Cats Got Your Tongue? - Jessica Rose, Richard Ryan, Becky Jensen, Bree Essrig - BlackBoxTV Presents

Uploaded by blackboxtv on 16.11.2010

Julia Anderson has never let herself run free, but tonight her two best friends hope to change that forever.
Black Box TV Presents:
Cats Got Your Tongue
Casey's not gonna be able to join us tonight.
But she wants to wish you the best, Julia.
For sure, Jules.
She'll be here next time.
I just thought she would be here, ya know? It's my first night.
she would be here if she could.
She lives for nights like this.
Tonight is gonna be a night like no other.
Woo Hoo!
And in other news tonight,
sixteen year old Angela Bennett has officially been named the ninth victim of the Venice Killer.
Police were hopeful that Ms. Bennett would eventually awaken from the coma she slipped into after she was attacked last week
while jogging in an industrial area near Venice Boulevard.
At this time, the LAPD still has no information regarding the identity of L.A.'s latest serial killer.
The only consistent detail is that he or she preys exclusively on women.
Are we almost there?
Don't be so nervous! This is gonna be fun.
Looks like we got a winner.
Everything alright?
We were on the way to a party in Venice and the car just died.
Do you think you could give us a ride to the gas station or something?
Yeah. Hop in.
Oh, there's three of you.
How about two of you get in the back and one of you up front with me?
I'll go up front.
So you go to school or somethin'?
Yeah. I'm a senior at Pepperdine.
Sounds pretty fancy.
What do you wanna be when you grow up?
Oh, I don't know. That's a tough question.
What do you wanna be when YOU grow up?
That's a stupid question.
'Cause I'm already grown up.
And are you happy with what you are?
Um, I think you just missed the turn.
You idiot! Where are you taking us?!
What do you think you're doing?
I've been waiting all night for a bunch of stupid bitches like you!
Funny, Grady.
We've been looking for a stupid bitch like you, too.
See? That wasn't so bad.
Yeah. You were right.
Casey would be so proud of you.
You think?
Keep it safe, Jules.
I will.