Tutorial: edit existing YouTube videos

Uploaded by boxxydotinfo on 21.11.2011

Step 1: Saving the source YouTube video to your computer
So here's what you do:
From www.boxxy.info/tutorial
you will see this link to PwnYouTube.
Click that.
Then here, you should see a link that you should bookmark.
Don't just click that bookmark. Instead, right-click it and then bookmark it. And save the bookmark.
So then when you see your bookmarks folder,
there it is.
But if you go into it when you're not on a youtube video it just doesn't do anything.
Instead it goes to this.
Anyway, go to the YouTube page that you want to download,
and after you have your bookmark saved, go into bookmarks
and click that, and you will see on the top,
you have your choices. You have different formats: FLV and MP4.
You want the highest quality MP4 version
and in this case there's only one, so
you just right-click the MP4 link,
"Save the link as" and save it to your hard drive.
There you have it.
There it is.
So, I renamed it to what I want it to be
and you can double-click on it and it will open in Windows Media Player.
Also, you can open it in your video editing program.
For me, I use Sony Vegas.
Step 2: Using Sony Vegas to add text media
Let's say what you want to do is add words, like lyrics / subtitles on the screen, to the video.
Like, here's what I'm doing here.
So, it's about from there to there.
Insert a text media, and then type the lyrics.
And customize the look however you see fit, like that, and put it wherever.
Then you can begin on the next lyric.
So about from...
about to there.
Hold down the Ctrl key and drag it over
and create a new copy of the source media
and expand that and change the words.
As you can see, I've added a few more
as you watch the previews, see what it looks like.
One thing that's important, particularly in the version of Vegas that I'm using
especially when working with text media effects
it gets kinda buggy and crashes a little bit; save your work... often
especially when doing this text media.
So once you've saved once, then you can just click save or hit Ctrl-S as often as needed.
One of the reasons this works so well is because
video channel here is above
this one
and this, what it is, is the text that's on top
because this is on top
and it's in white
and everything that is not white text is transparent, so it appears on top of the video.
So, if you were to put this below the video, then
look, no text
unless you change the transparency of this video and
well, not even, but
yeah. You change the transparency, then it starts coming through.
Or, if this text were moved into a different position.
See how it peeks out from behind this video?
But, we'll just put the text on top. That's just how layers work in video editing.
And here is my completed project file with Danielson's remix and my subtitled lyrics added.