המופע 101 פרוייקט Bits of My life In Israel יוצא לדרך

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Good morning internet, today is monday and our project is on it's way!
The Show With Ziv Kitao
You have no idea how nervous I am with all that's Happening at the moment
I really pondered if I should Upload this video or not and I said to myself:
'Ziv, there's no reason you should be doing this, forget about big things
Get back to your normal life, In which you film yourself doing fun and funny things...'
And then I said to myself that there's a chance I'll be dead tomorrow,
and I wanna do at least one thing that I can look back on and say "Hey, it was worth it!"'
So I really hope you can help me do exactly that.
Today what I'm gonna do is tell you what WE are going to do together.
During this week I'm going to upload a few parts of this project, how to do it exactly
I'll launch the site and direct you to it tell you about the prizes we have
People who participate And a lot of cool stuff
And I would like to thank YOU ALL for this whole thing.
So I decide to call the project 'Bits of My life in Israel'
And the reason for an English title Is that I would like Most of the videos -
And I am talking a about hundreds of them, if we can get there -
will reach the American, English, French publics Or in short - the Non-Hebrew speakers.
it doesn't mean that if you prefer Hebrew that you should refrain from filming your bit
on the Contrary! I want you too, the Hebrew speakers, And the Spanish and French Speakers
and any other language, no matter what you do even if it seems like and Esoteric language
Like finnish! how many people are there in Finland?
Never mind, I have probably insulted a group right now
let's move on. what do you film in those videos?
as the title says: "Bits of My life in Israel"
I want to see your life in Israel I want to see your favorite coffee houses
I want to see you in a traffic jam, I want to see taxi drivers driving people around
I want to see medical students going into class and doing all sorts of stuff
I want to see parties, People visiting their grandmamas
I want funerals, soccer matches, picnics,
Kindergarten Parties, your Children, your grandchildren, I want to see your friends,
I want to see you Doing all sorts of things. The real things that you do.
I want to see anything that you think is interesting enough and you want to share it with the world.
I want 'real life'. Not edited - but refined. Which leads me to my next point
The internet videos should not be longer then a minute and a half.
which means you have something really interesting to show.
it could be thirty seconds or forty seconds. may be a minute.
If you have something really great you want to share with everyone go for a minute and a half.
But no more then that! people haven't got the time. and besides, knowing you have 1:30 will focus you
On the really interesting things!
And that's what we want to show.
As I mentioned, I would rather English, but Hebrew, Spanish, French Amharic Or any other language works
Because I want this project to eventually be made not only by us here in Israel, but also
by Americans who've been here on a visit and want to show their vacation,
and the Bits of THEIR life here in Israel
Or a Spanish-Jew in diaspora who wants to show what his family... their memories!
Or anything of the sort, just think where this can get.
It could be a crazy and amazing thing! That will reach a myriad amount of people!
and each will do this wherever he is, and each will tell his own bit.
He or her little piece of life here in Israel.
It would mean a lot to me if you were to create at least one video,
but would mean even more If you were to creat as many as possible!
There's no reason you should film only one.
Each of you has his life, his hobbies, his job, his studies, his friends and family!
Each of you, alone, can produce dozens of bits. between a minute and a minute and a half,
that would be interesting, awesome and will BLOW the internet with this project of ours!
For this project to work we need more and more people
which means a few things: for one, you have to talk to more people around you
people who are willing to film themselves or will give you permission to film them
It will be great if you shall do this and I will be very grateful
in addition there are a few people I've been talking to and some are making videos,
but some are in a position to spread the idea, and write about it and talk about it.
and do whatever's in their power to reach as many people as possible.
And that is awesome internet! that is awesome!
Because this is a little Israeli project That we have created here together, and there is already plenty of interest around it.
and we need to take advantage of that interest they have!
as I said in the beginning there or more then a few people who've heard of this, and want to reward us
those prizes will be awesome, just like abroad if you've seen YouTube clips, and said to yourselves:
'Hey, why do they get those cool things? I wanna!'
then now is your chance! We have those prizes!
And of course it all dependent on how well this project will manifest! let there be thousands of views!
hundreds of videos out there! hundreds of thousands of videos!
as many as possible, the better.
If you think I'm making these numbers up, think again.
Because these numbers are real, and we can reach them.
instead of posting a funny little kitten, Despite them being very cute
and give that hundreds of thousands of views...
we can do something which is really interesting and give THAT hundreds of thousands of views!
this whole project dependent on you. on us. Depends on our ability to manifest our ideas.
so that's it. you have the basic idea, Bits of YOUR life in Israel.
a minute to a minute and a half. Upload it to youtube. Share, link and forward.
We will win prizes, and it will be very very very Awesome here!
But I need you, and I need you to start working right now. during this week I'll launch the site
I'll upload the rules, in Hebrew and English
thanks to people who've been kind enough to volunteer and do the translations
There will be a few more details along the way and of course the prizes and how to win them.
This week, we create the foundations for this whole project, Internet. you and I.
We have plenty of work ahead. and we need to get going.
So again, thank you internet, thank you for pushing me to do this
and I really hope to not be disappointed, Don't get me Disappointed, let's do this!
'Bit of My life in Israel' is on it's way!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Subscribe up here, Leave your comments down here Tell me what you intend to do, any idea is good
I really want to hear, any and all idea!
You can drop me a line, my Email address is here, and I'll repeat it:
It will also appear in the Dublido I'm off to do some work! Ciao!