HetaQuest 23 [ENG subs]

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[Continuous Attack] Continuously deals damage to a single enemy.
- Shotgun - Ten-Gallon Hat - Usual Jacket - Glasses
↑ Cenarf → Aricema ↓ Kyuret
That's the city of Kyuret. Elgnand is further west!
This is the entrance forest you told me about, isn't it?
That's right. It's the only and greatest barrier!
The one who might know how to go from a world to another is your brother-in-law, the one who cast a spell on this forest, right?
If there's a chance I'll meet him in Elgnand, I want you to tell me more about him.
I don't really want to talk about him, though...
Yeah, I could tell by the way you didn't count yourself as his brother-in-law.
Come to think of it, I'm glad I told her there was just one. If I had said two, my twin brother would've been killed, too.
I guess it's a small mercy that she misunderstood.
... My brother-in-law's name is Arthur Kirkland.
He's known as the Head Wizard and is the brightest wizard here in the Kingdom of Âge.
He commands the Magic Army that mostly serves the Kingdom of Âge and is also in charge of Elgnand.
Wow, he's pretty well off, huh?
Not really. It may sound fancy, but he's more like a middle manager.
... Can we stop talking about him now?
If you insist... Now, let's go into the forest!
Before you go in, don't forget to put my glasses on.
Are you sure I can't go through the forest without your glasses? It looks like such an ordinary forest...
Try going in without my glasses, then! You'll see how you'll never get there.
Hmm, what should I do?
America read the lithograph!
"Cleanse all evil and make way for the chosen one."
Equip Alfred's Glasses? - Yes - No
... I see.
See? You have to wear my glasses!
Equip Alfred's Glasses? - Yes - No
Cut it out! Didn't I tell you it's impossible?!
I just thought I could do it...
You just don't know when to give up!
Equip Alfred's Glasses? - Yes - No
Oh! I got through the forest!
When you have those glasses on, you can do it in the blink of an eye!
Stupid forest... By the way, where did you get these awesome glasses?
An acquaintance made them for me! It was the same person who gave me my gun!
If I become a hero in several towns and hearsay reaches that person's place, I can become a genuine hero!
Oh, and where is that person? I want to know more about the guns in this world eventually.
He's in Cenarf, the capital city. But you might not be able to meet him so easily.
Huh, why not?
If you ever have the chance to go to the capital, just try saying, "I want to see Francis."
Francis, is it? I'll keep that in mind.
It's you, Alfred! Something really bad happened while you were gone!
Matthew suddenly fainted two days ago. He seems to be fine now, but... I was worried that something had happened to you.
(Is Matthew your twin brother?)
Yeah. What's wrong with Matthew? He was never a sickly kind of guy...
Anyway, there's more! Peter hasn't come home since yesterday!
Matthew is at Arthur's, so you should go there, too!
I can't believe Peter has run away from home... How did he even break through that spell?
Please go see Matthew, quickly! Arthur's house is on the right side after you go up the stairs. It has a lily flag, so you'll know which one it is right away!
Well, then, I'm going back to the shop.
Thanks for letting me know!
Alfred! My God, what took you so long?!
You're just like Arthur! Why didn't you come back for Peter's birthday?!
Alfred, you're back! Please help us look for Peter!
A-Al! Thank God you're back!
(It's Canadaaa!! Canada is right in front of me!)
Are you okay, dude? His name is Matthew, remember?
I felt as though you were suddenly gone and I was so worried... Thank God nothing actually happened to you.
Anyway, we have a problem! We can't find Peter anywhere!
We have to tell Arthur. I haven't even gone to work since the day before yesterday...
Can I tell you something?
What is it, Al?
I'm sorry, but I'm not Alfred; I'm America. He asked me to come here to give his nephew his birthday present.
What...? You're not Al?
America! You were supposed to pretend to be me here, remember?!
(I was only supposed to deliver the present. You never told me to keep pretending to be you in Elgnand!)
Well, then, can you at least not tell him I'm dead?
(All right, whatever you say.)
I get it! You're pulling my leg, aren't you? If you have nothing better to do, then make yourself useful!
But I meant it...
Have you searched the entire village?
Of course. Everyone helped, and when we couldn't find him anywhere, we could only assume that he got out of the forest.
But he shouldn't have been able to do that, right? How did he get out?
Uni is gone, too. I think he left from some other place than the forest by riding on Uni.
(Is Uni a horse or something? But he wouldn't be able to get out of this peninsula with a horse...)
Uni is a unicorn! It can fly with a spell it has on its hooves! Though it's more like it runs in the air than flies.
(There are unicorns in this world?)
...? Of course there are!
Oh, I see. (England would be overjoyed if he were here...)
"Oh, I see?" Is that all you have to say?! If he got outside the forest, I can't go look for him, you know! Sheesh...
(It's such a bother to talk to two people at the same time...)
Well, what am I supposed to do, then?
We have to tell Arthur that Peter has run away from home... Can you do it?
All right, but where's that Arthur guy? He was even working during his son's birthday, that jerk.
He's gone to Polar Bear Village, in the northwest. It seems that those monsters have been attacking the polar bears lately...
I see, Polar Bear Village. Aren't you coming with me?
I can't leave, remember? Unlike you, I have no way of doing it.
You sure? Have you ever tried to get out of the forest?
... No.
Let's go, then! Maybe you can actually do it!
America, on what basis are you saying that? I mean, I'd definitely feel more at ease if Matthew could come along, since he's a healer and all, but...
(A hero always challenges the odds!)
Matthew joined the party against his will!
You're acting a little odd today...
That's because I'm not Alfred.
Bottles of several kinds of tea leaves are lined up.
America searched the shelf!
Obtained Arthur's Scones!
[Arthur's Scones] Scones made by Arthur.
[Heal] Restores HP for one party member.
[Cure] Cures poison and paralysis.
[Stealth] The enemy loses sight of you in the following sequence.
[Longbow] A very generic production model.
[Feather Hat] A light hat adorned with feathers.
[Leather Plate] Light-weighted breastplate made of tanned animal hide.
[Goggles] They protect your eyes from anything.
Matthew: Healer Alfred's twin brother. Doesn't stand out but is an excellent healer. Can talk to polar bears.
America searched the shelf!
There are some scones, but you can't carry any more of them!
A world map is laid out.
What if he's gone somewhere really far away? I'm so worried...
(So this is a real world map.)
Obtained 1000G!
That one is locked with a spell, so we can't get there.
Oh, by the way, have you visited our sister's grave?
Our sister? Oh, your sister. No, not yet.
God, how long are you going to keep acting like you're someone else? Let's go. I'll go with you.
The graves are under the Big Tree behind the village. My sister's grave is the one in the middle of the back row.
(If we go to her grave, maybe you'll get to see her.)
(Oh, but I don't want to see any more ghosts.)
It's locked!
Who would have thought that Peter would be able to manage Uni? It's a very temperamental animal and it was never fond of anyone but Arthur.
"Here lies Elizabeth Kirkland"
(I don't see any ghosts besides you. What was your sister like?)
She was pretty older than me.
Our dad died early and our mom was rarely home because she had to work, so our sister was our mother figure.
She was also a first class sorceress and very popular among the villagers. I'm very proud of her!
(I was wondering about that when we were in Aricema. You have a sister complex, don't you?!)
That's just weird! I don't have a sister complex!
It's been exactly 10 years since she died... Well, obviously, since Peter has just turned 10. Time sure flies.
That doesn't move me at all! I'm not Alfred.
Al... I was really an idiot to ask you to come here.
Are you really going to get me out of the forest?
Of course!
Then let's go home for a moment. I have to take Kumajirou with me...
(So he has one here, too, huh? Alfred, where's your house?)
It's next to Arthur's house.
This place is the source of the Big Tree's drops. I shall share that blessing with you.
Obtained Big Tree's Drop!
When it is gone, you may have another one.
[Big Tree's Drop] Fully restores HP and MP.
I can only give you a drop at the moment. When it is gone, you may have another one.
Kumakichi! We're leaving!
Who are you?
I'm Matthew!
Alfred is back. I think it's been half a year since our birthday.
... Who is he?
What do you mean, who is he? Have you forgotten Alfred? You only ever ask who I am...
You're a pretty smart guy! I'm the world's hero, America!
He's been like this since he came back... Don't mind him, Kumagorou.
Who are you?
I told you, I'm Matthew!
After Peter disappeared, the adults have been making a big fuss! But thanks to that we're taking a break from classes, so I'm happy.
Peter often says bad things about his father, but when we agree with him, he gets mad. Did you know that?
Uncle Matthew is the only one in Elgnand who can use healing magic! He's amazing. But he says he can't do a single attack spell.
Uncle Alfred should study some attack spells, though.
HAHAHA, no way!
My dream is to become a great wizard like Uncle Arthur when I grow up.
There is something written on the blackboard.
"Today's class is self-study."
It's the teacher's notebook. It seems to be about the subject of today's class.
What do you want to read about?
- Element affinity - Magic in weapons - Spells that don't need a gift - Spells that aren't one's own gift
In the previous lesson, we learnt that there are eight elements. Today, we are going to learn about their affinity.
If you memorize this affinity, you can have an advantage in a fight.
Fire is weak to Water, Water is weak to Thunder, Thunder is weak to Earth, Earth is weak to Wind, Wind is weak to Ice, and Ice is weak to Fire.
Light and Dark are weak to each other.
People who have the gift, like us, can also be weak to an element that is stronger than their own gift, so we should memorize them well.
People who don't have a gift aren't weak to any element in particular. However, many of them seem to be weak to Fire.
Well, then, let's see some examples that will make that explanation about weakness easier to understand.
In this classroom, we have Peter, who has the gifts of Ice, Fire, and Water.
Since Peter has the gift of Ice, you would think that Fire spells would work on him...
But Peter also has the gift of Fire, so he isn't weak to it.
Similarly, he isn't weak against Water spells, either, so his only weakness is Thunder, which is weak to Water.
In cases like this, when one has more than one gift, if one has a gift that is the same as an element one would be weak to, that element won't be their weakness.
You should make sure you know what your weakness is.
Skills that use weapons, such as Blazing Slash, are also connected to one's own gift.
What do you want to read about?
- Element affinity - Magic in weapons - Spells that don't need a gift - Spells that aren't one's own gift
Among weapons, there are those that show the same efficacy as plain spells.
If you use them, you can obtain the same effects as an elemental spell even if you don't have the gift for it.
We utilize them in order to cover the elements we don't have as a gift.
What do you want to read about?
- Element affinity - Magic in weapons - Spells that don't need a gift - Spells that aren't one's own gift
There are spells that don't need a gift, such as sleeping spells and auxiliary spells that increase your offensive ability and so on.
Anyone can use these spells, as long as they follow the procedures properly. Of course, having magic power is a major premise.
How many of those limitless spells one can learn is determined by one's capacity as a wizard.
You should all do your best.
What do you want to read about?
- Element affinity - Magic in weapons - Spells that don't need a gift - Spells that aren't one's own gift
Being able to use spells that aren't our own gift has been our dream for a long time.
In the past, many wizards have researched about it, but no one has found a way yet.
The Royal Magic Institute in Cenarf has been making the most progress on this study.
The institute was built only four years ago, but it has already presented many results.
The initiative was taken by the Head Wizard, whom we all know as Peter's father.
I think all of you have a father or a mother who works in that institute, so you should ask them about it when you get home.
What do you want to read about?
- Element affinity - Magic in weapons - Spells that don't need a gift - Spells that aren't one's own gift
I see.
Old Grandma has been a little out of it lately. She keeps saying weird things.
Oh, hello. Um... what family were you from, again?
Grandma, that's Alfred!
Alfred? No, he's not. He's someone else.
I'm telling you, that's Alfred... Silly Grandma.
This is a weapons and armour shop. How can I help you?
[Longbow] A very generic production model.
[Mace] A metallic, genuine blunt weapon.
[Leather Shield] Shield made with affixed animal hide.
[Robes] Widely spread, generic robes.
[Leather Plate] Light-weighted breastplate made of tanned animal hide.
[Wizard Bracelet] A bracelet that increases magic power and prevents silence status.
[Fairy Shoes] Magic shoes that enhance speed and evasion rate.
Thank you! Have a nice day.
Hello, this is a curio shop. Can I help you?
[Super Potion] Restores a lot of HP.
[Bread] Plump, freshly baked bread.
[Meat] Ariceman meat.
Thank you.