How to Make Balloon Animals : Making a Balloon Poodle

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.04.2008

Now we're going to take that little regular dog that we made in the last section and turn
it in to a little poodle. See I made his nose, then his little ears, twist them together,
2, 3, pinch twist the neck, twist it three times so it doesn't come undone. Reminding
you to hold it with your left hand otherwise it's likely just to bounce right back to you.
Pinch it and twist it and hold it. Come down the body, one, two, three. Now, this is where
we start to add, little toes. With a pinch twist a little turn, a little foot and another
one, mirror the legs together. And lock twist them in to place, you can see that bit of
elastic there, lock twist them in to place. So you can see that's a little bit more dainty
than a regular dog. Pinch and twist the body. Come down to the bottom of his leg. We're
going to need a little bit more air, so I'm going to push the balloon down to create a
little bit more air and a little bit more space for me to work with. A little toe. Pinch
and twist. Another one. One, two, three. Mirror the balloon with the leg, the same size. Pinch
it and twist with my right hand. Lock twist them together and want a little pom pom tail
so we're going to hold the balloon and need to push down hard and you get that little
pom pom. There he is, what a wonderful creation to give out.