll keep me awake all night This thought makes me afraid.''
''Why did l love And made the heart so restless.''
Oh you. Tell me how do l look? - You look like a bridegroom.
Right, because very soon l'm going to be the bridegroom.
Whose? - Rani's
And look. She is coming home today. l'm going to propose marriage.
Will you propose marriage like this - Yes. Why?
Why? - What do you know about Rani?
That she is a very good and simple girl. And she is very shy.
You crazy, that's not shyness. That's distance.
She is LC, you're HC, you'll have to change from HC to LC.
What is this LC - HC ?
LC means low class. HC means high class.
You'll have to change from high class compartment to low class.
Otherwise shyness and distance will increase.
That means divorce before marriage. - Don't say like this.
You know her from childhood. Won't you help me?
l don't want to lose here. - Then you hold on to me.
You'll have to come from high class to low class.
You'll have to make her feel that you aren't stranger, you're her own
lt is hard. But will you do? - Yes, of course.
Don't l look attractive. A perfect LC.
You too look beautiful.
Don't think too much. You've come up to here. Now come inside too.
You're alone - l'm alone. Come in.
Vishal ... - What's it?
Are you okay. - First class - in romantic mood.
Come on sit.
l asked you to sit - don't sleep.
You've come first time to my home. Honestly, how do you like it?
What will you take - tea, coffee or - No. Tea
Tea. Go to kitchen - make two cups. One for you, one for me. Strong.
Don't waste time. Quick.
Was it okay. Did l over act. - Not over. You've taken over.
Now go on 11 number bus to kitchen and get hold of her.
What's 11 number bus? - That means on your two legs.
Go on your legs - adjust yourself and embrace her.
No, l won't embrace her. - Go and embrace her tightly.
Don't be afraid ... - l can't ...
Go my child. Keep up the style. Go and hug her.
l came to help you, buddy.
What has happened to you, Vishal?
Where is bathroom? - Do you mean lavatory?
l will see you !
You're getting married ! Congratulations on your marriage !
You rascal. By misguiding me you have spoiled my impression on Rani.
Now l won't listen to any of your suggestions. Understand?
Shall l tell you what she is doing by looking inside?
She would be cleaning herself.
What if she's doing something else?
Hey, stop ... !
Shall l tell you what she is doing? - Stop ... ! l say come out ... !
Take advantage of my being a ghost, otherwise you will never know.
Hey, stop ... ! Come out ... ! - At least let me see ... !
What kind of idiocy is this? Are you in your sense or not?
Try to understand me. -What more can you explain or show?
These inappropriate clothes and vulgar behavior ... !
That wasn't my idea. - The whose idea was this?
He has made my life miserable. - Who is he?
He has. - This monkey !
Yes, this monkey. - This monkey ?
l think, besides rest you're also in great need of treatment
Now try to meet with me only after you are completely cured.
And come completely dressed next time.
Take my advice HC. Next time go to her in birthday suit.
l understand.
lnstruct our dealers to dispose off all goods at the half price.
But sir, we will incur great loss.
Try to understand, Mukhtiar.
After Hero's death and lnspector Vishal being injured ...
the police here has become alert.
l think, until this inquiry is over, l should go abroad.
You want to go abroad ... !
What proof do you have against Khanna?
Who are your informers. l can't help you in this matter?
He is idiot.
What did he say? - He isn't ready to agree.
Didn't you explain to him?
He is asking who gave you all this information.
Tell him the truth.
What can l tell him? A ghost gave this information !
Don't call me ghost. l am a soul. When you die you'll become ghost.
Do l slap you. - Go ahead ...
Shut up. Stop it now.
Look. Your stooge has brought tea for you,
lf the spell of your insanity is finished may l give you tea.
Give it. - Ask him to bring tea for me too.
Bring a cup for him too.
For whom? For chair? For cupboard? For globe? For whom?
Who else is there. Even if there is someone, take half cup each.
Let me get out from here. Behaves like old man in youth.
Hey bore. Why are you in such boring mood.
Be quiet for some time. My life has become miserable because of you.
My life is also not going well. - l'm alive. Not you. You're dead.
lt's bad day. Rani too is angry.
Do you know, it's my birthday today - ls it your birthday today?
My death anniversary is today. l died exactly one month ago.
Let's celebrate your birthday and my death-day together, brother.
Are these people dancing or frightening?
''Why to be concerned with love or love affair.''
''Why to be concerned with life or death?''
''World will laugh at our friendship Yet l value your friendship.''
For the first time l've seen a ghost being afraid of human.
l'll slap you under the ear that it will ring like this phone.
Yes Hatela, what's it?
Yes. Where?
Okay, l'm coming.
Any problem brother?
Surround this place
Sir. He was running with the box. l caught him red-handed.
Please hear what l'm saying carefully.
Today my boss is exposing a gang of drug dealers who dodge legal system
weaken our country and destroy us.
Young police officers of our country should learn from this.
And they should protect the country by following his footprints.
My boss has so much power that he doesn't require any warrant.
He can smell the crime in air and destroy criminals by timely action.
Sir, open this box and show it to these pressmen.
Tell them what tremendous jobs have you done.
Sir, we all want to know what is so special about this box.
Please tell us if it contains drugs
Sir, we want to expose this drug racket.
We want to tell how drugs are being supplied in guise of courier co.
You will have to tell them. - Please tell us ...
Tell them what you have there.
This is a toy.
All this happened because of you.
Look what is coming out of its body.
Make arrangement for going abroad.
But before that ...
You look upset for past 2-3 days. ls your work going well?
Have you ever seen a balanced man doing irrational things at times.
More than others - he talks with himself.
No. But who're you talking about?
You open the door - l am coming back.
You don't worry, sister. We have reported to the police.
But who came to the door?
l don't know. l was in the kitchen.
Where will he be at this time?
Who will be where? At this time l'm with you. What's happened to you?
Try to understand. Khanna has kidnapped Ran. What do we do now?
What should we do ... Stop the vehicle ...
Let's get the one man army - Uncle Ninja. See how he's standing.
Where are they going? Turn back the vehicle.
Who are you and what do you want from me?
He has destroyed me by going to my warehouse.
Now when l take you away from him - how will he reach up to me.
You don't know him. He'll surely reach up to you.
How long will you look in and out?
Rani can lose her life by my one mistake. Bloody corpse.
So will we keep sitting here all day?
l want to check their position. - Why don't you say that?
What is it? - Nothing.
l was thinking whether in your condition it is safe to go in.
This rascal will not stop doing his naughty things.
Aren't you now worried about her life.
Uncle Ninja finish your yoga and do something.
You do something - he takes time.
Who disturbed me from my yoga. - l didn't - they did it.
Why do you bother me? Am l not like your son ... ?
Last time also you bothered me due to flour. Am l not like your son?
Your attack is very strong - but defense is very weak.
My defense is so strong that l don't need to attack.
What do you want to say?
l want to say that we can beat all of them by joining together.
Let me show you.
What are you doing ... ?
Sir, take out your pistol and shoot all of them.
Hands up. Your death has come near.
Put your hands down. Excuse me. l forgot my pistol in my bathroom.
You go and let's go too.
Hatela, they are very dangerous.
Sir, you're begging of them now they'll bombard on you.
You have more than pistol - you've a canon.
Move away Vishal.
lt too had to come now !
Plane is coming fast ... What're you doing. We will die ...
What do you mean by 'we' ? - Sorry.
Don't shoot him to stop. Shoot him to kill.
Shoot him here ...
What are you thinking? Shoot him.
Kill him. Let him go from this world.
Have you forgotten? He had shot you here.
He had taken my life.
Kill him. l want him dead.
He will be punished by the law.
Where was your law when he had killed me?
Where was your law? l want him dead. Kill him.
l am a police officer. l can't break the law.
Who is he talking with?
You can't break the law, but you can break my friendship for him.
You can break my friendship for this rascal.
Kill him ...
Has he gone mad?
You try to understand - l can't kill him.
Unless you kill him, he won't die and my soul won't have peace.
l won't be free from this world.
That's what l don't want - that you go leaving me alone.
That's what l don't want.
You don't worry. You'll live another 62 years.
My time to go has come.
l don't want to go. But l'll have to go, buddy.
Vishal, are you alright ... ?
But before l go, will you do me a favor?
Will you tell Rani that l love her very much.
Rani. Hero loves you very much.
Hero ! How do you know Hero?
lt is only because of Hero that l'm alive today.
The heart which beats under my chest belongs to Hero.
What? - Yes Rani.
l never used to talk with myself.
l used to talk with Hero.
Only l can see and hear him.
Where is he now, Vishal?
He is exactly in front of you.
Can he see me?
Can he hear me?
Yes he can see and hear us all.
Hero l want to tell you something.
Vishal is my love.
But l'm glad that because of your heart he'll always be a friend.
The time l was anxiously waiting for - that has come.
l'm going now.
But you must take very good care of Rani.
lf you don't, l won't leave you.
We are going our separate ways - l'm going to heaven - you to hell.
So boss l'll play you like flute.
Will you play me as flute ... ?
Blind bat.
l'm here. But what are you doing?
Rani. l think he is somewhere around.
He ! Who ? - Hero.
Let me tell you Vishal.
The place you have brought me to - it'll be difficult for him to come.
Come inside now.
What happened.
Come up. Your break time is over.
You called me up before time. Now let me live my death peacefully
Don't get angry they are all waiting for you.
They? Who? - Whose heart you have won.
Who? - Fairies.
l am coming good boss.