"FPSMexico" - The Controller: Medal of Honor Warfighter - Episode 6

Uploaded by MachinimaPrime on 04.10.2012

Welcome to the Battle Zone.
I love when it does that.
Our first challenge today is Sector Control.
Syndicate, SlyFox and myself
are gonna be judging this gameplay
based on speed and efficiency.
No more @#% training wheels.
Judging criteria based on communication,
game mastery, and completion time.
All right, gentlemen.
Congratulations on completing your third live fire challenge.
MAARS Madness
Driving cars around with explosives strapped to them
Shooting 'em with shotguns.
LetÕs see how it went down.
Higher, little higher.
Lead it more!
Yeah, baby! Yeah, we got the bonus!
There you go.
Whoa, yeah, letÕs go baby!
Sucks for you, blue team!
All right, now as part of this live fire challenge
we have what we call a Slim Jim bonus.
This is worth 10 points if you accomplish a little something extra.
This round
the Slim Jim bonus goes to Blue Team.
So congratulations.
Hell yeah.
All right, if you want a Slim Jim bonus of your own
head on over to SlimJim.com/EA
and enter your code there for some exclusive downloadable content.
In the meantime
letÕs find out who won MAARS Madness.
Congratulations, Yellow Team.
Now, as you know,
winning the Live Fire Challenge has earned you
five minutes in the AND War Room.
Huge advantage.
The rest of you guys
YouÕre just gonna have to play smart.
The competition is all gonna be watching
And as usual
SlyFox, Syndicate and I will be judging your gameplay.
All right?
LetÕs do this.
You got five minutes of Sector Control.
Keyboard, mouse. You guys ready?
WeÕre ready.
All right, here we go.
All right, remember, keep your fingers on the WASD controls.
Switching it up to a keyboard and mouse kind of threw it off.
It was back to starting brand new all over again.
This mouse is difficult.
All right, letÕs head this on a flight.
Thirteen minutes for capturing.
TheyÕre probably gonna come up behind us.
All right, turn around and put your sights up. Turn around!
I had a hard time placing my fingers on the right keys to fight my enemy.
HeÕs actually doing really well, cuz heÕs taking it, he's hiding behind cover all the time.
Nice, nice, keep them shots on.
Almost. All right.
From what Sam saw, and what Jesse actually did
were two different things.
Get on it, get on the flag.
All right, youÕre on it.
No no, that's a teammate. Nice.
You almost shot him, but you didn't. 00:02:55.08,56.10 Nice! You got another try for points!
Good stuff, good stuff.
Hey, good job, all right.
I got a hand it to the guys that can do this proficiently.
Play this map starting October 5.
In the Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta.
Shoot shoot shoot. Fire fire fire.
I'm right in front of him.
That's fine, don't worry about it, dude.
The hardest part of this video game challenge was not having any training time.
Thankfully for us, Steve was able to make an easy transition.
Shoot shoot shoot, yes baby. Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going.
Stay there, right side, right side! Ok, it's all good, it's all good.
Great communication between the two.
He listened to everything that I was saying.
Ok, fire fire fire.
We communicated very well.
He pointed out targets for me.
Yes, baby, yeah yeah yeah!@#%. Good, good, good.
Seems like Steve has a pretty good understanding of how to move the joysticks and the mouse.
Aim it outside. Fire fire fire.
Yes! @#% all right, baby.
You @#% rock, man.
Holy @#%, that was intense.
Go for that flag, that first flag.
Slow, slow, slow movements.
He did say he struggled with the controller, soÉ
It's just a matter of understanding the sensitivity portion
and being able to control the mouse and the joystick
which is what John's having a little bit of a problem with.
There's just times that I got killed
that the enemy's behind me, and we @#% didn't see him.
That's enemy, that's enemy.
To your right, to your right, to your right.
Shaky hand, this is bad.
He was all over the place with his cursor.
Until there's a clear line of communication
there's really no progress.
Go around, go around. Follow this guy.
Go straight, left, left, left.
Afterward, the Red Team, the coach was so frustrated
that he pretty much just walked off after we all shook hands.
So their communication was very poor.
Did I score any points?
Yeah, you got a kill, and you got a couple of flags.
All right you guys, great job on the Sector Control Battle Zone.
Fireteam Yellow, let's go get cozy in the AND War Room.
All right, Fireteam Yellow, welcome to the AMD War Room.
Thank you.
AMD hooked us up with two of their MSI Radeon 7970 GPUs.
That's one of their unreleased A-Series CPUs.
I'm speaking code to you guys, aren't I?
Yes, you are.
Crazy console kits. Sit down here.
All right, we should definitely stay around the flags
Beause that's where the enemies are gonna end up.
And if anything, we can cap the flags when we need to.
Yo, whenever you want to move around, just sprint.
I mean shift. So, hold shift to sprint.
Oh, ok, that's shift. All right, all right.
You can do it with your pinky, man.
It feels weird, dude.
Oh, does it?
Yeah, that feels dumb, actually, to me.
You taught him to mouse/keyboard in five minutes, right?
All right. 3-2-1-go.
There's one right there.
Scope in, scope in.
Oh snap, dude.
You see him?
Yeah I saw him, I looked down. It's hard for me toÉ
Try to keep still with the...
All right.
He's trying to press shift with his thumb.
It was a big huge curveball they threw us with the keyboard.
It kind of knocked my confidence down a little bit.
But you know, you just gotta adjust and overcome.
He's right there. Scope in, scope in, scope in.
Oh, there's one right behind you. Scope in that one. Scope in that one.
He just walked right past you, bro.
He did?
Yeah, he was right there.
He was surprised by that?
He's the one in red, man.
Yeah, he's not listening.
They're really struggling with the video game portion of it.
Try not to get killed.
Oh snap, dude.
I don't know where he came from, man.
He didn't even look for covers, he just kind of like embrace bullets.
Embrace the bullets and look for where you are.
Oh, right there. Scope in, scope in, scope in.
Oh, there you go!
I don't even know how to likeÉ
I couldn't even explain what to do in there, dog.
You know what, I'm disappointed, 'cause these people actually had the AND War Room
and I didn't see anything different than any of the other people.
They could have tried out the grenade launchers.
It's going to get worse.
Blue killed it. They got 1,500 points.
It's like a pattern. I'm noticing that.
Blue has 1,500. Green has 360.
Total domination.
The reason they got so many points is because he was actually listening to his, like, pro gamer.
It just makes sense.
No one was using the pistol, like, he had a grenade launcher he could have used.
All right, cool. Well then, I think we've got our winners, then?
Again. They're doing pretty good.
All right, good job on today's Battle Zone, gentlemen.
Mixed success with the mouse and keyboard, I see.
Let's see how the standings are right now.
Congratulations once again, Blue Team.
Now, let's check out what the overall standings are right now.
Congratulations, Blue.
The rest of you guys, you got some ground to make up
but Blue's in the lead right now for that $50k.
All right, there you have it, gentlemen.
The score so far.
Good work, everybody.
The rest of you guys, you should all know
We've got more than just mouse-and-keyboard curveballs up our sleeve here on The Controller.
We are in first place, but we're gonna continue to do what we've been doing
Until it doesn't work anymore.
Great job today. Fireteams dismissed.
Next time, on The Controller
Figure it out once you get up there.
Good. Reload.
He's giving it to 'em.