October Sky (7/11) Movie CLIP - I Want to Go Into Space (1999) HD

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Yes, sir.
This the reason you skipped work today? Yes, sir.
I thought you put all this nonsense behind you, Homer.
I thought you weren't gonna be doin' it... Dad, it isn't nonsense.
L- I don't wanna argue with you.
Look, son,
I can't even begin to tell you how proud of you I've been these past weeks.
I mean, you've just been doin' a hell of a job in that mine.
You keep goin', you're gonna have my job someday.
Everybody says so.
You got any idea how proud that would make me?
Dad, what l...
I guess what I'm sayin' is, is that if this rocket stuff is so important to you,
then so be it, as long as you're careful.
Guess there's worse hobbies you could have.
But skippin'work, that's out ofline.
And you gotta know that.
So let's go and get you right with Jake.
Tell him you'll work the hoot owl shift tonight.
The coal mine's your life. It's not mine.
I'm never going down there again.
I wanna go into space.