Tiffany Mann - 3 Minute Thesis winner 2012

Uploaded by VictoriaUniversity on 24.10.2012

People today are becoming much larger, Taller and wider and softer and plump,
While in adults this always has been quite expected,
With old age we slow down and eat lots of cake
The worrying aspect of this day and age In children we now see some very plump rumps,
With one quarter now overweight when inspected, With adult diseases, we're under the pump.
This problem eludes us, We fight but we fail,
So we turn to research for solutions to hail. And we find that the combo of diet and movement
Will arm us against this fat epidemic.
If it is so easy then why can't we manage the change that we want
When we fight tooth and nail? We must look harder, investigate further
In order to halt what this cycle entails.
We know inactivity is a popular cause of obesity seen in the schoolyards today,
With infrequent movement the kilos pile on, And the outcome is physical, medical, severe.
But what of the inverse, The chicken, the egg, when turned on its head
then what does it say?
What if the weight is the cause, not the outcome? This we will study for answers today.
Recruit sixteen boys and test them to start, Their jump, their run, their lungs and their
heart. We take two routes to investigate thoroughly,
The short-term, the long-term, psychological too.
Add weight in a vest, to twenty per cent of their body then walk on a treadmill -- first
part, Then take them to school and test them three
times, For two days each time through maths, sport
and art. In each of these phases we test them three
times, With no weight, ten and twenty per cent on.
Add glucose and lipids, and lactate in blood, In urine and breathing, in movement and fun.
Add self-perceived effort, add self-description, add feelings, fatigue,
The list goes on. What we want to see is how each boy will cope,
With the physical aspect of kilograms on. Metabolic response, activity and feelin,
Towards living the days as an overweight human,
But who will cope better? The fitter, the stronger the larger, the smaller,
The tougher, the clown? Results we find will help tailor the treatments
To reshape the rhetoric, from all doom and gloomin',
To research the cause - to avoid what was loomin,
To better the life of the overweight human.