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Place your iPhone in water from the night before. If it's an iPhone 4 it will become an iPhone 4S
if it's an iPhone 3GS it will become and iPhone 4. But if it's a first generation iPhone, just trash it. Nothing can save a first generation iPhone
(iPhonedo theme song) hey you, listen to me, now!
Three times, five times, no you're wrong I won't let it go before I test it a thousand times
Grab your iMac, iPod, iPad and don't forget your iPhone too!
Don't be fooled by coyotes, don't go anywhere before asking.
don't be sorry afterwards. Look, I swear!
I won't let go before I inspect the top, bottom, front and back of it!
no one else did these like these, I'm not afraid of having fun either.
Don't be fooled by coyotes, don't go anywhere before asking.
don't be sorry afterwards, I swear!
iPhonedo is back here again!
to do the tests and ask the questions
to warn the one that are left behind
to make comparisons and announce the results.
put your hand on your heart and tell us how long will these tests last?
Don't underestimate us, trust us so you don't pick the wrong stuff.
(Phone effect) Cemal (Turkish male name), this is Kadir (Turkish male name)
(other side asks which Kadir) - Crazy Kadir damn it!
- I'm looking for Kerim (another Turkish male name) He has left his home, you understand what I'm saying don't you?
- Spend your money to find him!
(high pitched scream) Hello dear iPhonedo viewers! We told you that we're gonna reply your questions
(flashback to an older video) what are we gonna do in the new video? we're gonna reply your questions!
We received exactly 350 questions... or maybe 351... actually it's becoming more and more every so it's probably 355 now
You've sent us hundreds of questions! They are all very nice and some are really funny!
Let's see what's been asked...
Where do you live, what do you do, how old are you?
I live in Los Angeles, USA. (sarcastically) Yes, what do I do. You can't ask a men's age.
It's the new trend. From now on you can't ask men's age. If we can't ask women's age, men's age can't be asked too!
I thought we were equal.
What does your face look like?
I was prepared for this question. First of all my head is like this! As you can see. I have hair.
I have eyes. That thing for breathing and smelling called the nose, I have one of those too...
I have a mouth and it's like this! My ears are like this.
And from that on I believe you know how it looks like. It's just that I'm not this much red!
Unless I stay under the sun for too long. Normally I'm not this much red. Actually I look really good in this photo!
What's the life like in USA? Life in USA is not that different than life in Turkey. It's a little bit easier to live here.
- Can I find a job there after I finish University?... - Yes...
Why don't you want to show your face? Almost 340 of the 350 questions we got are about...
"why don't you show your face", "what do you do?", "how can you get these products?" etc etc...
To answer all these questions all together, I've decided to show my face and answer all these personal questions. So...
- 3... 2... (phone starts ringing) 1... just a second! I'm sorry!...
Writing says: Shocking news, iPhonedo was caught telling a witchcraft spell to upgrade iPhones
- Look, I've told you, look, no!
Lay your phone in water in the night, then leave it under moon light... look I've told you, it has to be full moon!
if it's a 4 it will become 4S. If it's 3GS it will become 4... If it's the first generation iPhone nothing will change. That iPhone is shit. Just trash it!
Yes the next question. How can I get Visa for USA?
I believe USA has a Visa of it's own. (making fun of the grammar mistake done in the question)
You don't need to get Visa for USA, it's also very unlikely that whole continent will go anywhere!
What are the best apps and games in iPhone and iPad?
Depends on what you like. My favorite game is TouchGrind and my favorite app is SnapSeed.
Can I be your guest when I come to USA?
Of course we will after all you're a bodyguard.
The new iPad is warming up more than iPad 2. I'm effected by these heat issues, once I lost a phone and laptop's hdd 4 times!
You can watch our video about the heat issues The New iPad has. Here is the link for it.
- How long have you been in USA? - Almost more than 4
- How many grams of protein are there in the egg whites? - You can ask this to google...
If you workout this is good for you, separate the white from the yoke, for example 4 egg whites and one full egg can be a good start for your daily protein needs.
How many iPhones do you have? Will you give away one on your channel?
We have a lot (laughs) We want to do a giveaway but for now it's not possible however it's in our plans.
If our channel becomes much more popular in time, and if we get sponsors that wants to organize an iPhone giveaway competition, why not?
Minister of Turkey came and visited Apple and Google Headquarters but didn't stop by iPhonedo, are you offended?
(Sheep sounds in the background) We are very offended!
- Who will be eliminated from Survivor Turkey this week? - I don't know...
I'm following you on Facebook, twitter and YouTube, I wonder what you are like? What are your friends like?
iOS doesn't support Adobe Flash so people who likes playing flash based games or wants to watch movies can't do these things.
What is your recommendation?
Don't use an iPad...
Apple has very strong points about why they don't want flash player to run in iOS
- Are you related to Pablo Escobar? - No...
What do you do? You're pooping my money (a grammar mistake, the question is meant to be are you shitting money)
(explaining the grammar mistake) pooping your money? I'm sorry, I didn't realize what I was doing, I guess...
- Where are all those products are coming from? - China... (cymbal)
How come my father bakes cakes like this?
This is a really good question. But when you say "like this" do you mean "this good" or "this bad"?
If he's watching the food channels, like that South Park episode, maybe he's learning it from there.
Will the iPhone 5 have a bigger screen?
Maybe yes, maybe no. I personally don't think it's necessary.
The reason why iPhone's screen size is perfect is because it's ergonomic.
Your thumb basically can reach anywhere on the screen.
What's the difference between anti glare screen protector and a regular screen protector film?
Anti glare screen protector film is something you should definitely prefer.
Gets very little finger prints. Shows very little reflections and it's a lot more slippery.
What do you think about the 3D technology used in phones?
Once we tested a 3D Sony Blogger Camera, it has to advance a lot more. So 3D is not yet necessary on a phone.
Should I get an iPad or an iPhone 4S, I can't decide.
If you don't own any iOS devices and you're gonna buy it for the first time, you should always get an iPhone.
Because you'll be carrying it around with you all the time. And you gonna love it.
When was Istanbul concurred? asked by: 3246gbf...
- Is there any performance difference between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S? - Yes!
Why do you do unboxing so carefully?
What a nice question... As a kid while I was living in Turkey, I wanted to keep my toys extremely clean and like brand new.
That's where my habit is coming from.
I put thing I don't use back into their boxes, I like them to look like they are brand new. It's a habit from my childhood.
- Where are you from? - Istanbul
Do you think iOS should advance more?
Yes, a lot. Especially Siri is an amazing feature, but it needs to be a lot better so we can use it a lot easier and a lot more.
Siri is very practical but sometimes, she just doesn't want to understand you
- Can we stream movies over internet with an iPhone? - Yes. (female breathing deeply in the background)
- How can we send a product to apple that's still in the warranty?
- You may take the bus.
- Do you know any speculations about the new iPhone? - I usually really don't enjoy the gossips.
And when it's time for the gossips and guessing and leaked things, I don't pay any attention to them.
All those headlines are saying things without saying anything. They also play safe just by adding a stupid question mark at the end of their headlines.
They say things like "we're not saying, we're just asking". They all are taking nonsense most of the time too. A waste of time gossips are.
I hate all that, I stay away.
- Will it be possible to install iOS 6 to iPhone 4S - Yes, very likely.
The price for iPhone 3GS is way low, should I get one?
(song) I bought 3gs, 3gs, 3gs, it wasn't for free, I got it with money.
- What's it's difference between 4S? - Well, there are huge differences between a 3GS and a 4S.
iPhone 3GS is slow, not enough and outdated compared the newer phones. That's why it's cheap. Here in US it's sold for 50 cents or maybe even less.
It's better for you if you don't buy a 3GS.
Will you be comparing other phones to iPhones?
We may, but no one around us buys phones other than iPhone... So we don't want to buy a samsung galaxy just to compare it with iPhones.
- The the f**k are you? That's his first question, his second question is are you shooting these videos by yourself or do you have a team?
- Third question is, don't ever show off because you live in the US or else I'm gonna f**k your sibling. Spelled with the letter "Q"...
Which as you know is not in the Turkish alphabet. Four, if you don't answer, I will f**k again. Five, have a nice day...
my chit chat ends here... (claps) Hmm... Thank you for these beautiful questions.
- How can I make testicle kebab on youtube after moving to US and saving my ass from Turkey?
I don't know, you should ask that to the people who can cook a testicle kebab.
How much will the new iPhone be?
This much...
- Was there App Store in the first generation iPhone? - No
- In my camera when I switch to movie mode, the picture seems zoomed in, is that normal? - Yes.
Has anyone requested to send their phone to you so you get is liquipeled?
No, no one asked us that, probably after they've seen what happened to my phone, it's quite normal that they don't want any liquipel on their phones.
- How much are Lacoste and Polo shirts are sold for in LA? - I don't know.
- Is your hair short or long right now? - Well, my hair is pretty short right now...
- From what I can see, you sometimes you look like Kurt Cobain. - Thank you...
- But in other videos you're like bald. - Thank you.
- Why did you move to US - I was already kind of living here.
- and after a while I decided to start living here.
All those Bugatti Veyrons, Lamborghini Gallardos in your videos, where do you find them?
I find them in Rodeo Dr. It seems if you don't have a super car, you can't park on the street there.
Are there any advantages in making these videos?
It's a lot of fun, I have great time preparing these videos, it's a great hobby, hobby, hobby...
It's one time consuming job this is but it's as I said a lot of fun and it's something I like to do to satisfy my will to speak in Turkish and my longing to Turkey.
a fine hobby... hobby... hobby...
(repetitive questions) What do you do, do you have shit loads of money?
- Why are your less relaxed on Twitter? - Because Twitter is limited to 140.
Also you can't give expressions in text, compared to videos. So I like my tweets to be brief and straight to the point.
- Is this channel is just for fun? - Nope... I'm having a blast too.
- Do you think there will be a new iPhone to be announced at the June 11th WWDC?
on June 11th they will most probably announce iOS 6 and the new iPhone. And a release date.
- They say Apple will be on Turkish market officially, do you think that will bring the prices down?
I hope so because unlike Turkey, here when a new iPhone is out we can just go and get it for couple of hundred dollars.
This is nowhere near the prices in Turkey and it's very sad.
While I was looking at the prices of the MacBook prices in Turkey, I realized that instead of buying a MacBook from Turkey, with that same amount of money,
You can buy a round trip plane ticket to LA, come to LA buy a MacBook from here and still save $19... Bring me rubbing alcohol with that spare $19.
- How big is your penis? - Let me...