HurryXmas [Eng sub for talk]

Uploaded by michiru201 on 09.10.2008

This is L'Arc~en~ Ciel,
who is admirably ranked in the Christmas song ranking for this year although this is a new song.
We asked them memories of Christmas.
Well, I like Christmas.
So this song is something like I made the feeling of fun in shape.
The lyrics are about up to the Christmas Day.
Don't you think it is always best just before an event?
Ah, excitement.
For instance, romance is most enjoyable just before we are united.
You enjoy the excitement on the way.
"Can I kiss her today?", something like that.
You wrote the lyrics with those feelings.
Yes, this song is full of those special feelings.
Do you all have any memories regarding Christmas?
There is Santa-san.
He is visible on the Internet because there is a "Santa radar".
Is there a "Santa radar"?
It tells us "Now three Santas are in the northern hemisphere, coming to this way", something like that.
Is that true?!
Oh, it's interesting.
It's like "Ah, Santa's story is true".
After all he exists in real and brings presents to children all over the world.
Yeah, yeah.
Does ken-san have memories in Christmas?
Christmas.. I didn't believe Santa at all.
Didn't Santa-san come to your place?
No, he didn't.
He doesn't visit bad boys.
So I feel lonesome after I grew up.
Because we can meet Santa in childhood only,
I wish my parents had deceived me at that time.
Yeah.. but my parents were actually like "There is no Santa".
Did your family decorate a Christmas tree?
Yes, we did.
Yes, but I was wondering for whom this tree was prepared..
Did you feel that although you were a child?
Yeah.. vaguely, yes.
How about tetsu-san?
My family didn't celebrate Christmas so much.
We ate a cake though.
A Christmas cake?
How about yukihiro-san?
Well, We often ate Spaghetti Bolognese.
On the Christmas Day?
Yep. I think it was served every Christmas.
It's unusual.
I might like it when I was small.
Spaghetti Bolognese.
This is a Christmas song that is suitable for the season from now on.
I think everybody hasn't heard it, though shake your waists please!
Are you all right~!?