How to create and account and register for online services

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Hi, I'm Melanie from the Department of Human Services.
To use our online services you first
need to create an account.
Using an account allows you to access
a number of Australian Government agency
online services using the one user ID and password.
You only need to register once.
Here’s how to create an
account and register for online services.
First, click the register button on the Human Services website.
Make sure you read the information on this page and have your information ready.
For example you’ll need your reference numbers and details about information
you’ve given us.
We’ll look at how to register for both
Centrelink and Medicare, at the same time.
Click on the register button and follow the prompts.
Here are terms and conditions to agree to.
Remember there’s information on the right hand side of the screen.
You’ll need to choose a password.
To protect your personal information you need to provide some
secret questions and answers.
This can also be used for your account administration,
such as resetting your password.
With your new account you’ll receive a User ID.
You need to write it down somewhere and keep it safe.
Select the third option: “I want to connect to
Centrelink/Child Support or Medicare online services
but I don’t have an activation code”.
You’ll need to provide your agency details and some personal information
Enter your reference numbers, name, date of birth and address.
If your address is different at each agency please register
separately one at a time.
This page confirms the records you wish to get online services for.
When you have read this page click “continue”
Now you’ll be asked some questions that help protect your privacy.
They help us verify that the person registering for online
services is the actual owner of the record.
Here, you’ll need the Centrelink and Medicare information I mentioned before.
This registration is a once off process.
Please answer as many questions as you can.
If you’re unsuccessful with the first question list,
there are additional questions.
Different questions may appear depending
on your record and the agency that you’re linking to.
We’re nearly done. This page confirms you’ve successfully registered
for online services. And this page confirms the services
you have linked to your account.
To proceed to Centrelink Online Services
click on the link under my online services.
When you’ve finished your online business,
click “return to”
to access other online services or log out.
When you want to log out of your account click on “logout”.
The next time you’re visiting the Human Services web site
select from the drop down box
and login to start using your online services.
You now have access to your online services.