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According to a report by the United Nations, since 1947 more than 150 million people have been witnesses to UFO sightings throughout the world. More than 20,000 of those have been documented landings.
A Roper poll conducted in the United States reported that 70% of the U.S. population believe that the government is not telling the public everything it know about UFOs and extraterrestrials.
We're dealing with the biggest story of the millennium.
Visits to planet earth by alien spacecraft.
Successful cover-up of the best data.
Bodies and wreckage!
For 58 years.
The bottom line is I don't believe
the claim of the Air force that...
all sightings can be explained.
This is the biggest secret
in the history of the human race
and particularly in the history
of modern government.
We are being engaged as a planet and
as a species by other beings.
The Canadian government is how I actually proved
that the U.S. government was covering up their collection
of UFO sightings and records.
America and Britain had made it very clear,
to allot of countries who have the same sort of sightings
and the same resources, that this is something that
they better not let out.
Not until we say it's OK.
If we would get off of this 'ego-trip',
this western scientific 'ego-trip', we would not become the virus
of the universe that we are.
Nobody really wants us out there.
The dependence on oil could be ended over night.
We're being slowly conditioned to understand that there is life
outside this planet and that we probably live in a
universe and a galaxy, teeming with life.
I had my own UFO sighting and said, well, case closed.
There's nothing like seeing one for yourself
to end the debate.
Are we absolutely sure that we are not alone in this universe?
We invite you now to come with us upon a great
and wondrous journey.
An adventure, perhaps, into your very own
and future.
See and hear the real stories
and most importantly
be introduced to the actual individuals
who have volunteered to come forward to speak the truth.
Do Flying saucers exist?
Are extraterrestrials real?
Is there a government cover-up?
For nearly 60 years, denial has been the only
official position of the governments of the world,
relative to UFOs,
alien abductions
and extraterrestrial contactee reports.
Endless debates have raged over the
thousands of documented cases, that have been
brought forward without official recognition.
Some have been monumental incidents
involving 100's or even 1000's of people.
A flying disc crashed.
The debris and alien bodies were flown to Wright Field Air force Base, in Dayton, Ohio.
A triangular shaped object
illuminated the entire forest with white light.
The object had a pulsing red light on top
and a bank of blue lights underneath.
It left ground traces, and radioactive anomalies.
This was a multiple witness sighting by military personnel.
100's of reports of lighted objects
frequently described as enormous and triangular in shape.
Air force F16s chased many of these objects.
The Belgian government cooperated with civilian UFO investigation.
A huge V shaped object hovered over Phoenix
for 10 to 15 minutes,
observed by tens of thousands of people.
Hundreds of objects appearing alone and in clusters
appear throughout Mexico,
observed by tens of thousands of people.
Flying saucers are real.
On the Blackvault you can download documents
that prove that the United States Air Force bases
have been breached by UFOs, (their restricted airspace.)
That missile silos have mysteriously been shut down
due to UFOs hovering over the base.
I think you download that and you read it,
err, you conclude, yeah, OK. UFOs pose
a national security threat to the U.S. government.
In 1952 I was an 8th grader
and old enough to read for myself
the big screen headlines that July about
UFOs flying over the nation’s capitol,
and the air force planes not being able to catch them.
They're there, and they're paying attention.
Incidents happened in the Soviet Union before it collapsed
Incidents happened all over the northern U.S.
at I.C.B.M. bases,
where they came down
hovered over the silos
and played hell with the electronics.
Pictures were taken.
Hundreds of witnesses watched them.
It's highly classified, you'll never hear about it.
except from whistleblowers and bigmouths like me!
While I was attending Northrop Aeronautical Institute
and working for
Douglas Aircraft in El Segundo, California.
I had heard about George Adamski in one of the
Sunday newspapers.
He had his story and his pictures of contacts
plus pictures of his ships.
Well I had, by that time, seen so many
during the day and the night
that I felt
I would like to go up and meet this gentleman.
On the weekend he would entertain people
who had come to see him.
Military people, engineers, scientists.
People from all walks of life.
He had taken some beautiful pictures of the
scout craft as well as the carrier ships.
I went up to see him.
He had a 6 inch telescope that he used
to take the pictures of the flying saucers.
And in using that scope,
when I had finished
I was just about to take my eye off the eyepiece
when there was a blue/white streak
that went by
and I jerked my head up to see if I could see it and I didn't.
I looked at his 15 inch telescope dome
which was a couple of hundred yards from his house
and there was a BIG flare of blue/white light
and then it kind of closed back down, no noise.
At first I thought it was an explosion, but it
was a little slower than that.
And there was an elliptical flying saucer
Looked to me like it was hovering above the ground.
So I heard it increase its frequency
and it got brighter and brighter,
and it was really pretty hard to look at.
And it shot straight up,
until it looked like one of the stars.
If you've ever been to Mount Panama at night, on a dark night,
boy they're big and bright!
And it stopped for an instant, and then it shot over the horizon over San Diego.
We have more than 1 witness who have been involved in the
tracking of these objects on radar.
and many people say,
well look if this stuff is real,
why are there no radar reports?
I said, we have them!
We actually have the radar tapes!
From the F.A.A.!
This is not just UFOs, and this is not just not
being visited by guys from other planets.
I was to learn later that
our security,
our intelligence people,
our military people,
concluded and learned,
we're not merely dealing with inter-planetary visitation.
We were being visited by guys from other star systems.
Which, technologically we know what that means.
They're not just from another like planet like Venus or Mars or somewhere!
These guys are from other stars.
I’m convinced after studies since 1958
that the evidence is overwhelming
and planet earth is being visited by
intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft,
in other words, some UFOs are alien spacecraft.
Most are not, I don't care about those!
Most isotopes aren't fissionable,
I don't care about the ones that aren't,
if I'm going to build a reactor!
If somebody who had the clearance to carry nuclear weapons
or launch nuclear weapons
saw these objects over a nuclear facility
and reported it, and have documents to prove it happened
this is dispositive
that's what someone who is wanting to look into this
who says, well, could this really be true and I don't know about it?
They need to look at that, and we've assembled it.
We have a 600 page book of
top secret documents and the transcripts of these witnesses.
We have videotape.
So I began watching the newspapers for any newspaper reports,
I started buying magazines that had a UFO article in the magazine
and collecting these and
from those I would get names and addresses.
And I often called the people that wrote the articles to get them.
Then I would go interview those people myself,
and if they took pictures,
then I would try to get a copy of the pictures.
and frequently did!
And then I began,
trading the pictures that I already had with other people that had pictures,
to get more pictures, and
eventually built a library of pictures, probably
the largest in private hands in the world
its over 4000, pictures of real UFOs.
Now, if I can collect that many alone,
as a single individual
working by myself,
how many pictures do you think the government has got,
when every government employee is a potential investigator,
and every agent is a trained investigator,
all collecting and contributing to the government files
they must have hangers full of pictures!
What Air force manual 10-206 says is that
a U.S. Air force pilot,
who sees a UFO.
Has to report it in a particular way and manner.
They outline in this form, exactly how to report it.
They say, list the size.
The shape.
Direction of travel.
How big the object was.
What were the wind conditions like?
And you go through this big form,
and say, you know,
your UFO sighting.
The manual then goes on to state
that you have to forward this
to the NORAD installation.
This is that one Air force base that claims
Oh no, we haven't collected these things since 1969.
The problem is that this form
was last updated in October of 2004.
In 1977 I proposed and became a director of a
proposed extraterrestrial communications study
done in conjunction with the
Jimmy Carter Whitehouse.
Jimmy Carter, of course, had had a close encounter
with a UFO, in the company of
10 members of the Leary Georgia Lions Club in 1969
while he was running for governor of Georgia.
While he was governor of Georgia in 1973,
he had filed an official UFO report, it's now
on the internet, so everybody can see it.
The 1976
U.S. Presidential campaign was extraordinary,
because it was waged between Jimmy Carter,
on the one hand, he's had a close encounter.
And the first campaign, waged on a platform,
which included a disclosure plank, of sorts.
Jimmy Carter was asked, on various occasions,
and this is documented.
Once elected, would he open up
the extraterrestrial UFO files.
And he said:
We have over 450 military and intelligence witnesses.
Some are, they range from,
Generals and Brigadier Generals.
To Air Traffic Controllers and Strategic Air Command personnel,
in the Air force.
To civilian people in the F.A.A.
The Federal Aviation Administration.
To Astronauts and Cosmonauts.
And it's an enormous database of,
of people who have up close and personally seen
UFOs or worked in those projects,
in their capacity as a government or military person.
Even with the massive amount of pressure
governments can exert to maintain the ongoing cover-up,
people continue to come forward and tell
what they have personally experienced.
Whoosh! - Like that!
15 miles in a fraction of a second.
I disengaged the autopilot
to push the nose over because
we were on a collision course.
And when I did,
I just saw it head-on. It was 300 feet in diameter.
We knew that, but we had only known that
because somebody was telling us, 300 feet in diameter!
So at that time, I heard a hell of a noise!
and I said to Fred,
What the hell was that?
He said:
Well, the navigator and the radioman ducking,
fell, hit their head, one hit, hurt their arm,
they were scrambling on the deck, so a hell of a noise!
I thought it had hit us underneath!
So I said, well, where in the hell did it go?
And Fred said, it's right over to the right.
I couldn't see it, so it drifted far.
About 5 miles away,
It never got to the altitude
that we were at.
A few hundred feet below.
I begin to watch it, well,
we knew then it was a friendly encounter,
it just wanted us to see it!
So then I went to engage the autopilot again.
The magnetic compass was going like this!
and the Bird Dogs, which is a directional finder,
Two of the Bird Dogs are pointing right at this thing,
just vibrating like this!
And it was allot of the electrical things in the airplane,
that went haywire!
So, I told Fred
Did you see that coming?
He said, as it was coming closer it was doing this!
And so, I went back to the vacuum operated desk
The whole airplane was vacuum operated and hydraulically operated controls,
so I'd go back to that side.
So then we'd sit there and watch it for a while,
because it just paced us, stayed with us!
And so the other crew
knew how to land the large engines
so I was sent back and they came forth.
Al Jones,
which was the Regional Plane Commander,
took my seat.
And was still there. He was watching it.
And as I was walking back off,
he decided he was going to chase it!
And so he disengaged the autopilot!
When I get back off,
I wanted to see how the passengers were doing.
They were all on the right hand side.
they could see it underneath the wing!
And then I thought, Oh hell!
I recognized the doctor back there
He was a psychiatrist
out of the Thesdon Naval hospital.
Plus a lot of other things.
So I said, I had better talk to him first.
Carnet would say:
Did you see what we saw back there Doctor?
And he grinned at me and looked at me straight in the eyes,
and he says, yeah that was
a flying saucer!
I didn't look at it!
I don't believe in such things!
When I was 16 years old
I was walking down the street in Arlington, Virginia
and saw 7 red light type UFOs over Washington,
that made headlines around the world,
and, since then, I have seen
8, alien vehicles on 8 occasions.
The sightings I've had,
are more,
things flying right by,
or blueish green orb things!
I've had 5 sightings.
I've never reported them.
Because I don't need the grief.
But the trick is, you know
you can't mention the company name
or be a company uniform.
Two of my friends,
excellent pilots, one of them was a famous pilot,
and yet, they both got fired
for doing interviews like this,
but they were in uniform.
Since I've been a child
I'm looking up into the sky thinking,
is there more than just us human beings,
in this huge universe?
Now I do believe there is more life forms.
Different life forms.
And more dimensions
than we can perceive.
I've had several sightings.
Probably, the closest sighting,
would have been,
back in 1974.
I was driving back,
between Ottawa and Montreal,
going towards Montreal.
I remember going on the highway,
and we came within, literally,
probably, several hundred feet
of a huge, huge ship!
And at first...
you know, we were driving away here,
and I'm thinking,
Am I really seeing this?!?!
And we slowed down.
And sort of peeked out.
and an enormous, enormous ship,
I would have to say,
that it was 2 or 3 times the size
of a 747!
And it completely, silently glided over, across the highway
and we saw it go off into the distance.
So there was no mistaking
that that was not anything at that time
that would have existed conventionally or militarily.
I was a Lieutenant from the Bulgarian Air force.
My plane was the MIG 21.
What I believe?
I believe there is much more going on
than we can see with our naked eye.
Being in the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine regiment,
we were pretty active, we were on the East coast
in an area called, 'The Punchbowl'.
Which is just down the road from Heartbreak Ridge.
We had a lull in the fighting, so,
we just sat around and played poker.
And somebody looked up and said,
What the heck is that!?
and we all looked up.
and there was err, it look for all of the world,
like a chrome hubcap,
sitting up above us.
And if you looked at it
it kind of had a watery, shimmery look
and a little bit of a blueish white periphery.
And from time to time, it would appear to be
elliptical and sometimes circular.
So I imagine it was rocking a little bit.
There was just a hint of a dome
sometimes on it.
Well we watched it,
and our Colonel came out and took a look at it,
and he made a phone call.
Pretty soon, 4 F86 D model, saber jets came out,
and they tried to get to the object,
and it appeared that they hit some barrier,
which you couldn't see,
because they would stall out and do a
one and a half turn spin and then pull out at the bottom.
The flying saucer finally decided to leave,
and it got very, very bright.
And it was pretty difficult to look directly at it.
But it rose straight up and it went through the overcast.
Now, when it went through the overcast,
there were three black rings that radiated from the flange of the craft,
and went from the flange of the craft
all the way over the horizon, with no sound at all.
And what it looked like was,
somebody dropping a pebble into a glassy pool of water,
and the rings were spreading out.
In January of 2005.
5.24pm, I was driving south on Interstate 25, south of Denver.
and I see this black object,
coming up the road, above the road, in the sky.
and I thought, that's curious, what is that?
As I get closer, as we close,
I see that it is a,
I thought it might have been Canadian geese, for a start,
I thought it might have been a piece of plastic,
blown up in the breeze, like a kite.
But I could see it was a solid object
it was not affected by breeze in anyway.
It was flying on a straight course.
It looked black, it may have been some color
but because it was silhouetted against the sky,
it looked very dark.
It looked like a plank. It looked like a board.
An oblong shape.
It was bizarre!
It had a couple of little bumps on the leading edge, on one end,
and I thought, well if it's just junk,
that would be random, perhaps,
it certainly wouldn't be symmetrical,
and I looked at the other side, and sure enough
it had the identical bumps on the other side of the leading edge!
So it was an anomalous object,
Could I identify it?
Heck no! I couldn't relate to it!
It had no sweepback, no anhedral, no dihedral.
It didn’t have any external power plants,
no wings, no tail empennage.
flight control surfaces or
A search of the term 'Fastwalkers' on the internet,
immediately reveals references that 'Fastwalker' is a codename,
used by various government agencies to refer to UFOs or
as they are sometimes called,
Non Reference Targets.
Craft that I recorded that did the 180 degree turn
down on this portion of the screen.
They're called 'Fastwalkers', because of their speed.
The whole episode took about half a second to perform, or less!
And we're talking milliseconds!
And that kind of lets you know,
that it's not an earth satellite that we're looking at,
because it's moving so fast.
Plus the fact,
our satellites don't change direction,
180 degrees without changing speed, or 90 degrees.
And I have seen many of the shadows
go up and do a 90 degree, right across the screen.
Sometimes, you'll see 3 or 4 objects
in formation, looks like formation flying,
and one will branch off to the left and one will go to the right.
Somebody coined the phrase, 'Fastwalker'.
It's appropriate.
The Fastwalkers are these very rapid moving,
electrogravidic and anti-gravity discs and craft of various shapes.
The N.S.A. actually for a long time called these E.T.Vs,
Extra-Terrestrial Vehicles,
and from the military who have tracked these objects,
they've been called Fastwalkers because,
as apposed to 'Slowalkers', which are satellites.
Because they move at enormous speeds,
for example, they've been tracked at going 10's of
thousands of miles per hour in the atmosphere
and making a right hand turn without decelerating.
Well, you can't do that with a conventional system.
You have to correct the gravity and mass inertia.
and that's what these things are doing.
So these have been tracked on,
dedicated and classified radar systems.
Occasionally, people who are on an ordinary system,
will pick them up.
Today, the internet is literally alive with websites,
that are filled with detailed reports,
many of which, include convincing videos,
and pictures of unknown crafts and alien like creatures.
I live in Phoenix, Arizona.
I am a sky watcher, a UFO hunter.
I have a website called
I’ve had an interest in UFOs my whole life.
But officially that started on April 15th of 2004,
when I walked my dog in the middle of the night,
looked up in the sky and saw some strange lights.
I've got over 200 UFO video clips on my website.
I'm more interested in the day footage.
Now, the day footage is completely different
because that's harder to dismiss.
You know, so I would have to say every other month,
it seems like I'm catching something.
And I go out everyday.
Pretty much, 6 days a week, a couple of hours a day.
You know, you add all those hours up and that's allot of time.
Just to catch one thing for 20 seconds!
But that's more than most people see in a lifetime, so,
I think that's better than nothing.
Well I'm involved in the political resolution of the
I prefer to call it,
the Truth Embargo that the government have imposed,
on the facts regarding the extraterrestrial presence.
That presence has been established, I think,
many times over
by the citizen science research that has been going on since the 1940's.
The government did studies, but they were primarily for show.
and the issue from a government standpoint has been managed,
very intensely,
since 1947, at minimum!
Managed in a sense that,
the government was going to deal with it,
but deal with it within the national security structure,
and never acknowledge that there is anything to this.
But in fact there is!
We are being engaged as a planet and as a species
by other beings.
Possibly multiple species!
This has just been proven beyond any doubt at all,
by anyone who reads the research who isn't
compromised by being,
either an idiot or,
an employee of the government management of the issue,
can only arrive at one conclusion.
The evidence is overwhelming.
Daylight discs.
Night time discs.
Direct pilot sightings by the thousands!
Millions of sightings around the world.
There are testimonies from direct government involvement,
and of course, you've got an entire contactee
body of evidence that is now,
in the tens of thousands of reports.
Now, like never before,
astounding events are transcending national and geographical boundaries,
currently happening in Brazil and Mexico.
Unprecedented UFO sightings,
are sweeping the entire area of south and central America.
Does the key to understanding,
UFOs and aliens,
and their relationship with each of us,
laying being able to simply perceive
what is in a higher spectrum?
Like seeing the infrared range,
or other dimensional frequencies?
Images gathered from infrared cameras in Mexico
and special cameras used in Brazil
seem to indicate that the aliens and their crafts
may in fact be all around us.
Jaime Maussan is one of Mexico’s foremost journalists.
Internationally known and respected,
for more than three decades of journalistic work,
his investigations and reporting in the UFO field
have made him an icon to UFO researchers, worldwide.
Jaime's weekly network television show,
60 Minutes,
in Mexico, reaches millions of people each week,
and regularly carries segments on the subject of UFOs.
This flap has been recorded on video.
It means that we have evidence to prove
that something is really happening,
in the Mexican Republic.
The video camera has become,
the most important instrument,
to really capture this new reality.
Even the Mexican Army,
the Air force in Mexico,
recorded UFOs.
The video was given to me,
and I released that to the world!
In that case, that happened,
on March the 5th, 2004.
The soldiers were able to record something that
they couldn't see with their own eyes!
and that's amazing!
That was the first time,
someone recorded something, that
they were not able to see!
With Jaime Maussan, aboard a plane
coming from San Antonio to Mexico City, flying,
over a place called,
San Luis Potosi'
to film a UFO, following the plane!
It was the detected by the radars
and they have everything on film.
So, for us it is normal.
Maybe because we are searching for it.
Maybe because we are trying to look for this reality.
Maybe they are following us!
I don't know, but it happened to me,
that at least 50 times! Maybe more!
There are objects that we cannot see with our own eyes,
They are watching us.
In the last months, in Mexico,
after thousands of videos,
we have been registering some of the most spectacular videos.
You can see hundreds and hundreds of objects
making formations, and flying together
exactly, the same thing that you can see,
in the military video.
These formations moving at the same speeds,
in the same direction,
at the same altitude.
As the more one researches, the more one discovers,
that literally 10's of thousands of very credible people of every age,
and nationality are claiming,
that they have had personal contact
with either aliens, or interdimensional beings.
Credible researchers now say that as many as 60 different species
of intelligent, super conscious beings,
have been interacting with humanity for millions of years.
Physically, they look, they're humanoid.
Their skin is as white as a piece of paper.
Throughout much of their adult life
they are the same height that I am.
5'11, 6 feet tall.
Their eyes are perhaps twice as large as ours.
They're typically blue eyes with white pupils.
Although, when they get older, especially the men,
their eyes take on a pink shade.
Their eyes stretch further around the sides of their head than human eyes do.
And their ears and their nose,
are only about half the size of human ears and noses,
and their ears lay back along the side of their head more than a human does.
Their lips are not as prominent as humans,
and they don't have teeth, they just have ridges,
because they are plant eaters, they don't eat meat.
How can we know for sure,
exactly how many extraterrestrial races
are visiting us or interacting with humanity?
There are different sources,
disclosing some of that information.
I find one of the most credible to be whistleblowers.
People who have worked in these various secret projects,
who in some way have kind of,
been given information that gives them an idea,
of exactly how many races are here.
One of those sources is a,
Sergeant who worked in the, for 22 years in the Air force,
Clifford Stone.
And he was involved in these top secret projects,
that involve the retrieval of crashed discs.
And in that process he was able to get quite a bit of information on
how many extraterrestrial races are visiting us.
And he came up with the figure of 57!
Others have come up with slightly more.
Another prominent whistleblower,
a former employee of the C.I.A.
is John Lear.
And he talks about, over 60 races,
that are visiting the Earth.
On one night I saw between 200 and 300,
different tall, white individuals,
there were so many, I couldn't count them!
Lined up along the mountains to the east of the lawn,
where the ammunition bunker was.
On the night that the tall white lady known as Pamela
was supposed to finish her final exam,
to be head of the technology transfer team,
to go into Livermore.
In amongst those two or three hundred tall whites,
That's just an estimate, because I,
I couldn't, there was a crowd of people and I couldn't count them all.
There were also American Air force personnel,
nobody below the rank of Colonel.
There were others like a four star General.
A three star General,
There were several of them.
There were also several American government people,
in civilian clothing over there.
Could it be possible that our universe is not only immense,
but that it is full of life,
and that there is a great diversity of this life,
spread throughout own own local galaxy,
and even our solar system.
Equally outstanding is the recent revelation by the government of Brazil,
of their intent to turn over the official UFO files,
dating back to as early as 1954, to the people of Brazil.
Well, the Varginha case is probably the
best well documented case that we have in Brazil,
and probably in the world.
You know that over 80 witnesses came forward,
first hand witnesses came forward,
during the first weeks, and they are still coming after it happened
during all of these years we still
keep getting witnesses that come forward and tell us
pieces of the big story, that we know already, in comprises,
the capture of at least,
two alien creatures
in Aselo, Varginha.
We know for a fact, because we have it all documented,
plus the witnesses have confirmed and cross confirmed
that one alien was captured in the morning of that day
which was a Saturday.
About 10.30
by a Fire Department and some personnel from the Army.
Another creature was seen, on the same day
by middle-afternoon, by three girls.
It was them who called attention of all the city
to the fact that, strange creatures had been seen.
Because when the first one was seen and captured in the morning,
it didn't draw too much attention.
but in the afternoon when the girls saw another creature,
and then, spread the word to everybody,
We saw the devil!
That's what they thought they saw.
That night of the Saturday, January 20th 1996
that second creature, probably the same one saw by the girls,
was also captured. By a police car, actually a military police car.
with two policeman inside.
The one who was sitting in the passenger seat was Marco Eli Chereze,
and he was lucky enough to be the one, who spotted the creature
and grabbed it with his bear hands,
got back to the car,
put the creature in his lap,
and took it to hospital.
25 days after that, he died, on February 15th,
of some bacteria attacks,
proving that his immune system,
was absolutely destroyed.
Army personnel and authorities kept it all secret for lots of time,
until the UFO researchers started protesting,
along with the press,
and we gave so much pressure, that eventually,
information was released about it.
The exobiological aspect that the probability of life out there
has actually increased over what it was in 1950.
and the err, indication that there may be ways
of traveling faster than the speed of light.
So hey, they can get here from there!
It doesn't mean that they are coming in 5 minutes,
or they're coming every hour of everyday, but you know,
they might be able to traverse just huge distances,
in a period of weeks or months or something,
instead of spending hundreds or thousands of years.
Well, look at the UFO sightings.
Maybe they provide the answer that they are here!
There was talk in the War Room, about a study that was underway.
And this study became initiated in 1961,
as the result of an event that occurred,
early February, in 1961.
Where a flight of UFOs were flying from the Soviet sector to the east,
over the Warsaw pact, towards the west, over the NATO lines.
These, objects were very high and were very fast.
They were in formation.
They appeared to be circular in shape.
And they were obviously under intelligent control.
They came in a formation of what appeared to be,
almost 100 of them.
And they flew in formation,
at a high rate of speed from the east, over NATO
over the channel, southern coast of England, where they turned,
flew north and disappeared from NATO radar over the Norwegian sea.
We found out that the Soviets had gone on alert.
The Warsaw pact had gone on alert because they had picked them up.
All of our Air force and radar sensory devices picked them up.
NATO thought those objects belonged to the Russians.
We found later that the Russians thought they belonged to us.
Both forces, were to find out later,
that they didn't belong to any of us.
That they belonged to somebody else!
And of course, the BIG question is:
Who the hell do they belong to?
Who are they? What are they?
Where are they from?
They demonstrated incredibly high technology.
They were not jets.
There were no contrails.
They were circular, they were metallic.
They were in formation.
They moved, obviously, under intelligent control.
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers,
initiated a study in 1961,
which was underway when I arrived in 1963.
To determine what the hell these things were!
Some experts now claim, that societies exist
in our universe, at every conceivable level of social and spiritual development.
Societies and civilizations that express themselves
in countless manners of physical forms and spiritual ways.
Have great wars and conflicts occurred within our own Solar System?
Does our true planetary past include rebellions
and disputes that have raged throughout our heavens?
In our distant past,
have massive spacecrafts rained destruction down from the heavens?
Ravishing continents and destroying advanced civilizations?
When men began to increase in number on the Earth,
and daughters were born to them,
the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful,
and they married any of them they chose.
The historical record is plain!
This has been a phenomenon that has been around since our recorded history.
The Vedas, the Hindu Vedas, which are among the oldest writings in the world,
talk about the flying Vimana's,
and how that they were used to launch weapons, and blow up cities and
all this stuff, you know,
Again, we've got Ezekiel, and it just goes all the way back.
So they've been here all along.
If their game plan was like an Independence Day type invasion,
where they were going to blow up everything and eat everybody or whatever,
It would have happened, long before now!
My main question was: Is God out there too?
If God is on this planet, is he out there too?
and those questions were answered by reading the bible.
And that really set me on this journey,
to understanding the abduction phenomenon.
What is the reasoning for this?
Who is doing this?
And all those questions that we all ask.
We think of aliens and we think of angels as,
you know, divine beings, that we have no idea of,
and we don't see and we don't communicate with on a daily basis.
But it is not only the bible and other holy works
that are filled with references to UFOs and extraterrestrials.
Drawings, paintings, stone carvings and even coins,
reflect strange humanoid like creatures and their flying crafts.
Serious researchers now say that the real question
is not whether there are abductions occurring,
but are the abductions to help, or to harm us?
And they Greys were authorized to, sort of like a Noah's Ark,
to develop a full genetic and DNA bank
of all flora and fauna on this planet, so as to
replant it, centuries down the road, after the catastrophe.
Can you imagine, any President,
whether it be Bush or Clinton or whatever, standing before the public, and saying, yes,
I am aware that we have this joint program with some aliens,
to upgrade our biological computers.
To build better bodies to house our souls in future incarnations.
You can't talk about things like that!
He wouldn't be able to do the job that we hired him to do.
What we know of the reptilians by a number of
abductees, contactees and also whistleblowers is that
there seems to be
allot of evidence supporting the existence of this race of beings,
on the planet for thousands of years.
In other words that we might consider them to be an indigenous Earth species
an advanced, non-human species, that has lived on the Earth for thousands of years,
and actually may have played quite an important role,
in the genetic manipulation or engineering,
which supposedly has happened when it comes to humanity.
There are various groups, individuals, species,
who from time to time, come and visit this planet, and ZOOP around,
and I think that to try to ascribe any one particular motive to them is err,
tantamount to us looking up at the air at a Boeing 767 aircraft and saying:
Are those people good or bad?
You know, you just can't ask that.
It's just, it's a group of people, a group of intelligent beings
some of them are good, some of them are not so good.
But I will say this, I don't think there is any reason for great fear and anxiety.
Most recently, two new terms have emerged that also describe human/alien interaction.
The most widely used is the word Experiencer,
for those who have had some sort of experience, good or bad.
and Participator, which has been coined to explain the cases where the individual may have been
an abductee originally but has transcended the situation by now,
volunteering to participate with his abductors.
My contact with extraterrestrial intelligence occurred,
when I was aboard my sailing boat in Hawaii, in the Honolulu harbor.
and it was early one morning, it was about 5am and I had gotten up early,
and I had gotten a cup of coffee and I had gone back to my bunk
and I was just laying there completely dressed,
trying to err, just look at the beautiful sunrise that was occurring through the
large skylight above my bed,
and then suddenly, the most incredible energy enveloped me,
and the whole room began to, like glow and glisten and a beautiful woman
materialized right next to my bed!
And at first I thought I was dreaming or hallucinating,
and I said, you can't be real! And she said, well I am!
and I said, well why are you here? And she said,
I'm here as a representative of a group of friends that want you to come to a briefing.
The room was lit up completely, but my eyes were closed.
I knew somehow, not to open my eyes!
There was something telling me:
Don't open your eyes because you won't like what you're going to see!
Eventually, I did open my eyes, because I could hear noise in the room,
there was like a scuffling on, the floor, I opened my eyes,
there were three, small, grey beings with big black eyes
and big heads, and very skinny, spindly limbs,
They pulled me up out of the bed,
and then with one behind me and one each side of me holding my elbows,
walked me towards the window.
And I'm thinking, well the windows are closed guys,
so you had better open them before we go any further!
So there was this rationality and irrationality going on at the same time.
I boarded what could be called a saucer.
It was some type of an interdimensional vehicle,
that took me to the briefing that was occurring
on a planet, a local planet here in our system,
it was Jupiter.
And the whole planet just radiated with the energy.
And I spent time there with these incredible people, or beings,
and I got a glimpse of mankind’s destiny or future, as it was possible.
And as we approached the window, I closed my eyes.
And as I did, I felt this stickiness.
It was like, it was a stickiness and a feeling
of something being pulled very slowly across my face.
It wasn't painful, it was just very, very weird!
The next, I opened my eyes, because I felt cold, I felt wind on my face,
and I was aware that I was now floating, outside of the window, 3 stories up
looking down at the car park, with a very bright light above my head.
I couldn't really see what was above my head,
I was just aware of this very bright light.
One little grey on each elbow, I was aware of them,
and we floated up into the craft!
And people have said: Well, then you were abducted!
And I said, no, I went very willingly.
And they've also asked,
how can you tell if you were to meet an extraterrestrial?
And I would have to say, the energy field.
Because, when they're in your presence,
they absolutely resonate at a frequency that is so much higher.
It can only be described as dealing with them could be described as ecstasy!
I had been taken in the middle of the night, while I was asleep,
I was asleep through the whole thing until all of a sudden,
I felt some pressure going up my nose,
and it startled me so much, that I opened my eyes.
And when I opened my eyes, I saw this large headed being,
with grey skin, large black eyes, and small other features,
that was looking down at me.
He had long fingers that he was using to hold this instrument,
that he was using to shove up my nose!
I feel knowledge is power.
And some day,
maybe next week,
maybe tomorrow,
maybe in 5 years from now,
we're going to get all of the proof we need that somebody exists.
Hey an E.T. might show up and I might actually get an interview!
The point is, that the more that we know about this subject,
then the less legend can take over.
If you see a craft hanging near you,
don't get out of the car, don't stop the car.
Don't see what's happening.
If you see one coming towards you,
you don't have to be an abductee, if you don't want to be!
They go away, evidently.
We have 10's and 10's of people telling us:
Listen, I don't want to do that anymore, and they let them go.
What we call abductions, or certain categories of abductions,
took place as a result of an authorized genetic upgrade of the human race.
trying to get us out of our war-like ways,
and act-illogically ecocidal ways.
The indigenous reptilians seem to
have a very strong interest in the biosphere of Earth being
stable, that it's not jeopardized unduly,
and some who have kind of,
analyzed what the reptilians have been doing, or had some kind of interaction,
believe that this is because, the reptilians view humanity as a resource,
and they don't want that resource to damage itself, or damage the biosphere.
They had about 18 scientists and all had been
working on various stages of the project,
gathered around a big oval table in Los Alamos Headquarters,
with Edward Teller, the head of the Atomic Energy Commission,
sitting at the head of the table,
One of the aliens, on the opposite side of the table from my engineering friend,
put in a white shirt and slacks so he would look less alien,
but he still had his alien, bigger head and bigger eyes, black eyes,
and he was sitting in the conference,
he could understand everybody else because he was telepathic,
and the only way he could communicate though,
was with the signs that he had developed with my engineer friend,
to answer the question.
But here was a man, an alien from another planet,
sitting in a conference, in 1968
in Los Alamos Headquarters,
on the progress of learning how to bridge the gap,
between the alien technology and ours.
They were going to suggest to the American generals,
additional technology exchange projects,
and I think they were using me as the test guinea-pig,
to take me onboard the scout craft,
and then they could test my reaction,
to what I was impressed with and what I wasn't with.
My life changed and I was never, ever quite the same.
So, the study itself, was not as complete as it could have been.
They concluded what they wanted to conclude.
1: There was not a threat involved.
2: They weren’t the Soviets.
3: The evidence was overwhelming, they were extraterrestrial.
4: There were four groups involved.
Four different groups.
And they were all humanoid.
But they were not human.
Only one of the four was what we consider to be human.
One group out of the four looked so much like us,
I mean, almost identical to us,
these guys could have put on a suit and a tie!
The females,
because we encountered some of them as well.
They could have put on a dress, suit and tie, coat or jacket,
sit down with you, next to you in a restaurant,
sit next to you in a theatre,
and you'd never know!
These extraterrestrials, they have a body like ours.
and these extraterrestrial vehicles,
I’m using this in a large sense, or the people inside the craft -
It's very difficult,
because they make themselves seen and known to people on Earth,
so it's probably logical that they are inside a craft,
instead of coming from somewhere else without a craft.
They will have to have a soul like we do.
They'd have to have some kind of body,
otherwise they would be angels.
How can countries, one of which actually borders with the United States,
be having UFO visitations by the hundreds,
when other major nations of our world insist, that they are not?
And even more importantly,
how can these countries' governmental policy,
both official and otherwise be,
that they never have had UFO or alien contact?
The only logical explanation,
is in fact that governments are willing to lie.
For the past 9 years I have been researching into the,
United States government files,
on what they have on the UFO phenomenon,
and all sorts of different conspiracies.
And I've reached 183'000 pages,
of government documents on the internet!
There is a political block,
what I call a 'Truth Embargo',
instituted by the government,
that they are not ready to formally acknowledge,
this "presence".
Anything that involved absolute proof,
like hardware and bodies,
were siphoned off completely into another track.
They just can't allow information to come out overnight,
so people would be perturbed
and actually demand that something be done about it.
They stonewall it, deny it, lie about it, for, you know,
30 or 40 years,
and then finally just announce it as if it's fact and everybody goes,
yeah, OK!
It's clear we're dealing with a cosmic 'Watergate'.
Meaning, some few people within major governments,
have known since at least July 1947,
when two crashed flying saucers and several alien bodies were recovered in New Mexico,
that indeed, some UFOs are alien spacecraft.
The government setup Project Bluebook, the Air force did,
in order to investigate this subject on a,
let me say, a low level.
mostly, regular citizens,
have proven without a doubt there's an extraterrestrial presence
and we're being engaged, the evidence is overwhelming.
In some cases, you can actually point to where the Air force explanation
completely contradicts,
what’s inside the sighting report itself.
The word UFO is actually a disinformation term,
that was invented after they knew that they weren’t unidentified,
and they knew they didn't fly!
So it's sort of a, mind play.
When we had first evidence of E.T. visitation,
and hardware and so on, and so on came along,
the U.S. government took the attitude,
that they couldn't release this
to the general public, because it had extreme implications for defense.
We don't want our enemies to know that we've got one,
because then they might try to get one.
To the extent that we might be able to back-engineer the technology,
we don't want to err,
tell somebody else that we're trying to do such a thing.
Gus Grissom, who was probably the person that I was closest to,
felt that they were Spam in a can,
and that the Astronauts were just a public relations campaign,
for a secret military program that was spending much more.
The military space program was getting,
you know, was a gleaming jewel,
compared to the junk that N.A.S.A. was getting at the time.
You can get a certain amount of information out through the large media,
but it's very superficial and very brief,
that's what we've found.
The in-depth sort of, disclosure of what's really going on,
who's behind it, what the agenda is,
that is almost always stopped,
or if they try to do it,
it gets turned into something ridiculous.
I almost hate the term UFOs because,
they really aren't unidentified to
the people that know what's going on, or the researchers too.
allot of people that have the answers,
felt it was safe to come out of the water,
so they're putting out their information on the internet,
and, you know, disguised or whatever,
but, so these other agents who say they're
scanning all the time to counteract what's
being said by other people from Intel to think it was safe to OK,
they can put this out, or they feel like it's the right thing to do now.
You know, enough is enough.
Mankind has a right to know type of thing.
When I worked for Douglas, I was assigned to the Douglas Skyrocket.
They wanted me to wire up a camera out on the wing tip
to look through a course window, back at the canopy.
So that they could monitor the pilot, to see what he was doing.
While I went through the hanger, which was secured.
Well, there were two gentlemen in there, and they introduced themselves.
One was Naval Intelligence, and the other one was C.I.A.
And I started working, doing my job, wiring up the camera.
Well they sat around and talked and it became very apparent to me,
that they were there for that purpose, to talk!
They knew about all my flying saucer experiences,
all the way from Korea!
They told me, Intelligence, the C.I.A. Intelligence group,
had three intelligence digests.
Flying saucer photographs,
and witness documentation,
from all over the world!
And they said that I should probably try to get those three copies,
and that's when I wrote to Admiral Freeman,
and wasn't able to get the documents, incidentally.
In addition to that,
they told me that I should,
tell people about what my experiences have been.
They said tell everybody you can!
Because they can't!
They were not aloud to talk about it.
There is this curtain of ridicule that's been drawn up around the,
UFO phenomenon,
and as long as that curtain of ridicule holds solid,
the scientists will be afraid to
contribute to anything, to looking into UFOs.
And part of that curtain of ridicule involves the fact that,
hardly any decent papers have gotten into the refereed, scientific literature.
So that curtain of ridicule may be slightly opened up now that they have a
paper that they can refer to if they feel like writing their own papers on UFOs.
The secrecy has invaded, like a cancer, many institutions,
including the media, the government and corporations.
I got into more and more controversial and exotic subjects,
and I found myself a journalist without a journal!
There is definitely very tight control,
over the flow of information of certain topics,
through our corporate controlled mass media.
They seem to take it upon themselves to be the gatekeepers of information.
Part of this information that they are keeping from us,
is the just absolutely immense wealth of
information, concerning the UFO phenomenon,
and the fact that it can be tracked and documented,
all the way back through history.
The only institution that is more corrupt,
than what I'm describing as this rogue,
transnational, cleptocracy,
is the major media.
More worse than the congress, worse than the Whitehouse,
worse than anything at the normal level of clearances at the Pentagon,
is big media.
Big media does not report the truth about these things,
because they are not free to.
And we think in the United States and in the western world,
we really have a free press,
we have a free press on everything that's non-important,
on the really important issues, it's very controlled,
and this is the most important issue.
This is the biggest secret in the history of the human race.
The known modern history of government.
And they have co-operated with keeping the secret.
How is this cover-up contained,
and maintained through international borders,
and if it is, are their motivations the same?
The best guess is that,
since America has such overwhelming economic power,
the only worse thing than America being mad at you,
is for America to ignore you.
So many countries economies depend on America, that I think
that they take their orders from America in some ways.
When it comes to the cover-up,
I think that's one of them.
The U.S. government is not only pressuring the Brazilian government,
but it's making pressure
over almost all countries
that are some how aligned politically, aligned to the United States.
Now, all south America, except maybe for Chile and Venezuela,
who has Chavez, who is a rebel!
All the rest of Latin America, is very aligned to U.S. politics.
So, all these countries, will do just exactly,
what the U.S. President tells them,
it is, keep this under wraps!
Recent media polls show that over 100 million people in the United States alone,
believe that there is some form of extraterrestrial life.
45% believe that the Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial beings.
Nationally known journalists continue to turn a deaf ear to the public’s demands
for true investigative reporting on a daily basis.
Accepting instead, the dribble of denial from numerous government agencies as fact,
while refusing to interview the legions of researchers,
who have made serious scientific investigation,
of UFOs and alien contact, their life's work.
What else are the governments of the world, not saying?
What if there is positive proof that UFOs do in fact exist?
What if that proof has existed for years, but
has been hidden neatly within the fabric of a system of lies and grand deception?
We need to be very concerned about the way in which this whole
area has been managed by the national security agencies responsible.
By maintaining secrecy, keeping people in the dark, it means that
we really don't know whether this secrecy, and
withholding the information,
withholding the technologies,
from the general public arena,
is really for the best interest of all of us.
The problem has been since the early 1950's,
and err, I have the government documents!
The United States government has instituted a policy
of denial and control over the information.
Nothing happening there folks!
Nothing happening there folks!
And if somebody persists in saying, but I saw it!
Then they are ridiculed.
You got a screw loose, something’s not right with him!
This is absolutely just unconscionable,
in a country that pays lip service to freedom and individual liberty.
Because there have been so many people,
whose lives have been wrecked,
whose families have been wrecked,
because of this policy of denial and ridicule,
over a phenomenon that has happened worldwide for centuries!
Disclosure has a very defined definition. It means,
the formal acknowledgement by the governments of the world,
of the extraterrestrial presence.
As fellow inhabitants of planet Earth, we live in a rapidly changing world.
The advent of modern communication networks and the internet,
has made maintaining the UFO cover-up,
a difficult and demanding undertaking.
Brian Vike of HBCC UFO, has the number 1 UFO website to send information to.
Him and Rense and UFOCasebook,
are the three places that I always send my footage to because,
they will only put verified sightings on their site,
they just won't put junk up there.
And I know they get over 3 or 4, up to 10 million hits a month!
For over half a century, the United States,
Great Britain and a host of aligned countries,
have been able to maintain a vast web of secrecy
over what is actually happening worldwide,
relative to aliens, or what are generally known as E.B.Es.
Extraterrestrial Biological Entities.
But that is rapidly changing,
and disclosure,
the lifting of the truth embargo,
is now taking place.
I'll be getting over 500'000 hits this month.
But the interesting thing about that is,
that a couple of thousand of those hits each month, are from the military.
As far as sharing information on the internet, that is the best way to do it,
and probably the safest way.
Only because, I know I've sent DVDs to people and they haven't received them.
And I would email them and say, look, I'm going to send you a DVD,
can you analyze it for me, and let me know what you think this is?
2 weeks later, they'll email me and say, well I never got it!
I'm just waiting for that day, when they come knocking on my door
and want to talk to me about it, but uh, until that day, I think,
I think they know who I am, I think they know we're here. I think,
this is the way it's going to be done from here on out.
Because the military definitely doesn't want
to talk about it anymore!
Everything at night to them is a flare or an airplane.
On the contrary, we have all this evidence that shows otherwise.
Like a dawning of a new day, the internet is quickly sweeping away the darkness.
The truth will not be stopped.
We're in this strange reality,
which we're caught between two worlds,
between 2 paradigms.
And the bridge between,
or the door between these two paradigms is what is now called,
'The Disclosure Event'.
Recently in Washington D.C.,
a press conference was held in conjunction with an international event,
The X-Conference
Where a panel of eminent scientists and researchers broke the silence,
and spoke out and called for a full international disclosure
and an end to the truth embargo relative to UFOs and extraterrestrials.
If I was an 'in-the-know' person, high up in government or finance,
and I knew about the extraterrestrial issue,
and I knew about some extraterrestrial technology,
and I knew what it could do when it was released,
my position would be this:
Let's keep that technology under wraps as long as possible,
while we sell as much of the rest of the oil as we can,
for as much as possible.
And then we'll all take that money,
and we'll use that to own the extraterrestrial technology.
The point is. There's always people 'in-the-know', and 'out-of-the-know'.
Sometimes it's about stuff, you know, you're in or you're out.
But there are some things you can't have, the 'in-the-know' and 'out-of-the-know'.
Basically, what we're calling on today,
is for the government of the United States,
to take the issue of extraterrestrial life,
where it has been stuck in conflict,
for the last 60 years, and take it out of the military intelligence agencies,
and put it into the department of education,
and the scientific departments, where it belongs.
Take it out of the threat scenario agencies,
where it is funded as a potential threat,
and put it into the opportunity agencies, where it is funded as
a matter of education and advancement of knowledge, for mutual benefit.
There is an overwhelming mass of proven,
government documents, that have been released
largely, through the Freedom of Information Act,
that show decades of, for example,
airspace violations.
Very sensitive places by objects,
doing what appear to be, the impossible.
We have these documents from the 1940's.
We have them from the 1950's.
We have them from the 1960's, 70's, 80's and beyond.
So these airspace violations continue.
They are provocative.
They are at times, seemingly confrontational.
You have pilots who have been going,
who have been charged with going up to get these things,
and they have described them at times, saying, yes-
it appears to be a metallic disc shape, there it goes!
I began on this topic by trying to do reverse engineering on gravity control devices in 1968,
but now I'm officially looking at leaked question documents.
Some of the documents tell an amazing story.
One of the leaked documents started with F.D.R.
and F.D.R. had setup, through Vannevar Bush,
the committee called the non-terrestrial science and engineering committee.
These were the guys, after the recovery of a crashed flying saucer in 1942,
who were given the parts and were told to figure out how they worked.
They came back to F.D.R. in 1944, and asked for money.
And he said: No, we got to win the war first and beat the Nazis.
And then in 1947, it was Vannevar Bush who went to
President Truman, who didn't know about all of this, and said,
by the way, we have these craft, we could do some reverse engineering in order to
improve our country, to improve our culture, to improve our standard of living,
and that was when the money started to flow.
July 2002, right here in the Washington D.C. area,
there was, yet again, an airspace, jet chase.
By 2 F-16 jet interceptors,
which were chasing, a 'blue-ish' object, right outside D.C.
My opinion right now is, the person who is going to wait for hard evidence,
is going to be left behind when the delouse comes.
Exopolitics offers a bridge out of:
The permanent warfare state.
The permanent warfare economy.
Out of the permanent warfare industry,
into transforming the permanent warfare industry,
into a co-operative peaceful space age society,
integrated with universal society.
So I began to look outside of the, kind of, conventional sphere,
I began to explore theories,
for what it is that really is driving international politics.
And so then I came up with this area of an undisclosed,
extraterrestrial presence that is kept from the general public.
So that really did help me understand what was going on,
and what is driving international politics.
What's important is the structural blinders,
and the structural belief patterns,
and the structural paradigm,
if the Exopolitics model can come in,
and establish itself as the dominant paradigm,
such that, structurally, within Academia,
the Earth is no longer flat!
It is now round!
Intelligent life no longer ends at the geostationing orbit,
the universe is now, highly populated.
It's that sort of sea change that we need,
to unleash the huge public investment,
and private explosion of creativity and co-operation,
to turn our spaceship around, to be able to survive,
the environmental pressures,
that are coming now, which have been the result
of the embargo that we have been under.
Are we, the people of Earth, on the verge of technological destruction?
Has our use and testing of nuclear weapons,
already triggered an inter dimensional countdown,
that is now moving us as a planet,
towards some kind of interstellar intervention?
Even though there's clearly no evidence, I want to emphasize this,
that these extraterrestrial civilizations are hostile towards us,
I think they're very worried about our hostility.
I always turn this on it's head.
Because most of these sort of,
documentaries, you know, always like alien invasion and all this stuff,
No, no, no, no, no, no!
The issue is, if they were hostile, we would know it by now.
It's clear to me, that what's going on is that they're very concerned
that at the time that humanity reached the ability to go into space,
early space exploration, the 1950's, we also had already developed
weapons of mass destruction
and thermal nuclear hydrogen bombs and stuff.
And that the co-incidence of that, the coming together of those 2 things,
put a big red flag over Earth!
And so, if you look at the databases from the 50's, 60's, 70's, on forward,
not only in the United States, but in Great Britain,
in the Soviet Union, and in China,
that wherever we had space, aerospace and nuclear facilities,
there were allot of these so called, UFOs, being seen.
These groups, that are interested in us,
at least seem to show some benevolence,
I think, would probably step in and keep us
from blowing the hell out of ourselves, if push comes to shove.
The onset of the whole UFO phenomenon, beginning about 1946/47
I don't think it's co-incidence that
that coincided with our development of nuclear weapons.
And I think, that out in the universe, they were horrified.
They said, oh my God, the kids have found the matches!
Well they don't want us to destroy ourselves,
and they don't want us to destroy this planet,
and yet they're prohibited from directly,
intervening in our affairs and our evolution,
so I think that we've got crop circles, and animal mutilations and
abductions and sightings, and increasing sightings and all like that,
so that it's not directly impacting on us and yet over this conditioning period,
we are coming to understand, that we're not the only ones in the universe,
and I think they're trying to kind of, boost us up the evolutionary ladder,
so that we can grow to be full class members of the intergalactic community,
instead of destroying ourselves through our petty bickering wars, and nuclear holocaust.
Like a dawning of a new day, the internet is quickly sweeping away the darkness.
The truth will not be stopped.
We're now seeing this wall of censorship cracking apart in the United States.
Just recently, we had a
major T.V. network special,
and I found it absolutely amazing because, Peter Jennings of A.B.C., flat,
just very matter-of-factly told a national audience
that the Robertson Panel, of the 1950's,
and the Operation Bluebook, Project Bluebook, of the 1960's,
were not really scientific based investigations, they were just public relations efforts,
to try to get people not to be thinking about UFOs.
So in other words, all you folks out there who are old enough to have been,
seen all the newspaper reports on the Robertson Panel and heard what Bluebook said,
It was just hogwash, never mind!!
The non-human intelligence presence, has been here for a long time,
that, Colonel Philip Corso said there are 57 different races,
and that some accords were made to talk about their presence,
whether it be Hollywood movies or whatever, including the A.B.C. special,
that if it isn't done soon, they will probably do it!
Extraterrestrials are not a national security issue!
They're an educational and social issue for our society.
And they may be a spiritual issue!
When I retired from the military,
I went to work for the Federal Emergency Management Agency,
and I worked with them for 14 years.
So I've got 42 years of government service behind me,
and throughout all those years,
I had the very highest security classification you could have,
Top Secret.
When I was in N.A.T.O. in 1963, through 1967,
I had Cosmic Top Secret,
Which was and still is, the highest level of security in N.A.T.O.
That's how I got involved in this, this crazy UFO field!
Through the 1950's, 60's and 70's we referred to aliens as extraterrestrials,
but now that science has been catching up with us,
to a certain degree,
we have changed our definition, of an alien.
It's probably more accurate to call them extra dimensional beings.
Because that would explain their ability to traverse vast distances.
They operate in more dimensions,
I mean, even the current theoretical model of the universe,
is upwards of 30 dimensions!
So we're living in a multi dimensional universe.
And so it's not uncommon to theorize that we're going to encounter beings,
that operate in more dimensions than we do.
And that would explain allot of the phenomenon related to UFOs.
How they're able to appear and disappear, move very fast,
do all the things that the E.T.s do, walk through walls,
have remarkable psychic abilities,
and communicate telepathically,
It would really go a long way to explain the phenomenon surrounding it.
What looks like magic to us, can really be explained,
through extra dimensionality.
Are any of us really prepared for the kind of paradigm shift
that would come with not just disclosure,
but with contact and communication with intelligences from other worlds?
Is it possible,
that as a species we have reached the point that our minds
actually filter and generate acceptable constructs,
which all too often become our day to day realities?
There is so little of your reality that is really based on truth,
that it is just, stunning!
I heard that there are other worlds that are inhabited.
and Father Rapile answered,
Would you believe that it would just be our tiny world that would be giving glory to God?
There has to be many more worlds, many more planets,
that exist, with inhabitants that would be giving glory to God, it is not just us.
If I told you that uh,
you know, the very nature of the Moon and Mars
and most of the planets in the Solar System
is being kept from you for specific reasons,
to make you think that you're completely alone,
and that these planets can't be colonized.
Back in the 1950's, the big question was:
Do they come from Mars?
Or do they come from Venus?
And by the 1960's and 70's we had gotten a little more
sophisticated in our intellect and in our thinking,
and the question became:
Well, do they come from Alfa Centauri?
or Zeta Reticula 4? You know.
Now up to the day, and we've gotten even more sophisticated,
and now the question is:
Do they come from another planet?
Or do they come from another dimension?
Or are they perhaps time travelers?
Do they come from another time? OK.
And in my study of all of this,
I have kind of come to the conclusion that the answer,
is, YES!
The more you know about this field, it becomes almost paralyzing.
Because the more you know, the less you know.
The more you know, and the more open minded that you are about this,
the more you realize that every answer you find, just leads to,
you know, a thousand more questions.
Vast sums of money are being siphoned through these different agencies,
into the coffers of the C.I.A., which then forwards this money onto the D.O.D.
and this money is funneled through the D.O.D. and goes into the Black Projects,
which the D.O.D. has direct oversight over.
So the C.I.A. is kind of like the bagman, that collects the money.
It goes to the Department of Defense, that actually administers
how this money is going to be spent on different Black Projects.
So, the size. How much are we talking about?
I think the best indication for just how much we are talking about here,
are the auditing irregularities that the Inspector General of the D.O.D.
has himself identified.
He identified, in 3 years, it was 1998, 1999, and the year 2000.
In those 3 years, he identified,
on average, 1.7 trillion dollars,
could not be accounted for,
in the Department of Defense budget.
In other words, this was money that was being moved around
in ways that could not be accounted for.
And I think, what that indicates is, the true size of the Black budget.
We're looking at an infrastructure,
that is funded by as much as,
1.7 trillion dollars a year.
Now when you consider that the whole D.O.D. budget, officially,
is just over 400 billion dollars,
We're talking about a vast infrastructure,
that is,
Four times greater than the entire D.O.D. budget!
As Jack Nicholson would say: You can't handle the truth!
Is it possible that ancient and secret societies exist,
that have always had the real, but hidden information?
And have they, as a result of their ongoing familial knowledge,
been manipulating and governing,
virtually all countries down through the centuries?
Researchers point to the Illuminati,
and the power elite and their use of propaganda,
as carried by the mainstream media.
Many believe that these powerful few actually control almost all information,
by implanting false knowledge and beliefs into our human collective reality.
Essentially, everything that you would want to know has been covered up.
From the electro genetic magnificence of your DNA,
being a spiritual antenna to the creator,
to the most amazing, perfagering mystery score mathematics,
that is essentially freeing to humanity,
in essence, also very, very clear,
that everything in our world, is a divine creation,
where as the math is the expressive tool of the creator for creationism.
The United States government, the leader of the free world,
is totally controlled by a wealthy oligarchy,
a small, handful of people,
that are just super rich.
Most of them are not even in government.
But they tell the government what to do.
These are the people who are behind the UFO secrecy.
They don't care if you know there's E.T.s out there,
but if you know there's E.T.s out there,
then you will know that there is alternative technology.
And this could upset the monopolies,
over energy, fuel, transportation, communications, pharmaceuticals.
And that's what they don't want.
After all,
who would continue to pay all these ever increasing prices for gasoline,
that’s polluting the air,
choking us all,
killing our kids.
Why would we do that if we knew, beyond any shadow of a doubt,
that there was non-polluting energy sources out there?
This is what it's all about.
It comes back to the old journalistic adage.
Follow the money.
Everything has been covered up.
Toxicities of the pharmaceuticals.
You're not learning the truth about vaccinations.
You're not learning the truth about various medications.
The pharmaceutical industrialists,
which I prefer to call the,
Military Medical Petrochemical Pharmaceutical Cartel!
Essentially has control of the media, the mainstream media.
And so it has control over the mass mind.
And as a result of those powers that they assert,
people are not given factual information
upon which to make informed decisions.
They're given propaganda.
And as a result, the choices that people are making are genocidal.
And I say genocidal with a strict definition, meaning,
the mass killing of people for economic, political and/or ideological reasons.
And those pharmaceutical industrialists are
intimately connected to those people who wish to control populations.
They've published literature of what their intent is.
Not only how best to control populations, why populations need to be controlled,
but ultimately, affecting the technologies that are in place to do just that
Currently, a 50% reduction in general,
of the planets population has been targeted for illimination.
The Disclosure Project is oriented towards putting together
credible government documents and these witnesses, so that
there is an undeniable case made that this is real and not fictitious.
It started really in 19... the early 1990's.
After I had briefed President Clinton's first C.I.A. director of this problem.
It was made very clear to me that the executive branch,
of the U.S. government, did not want to do this because,
I'm quoting.
"The President was concerned he would end up like Jack Kennedy."
And I'm not kidding.
That was said to me by President Clinton's closest friend.
Could it be that much of what we believe is illusion?
Is it possible that the history of human civilization is not as we have been told?
Have we as people, been purposefully dumbed down?
And, have our governments only served to strengthen the bonds,
that bind us to our ignorance?
Not only of our past, but of our present and potential future?
Officials in these agencies no longer represent the best interests of humanity,
but are now representing the interests of a particular extraterrestrial race,
that they have been compromised by.
So we pay a heavy price if we don't make this open.
If we don't bring in transparency and accountability,
into this whole process,
it means that we don’t know whether or not,
those that are behind the policies,
are actually implementing these policies for the best
interest of humanity, which is what they claim,
or for the best interest of a particular extraterrestrial race.
Some of the questions that we must ask include:
Are there bases on our moon?
Are there structures and life forms on Mars,
and many of the other local planets?
Have our governments made deals and treaties with other life forms,
that affect the future of all of us on planet Earth?
These people will continue, zipping through our atmosphere
checking our nuclear plants and so forth and so on.
They have never been hostile.
They pose no air security problems, whatever.
The Air force knows this and the Air force has made statements to that effect.
That UFOs pose NO threat.
Not just the Greys, but the others, who look and act like us.
Perhaps they are here to instruct us.
To help us safeguard our planet.
Definitely rules and regulations are governing everything.
And the councils have the history books
of all the planets and all of the records.
So when a planet reaches the point that it can support life,
That's a very momentous time in the history of that planet.
At that time, the planet is given it's life charter.
We're dealing with a BIG, BIG story.
It's not just them.
As I've said, if it was that simple,
it would have probably been out some time back.
It's really about us.
It's who we are, what we are, how we came to be.
and where we might end up going, sometime.
Life is never allowed to just simply spontaneously develop.
If it did, it would be very chaotic.
If we could integrate,
I call it the spiritual, but the esoteric or whatever.
But I mean true esoteric, I don't mean religion necessarily,
because there is a difference I think, between religion and spirituality.
To produce a thinking, intelligent human being,
would have taken millions more years,
than what's happening by normal evolution,
than it would have taken.
and it would have still, not of got to the point we are now.
They create life on other planets, because this is the way they were created.
By what they called the Archaic ones, the ones' from the very beginning,
have been doing this forever.
Mankind was developed as a species, as a spiritual being.
And I think we've gotten so far away from who we really are,
that it's very hard for us to go back there and digest,
that maybe we have cosmic brothers and sisters.
We fight among ourselves for diversity.
I mean, if anybody walks in here and looks totally different
we fight among ourselves.
Now I'm thinking, oh my God!
What are the E.T.s that are involved, thinking about,
the way we handle ourselves, with people that are so different from us,
They're probably scared to death to appear because of what we might do to them.
We have not handled diversity very well.
One day, I would hope that the people of Earth,
would stand up and extend their hand in friendship
to these people, we have never done that here on this planet.
You know, we've shot at them.
We've done everything. We've fired radar, we've fired lasers, everything.
We need to say.......Hi!
There are other extraterrestrial groups who are human looking,
such as the Pleiadians, the famous Pleiadians of Billy Meyer and others.
And they are much more intent on trying to assist humanity, to
become free of this kind of manipulation from,
other races, that really try to use humanity as a resource.
Let's think about it.
You can't say, whoopee! Star kids!
These wonderful advanced children have been transformed by
contact with people from the stars,
when in the same breath you say, there's no such things as UFOs.
The question of UFOs and extraterrestrials,
most people just think is something entertaining.
In reality, it's something that is central to
how we're going to be able to go forward as a civilization.
Because that issue involves,
sciences, technologies, energy and propulsion systems,
that could give us a whole new civilization.
It's terribly important the whole thing come apart,
because it's all one package,
and it's part of our bright and very,
I think, hopeful future.
And I think of these star kids growing up and being our leaders.
Our presidents, congress people, senators.
University professors.
Leaders in medicine and science and so forth.
I think what brilliant and expansive future we're going to have,
but we have to get from point A to point B, and
this cover-up is just stultifying us in a very painful way.
Is it possible that an intergalactic federation exists,
and that this collective of different member beings,
are in the process of offering the people of Earth,
membership in a federation of planets?
Most importantly for all of us and our children,
some of these researchers say,
that acceptance of their invitation to federation membership,
would end all war,
starvation and dependency upon fossil fuel based energy systems,
for our entire planet.
Part of the problem with the UFO cover-up coming apart;
You've got to uncover the whole thing at the same time.
You can't half uncover it.
People who try, they only look stupid!
but, they are doing it for us, they are praying for us!
We are the lowest of the category in the evolutionary scale.
He really believes that humanity is the lowest of the category of the evolutionary scale.
With all the proof that he gave you of the ecological problem,
of the war problem,
of the, choosing evil problem, and all that.
This is his belief system.
We all have a responsibility to find out what the truth is about something like this.
People have to take responsibility for looking into what the truth is.
We've put together the means, for people to do that.
Now, people have to take the initiative.
And we need all the help we can get!
I would ask people to help us network this to,
anyone and any institution that can help.
The reason this is so critical, is that-
We've reached a point in our civilization,
where, for us to go forward, as a people,
we're going to have to end this kind of illegal secrecy.
And we're going to have to allow this information and these technologies,
to get out and begin to fix many of these large problems.
I've always believed our destiny is in the stars.
That's a hope that I have.
Generations yet to come, will travel out there.
And we'll become a part of that community.
That's a dream that I won't live to see, but,
it's a dream I hold dear.
That we'll make it.
That we will survive as a species.
Because I think we've got some,
I jokingly say, we have some good friends in high places.
Subtitles: Barboni.
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