Fettuccine Alfredo Sauce Recipe : Beginning the Alfredo Sauce For Homemade Fettuccine Alfredo

Uploaded by expertvillage on 25.09.2007

Hey there this is Dominic, Chef Dominic actually, with Expert Village. And now we are going
to, the water as you can see is boiling, or maybe you can’t see it. The water is boiling
right now. We added a little bit of salt to the water for texture and we actually added
a little bit of olive oil into the water so the pasta will not stick together. We are
going to go ahead and add a pound of fettuccine into the boiling water like that. I have a
pair of tongs here so that we can loosen up the pasta and break it up a little bit as
it cooks in the pasta, as the pasta cooks in the water actually. I am so excited I can’t
even talk. I can’t wait to eat this stuff it is so good. While that is going to be in
there for about ten to twelve minutes I am going to go ahead and set the timer for 10
minutes. I would rather check it 2 minutes early than check it 2 minutes too late. And
in the pan we are going to put about an ounce and a half of butter like so into a pan on
medium heat. We are going to go ahead and butter up the whole bottom of the pan here.
So, that the entire pan has a little bit of butter. We are actually going to wait for
the butter to melt 100% before we add else to it. So the next segment will be adding
the whipping cream and the ingredients.