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Lord, this royal treasure... http://tamercome08.wordpress.com
is for the welfare and well-being of the people
Neither my forefathers nor I have ever taken anything from it
After the heart-attack, I want to entrust...
the responsibility of the safety of the treasure to the Prince
Bless him, Lord, so that he turns out to be a kind-hearted king...
who rules the hearts of the people Bless him with wisdom and strength, Lord
Shamshera, I'm proud of your loyalty
I entrust the safety of the royal treasure to you
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See that bird, Lakhan?
It's the falcon, Bahadur Shamsher. It's terribly dangerous
That place it guards...
is where the whole treasure of Anjangarh lies buried
I know that, but how does one get there?
I know. How about my share?
You'll get half of it
The King wears a pendant. In the pendant...
is a map that leads to the royal treasure
Put this away safely
The way to the royal treasure is on this very map
Nobody except you knows of this secret
Till such time as the Prince grows up...
he must not get to know either. - As you wish, Maharaja
I've put the map in this. It'll remain around the prince's neck
Maharaja, your soldiers and guards are in my custody
I don't want unnecessary bloodshed
Just hand me the pendant which has the map of the royal treasure
Pendant? Which pendant?
That pendant which has the map leading to the royal treasure
So this is your doing, is it? - Yes
You wouldn't give me 5000 rupees when I asked for it
He's now going to make me the owner of 50 million!
Maharaja Shoor Veer Singh...
quietly take off the pendant and give it to Lakhan
You know the consequences of betraying the royal family
You can expect loyalty only from a dog nowadays, Maharaja
And your brother is a mere human being...
who can sell out to anyone for a handful of money
Take care of this pendant, prince. - Is father going to remain here?
No, we'll see you very soon
Chetak, take this letter to the S.P. And carry the prince to safety
Go on! - Let's go, Chetak
Father, what am I to wear? - You? Wear these clothes
Maharaja! Are you giving me the pendant, or must I open fire?
Let me do this noble task, Lakhan
Hold it! You want the pendant the Maharaja is wearing, isn't it?
No, Mangal Singh! No... - Have patience, Maharaja
You are the most cherished treasure your people have
A thousand such treasures could be sacrificed to save your life
Please go and take rest
Here you are, Lakhan. - Is it the same one?
Yes, it's the same pendant, Lakhan! Let's go!
Wait... let me see that map first. - No, Lakhan. Don't make that mistake
Break it anyway you wish and you could tear a part of the map
Better take it to a goldsmith and have it opened carefully
Mangal Singh, you will surely have your reward when we find the treasure
I'll give the ingrate his reward right now!
Hold it!
Finish him, Lakhan! And kill the prince too
And rear my son Ranjit like your own son
You are the one who has started the bloodshed
You have killed my friend! I'm not sparing you now...
No, Lakhan. Don't kill Maharaja. Take my life instead
No, I'm not accepting your sacrifice Mangal Singh
I want to make you my companion! Out of my way...
Chief, look whom I've brought
Mangal, I don't want to give you any sorrow
Your king will live. - Really?
But your king has committed a murder
And I want revenge for the killing
Very well, Lakhan. I'm ready. - No, no!
The prince will die instead of the Maharaja
So that the grief of his son makes the Maharaj suffer all his life
Don't kill that child! He's not the prince
You are lying, Maharaja. - I'm speaking the truth
That's Mangal Singh's son. - Really?
Mangal Singh, is he your son? Speak! Is he your son?
No. Every father speaks a lie to save his son's life
He's the real prince, Lakhan Singh
Zorawar, ax the prince with your swords and throw him out
Father! Help!
Father! Help!
Mangal Singh, why're you doing this? Tell them that he's your son
Father! Help!
Shame on your manliness! Why are you using a whip?
Use swords. Even then you will not find the real pendant!
Where is the map? - My mouth will never open...
to tell you about the royal treasure, Lakhan!
I'll cut your tongue to pieces!
Hurry up and see the power of loyalty for yourself
Make two pieces of my tongue and it'll resound with "No"
Make four pieces and the voice will reverberate four times more
Silence! - You can silence me...
but the prince is not going to remain silent, Lakhan.
The prince? - Yes
The one you killed with your swords, was not the prince.
Who was he? Who?
Who was he? - He was my son.
Your son? You're lying!
Mangal never tells a lie. You take the truth for a lie
The prince is very much alive...
and he wears the real pendant around his neck!
No! - Yes
So listen... I will move heaven and earth...
and find the real prince! - Like hell you will
Come the time, the prince will himself find you...
and avenge his father's death!
That day, your chest will stand up to the prince's bullets Lakhan!
The prince's bullets? - Yes
I will clap every time the bullets hit you
You will clap? - Yes. And loudly too!
Let me see how you clap
This palace is abandoned, Mangal
You and the prince will now live with me
No, S.P. Till the prince grows up, I must live here
And you are now responsible for the prince's wellbeing anyway
Why not? The Maharaja's wish shall be fulfilled
The prince will indeed marry my daughter, Seema
Where is the prince? - What are you talking about?
Didn't the prince come to you? - To us?
Yes. I personally sent him away astride Chetak
But he didn't get to us. - No?
So where has the prince gone?
No! Such an injustice can never be possible!
That garland is meant for God!
How did this lovely child land here?
There's no one around either
My son... do not be afraid. Nothing will happen to you
Who are you? How did you get here? Where are your parents?
Don't cry... I'm here with you, son. I'm here
What have you done?
Don't worry, Guru. Nothing's going to happen
I've been brought up in the company of snake-charmers
Nothing's going to happen to me. I have a lot of scars on my body
This is just another. - What scars?
Not snake-bites. They're scars of sword-injuries
Sword-injuries? - Want to see?
This is what my story is all about... my introduction. Good bye
Listen... come here
You have saved my life. This loot now belongs to you
I appreciate your strength. But I don't accept charity
I'm happily giving it away... you have saved my life
To save a life is man's duty. And I don't sell my duties
I consider all those who stake their lives to save another...
to be my friends. And I'm not going to let you return empty-handed, friend
Friend? In that case, we split the stuff two ways
Half for you and half for me. - All right
No fifty-fifty. It's going to be split in three parts
Take that. Shoot your mouth off...
and I'll split you and your horse into two pieces. Get going
No. You guys can't open that chest
Only my hands have the magic to open it
Get lost. One blow, and you'll regret how you look
God has taken care of that already. Get on with it
He talks too much.
I have some explosives. What's this box...
it could even blow up a bank vault. I'll go and get it
They have the explosives, but they don't have a match
It isn't for novices to open that lock
Only I can open it. However...
Skip the introductions. Let's see what you can do
If he still can't open it, I'll give him a thrashing he won't ever forget
Open Sesame!
God Almighty! So much of it!
Ganeshpur's treasure is no smaller than the Nizam's!
I don't want much... I just want a sports car
You guys can take the whole thing away!
Danny, can you shut the vault like you opened it?
Once I lock it, even the master-key won't be able to open it
Ranjit, my son...
I'm now convinced, you are going to multiply my wealth and riches
Your son... he'll emulate you, even if it is a little
Wait and watch, dad. I'll one day lay at your feet the treasure of Anjangarh
The one you haven't been to trace, to this day
Even the master-key won't unlock it. - Looks like it's rusted
Your brains are rusted, Sujit. - Never mind, dad
I've made all arrangements
Had the cops not followed us, we'd have brought it right here...
and not buried it elsewhere. Going by what our informer says...
this vault contains riches worth at least 5 million
All yours, dad. - Hold it!
Before we behold the Goddess, mustn't we perform the ritual?
I've washed it in the holy waters!
What's that?
"We're large-hearted; we're incomparable"
"Where else will you find guys like us?"
"We're large-hearted and we're incomparable"
"Where else will you find guys like us?"
"We're scared of no one"
"We ride as fast as the winds"
"We're not mere friends, we're brothers..."
"we're the good Samaritans"
"In every lane, they talk about us..."
"that there is no one quite like us"
"We're large-hearted and incomparable"
"Where else will you find guys like us?"
"There are those who plunder the poor..."
"we rob those thieves"
"We're friends of those who are human..."
"to the devils, we're enemies"
"They watched in amazement and wondered..."
"there's no one quite like us"
"We're large-hearted and incomparable"
"Where else will you find guys like us?"
"In our hearts, we bear grief..."
"but we bear happy tidings from Spring"
"Every ruin we must restore"
"Those who see us say..."
"there's no one quite like us"
"We're large-hearted and incomparable"
"Where else will you find guys like us?"
I'm so hungry, I can't go to sleep
No biscuits either
They've finished everything
I will not spare them.
They're fast asleep after a hearty meal
And I'm starving
How come?
Roasted chicken!
Wait... you won't have any trouble
In just a slash, I'll cut your throat
You too? C'mon
Once I eat her up, I'll eat you too
What are you doing? - He was knifing my neck!
No, I swear it!
He wanted to make off with the dough. - No, not you...
I was cutting the chicken's throat - A chicken?
Yes, I was so hungry, I thought you guys were chickens... white and red
Forgive me, but it was your turn after his
Hey! I'm hungry too
More or less... - I'm dying!
Wait, I'll make some arrangement. - Arrangement? Is there food somewhere?
Look over there
Anybody in?
Raise your hands. Else, I'll blow your brains out
Blown away already. But not my brains... my heart
Who are you? And what brings you here?
The treasure of your beauty draws me here, lovely one
Skip the rubbish! Bloody thief! Scoundrel!
Wow! You do recognise people. Don't you, beautiful one?
Thievery and hold ups...
I must have it made in your world of crime too. What say?
I'll see it's made for you right now. You perhaps don't know...
we're here hunting. Geeta, fetch a rope from inside.
Right away. - What do you need a rope for?
If you must bind me... hold me in your arms and kill me
Speak another word and I'll shoot you
Your mouth is anyway shooting away
Put your clothes in order or I'm anyway a dead man
That was the memsaheb!
Bahadur, shoot at him! Go on!
In a moment, memsaheb... I'm really going to shoot!
Why don't you shoot?
How will I, memsaheb? This one is not loaded
The Government won't give me any bullets
But this one sure is loaded
Geeta, what happens now? - Seema might get raped
Nothing's going to happen
He looks more of a hero to me, not a villain
In a situation like this one, it isn't rape...
chances are that a romance will blossom
Now do as I say. Open up...
the lunch-box. Go on
and fill this one with food
Hurry up
Don't give it all away! - What will we eat?
Put that one... and the fruits too
Also the chicken. We love it!
Now pick up the lunch box and see me off outside
Hey! That's a kidnapping!
Shall we go?
Shall we?
Bananas for me!
So much of money! - This one's full too
Dr Bakshi, all the donation boxes are filled with money again
There's also a note. Look
"Doctor, your hard work and selfless service..."
"has turned this small nursing home into Asia's top, modern hospital"
"This money is for the new Intensive Care Unit"
"Keep expanding the hospital. There will never be a dearth of money"
He must be an angel. - You're right
Know what, sister?
Whenever I receive funds for the hospital from such anonymous sources...
I'm reminded of that young man...
Doctor, my mother will recover. Won't she?
Please, doctor! Save my mother! Save her!
Nurse, take her to operation theatre and have the oxygen cylinders ready
Hurry up. - We have only one cylinder, doctor
And we're using that on the patient who met with an accident
Doctor, tell me where we can find a cylinder. I'll go and bring it
This is Dr Bakshi
lmmediately send me an oxygen cylinder and two bottles of blood of "O" group
What? There's no blood?
Okay, send the cylinder to me. I'll try another hospital for the blood
Doctor, the patient's pulse is sinking
Shankar, if only we had blood and an oxygen cylinder at the hospital...
I might have been able to save your mother
But what can I do? It isn't just your mother...
there are so many patients who die for want of proper treatment
And they'll continue to die. - No!
I swear it on you, Maa...
I take an oath...
no mother will ever die for want of proper treatment again. Never!
Daddy! Brother!
Daddy, I know what you're thinking about
Also you, brother... I know what you're thinking.
Asha, what do you want to say? - Daddy, you're wondering...
why I've worn this dress today, right?
You're playing the "Girl Who Wields the Whip" in the college play?
Asha's obsessed with horse-riding nowadays
Brother got it absolutely right. - Why horse-riding?
Why must you take the risk? - You're simply scared, daddy
Nothing's going to happen to me. Besides, I have an expert trainer
Dad, I must leave too. I've got to meet someone.
Wait Ranjit... Come back soon, dear
How often have I told you not to say such things in your sister's presence?
Asha must never get to know anything about our double-lives
"You are a thief... you steal hearts"
"But you're the one who robs me of my sleep and peace..."
"that's entirely your doing"
"You are a thief... you steal hearts"
"But you're the one who robs me of my sleep and peace..."
"that's entirely your doing"
"You are a thief... you steal hearts"
"Slowly, quietly, and oh so stealthily..."
"you cast a spell on my heart with your beguiling glance"
"God Almighty! That's an accusation against me"
"You are a thief... you steal hearts"
"But you're the one who robs me of my sleep and peace..."
"that's entirely your doing"
"You are a thief... you steal hearts"
"Your eyes, your chatter, your lovely tresses..."
"who is it who won't go mad in love with you?"
"Love itself is madness..."
"my beauty is but an excuse'
"You are a thief... you steal hearts"
"But you're the one who robs me of my sleep and peace..."
"that's entirely your doing"
"You are a thief... you steal hearts"
"It's difficult to say who took the first step, who was aggressive"
"Rather we keep quiet than say anything"
"Silence, rather than words... is the word to utter"
"You are a thief... you steal hearts"
"But you're the one who robs me of my sleep and peace..."
"that's entirely your doing"
"You are a thief... you steal hearts"
In an accident like this one, you could've lost both your eyes
Thank God your blood groups matched
AB Rh-negative is difficult to come by, even in hospitals
You have saved my life. How will I repay this debt, my son?
You have repaid my debt. - How come?
You called me your son... nobody has ever called me a son
Why not? Your parents?
I don't know who they are. I was still a child...
when the gypsies found me. I was brought up by them
Is there no way you can be identified then?
He carries his identification marks on his back
On his back? - You folks are still here?
Please leave. He needs to rest
We must leave now, uncle. - Listen...
I haven't asked the two of you anything about yourselves
I'm Asha. And he's Sanga
The two of us...
I understand
Why don't you get married? - How can we?
I don't have any parents and I'm scared to talk to her father
Let me get well. I'll have a word with Asha's father
In which case, you must stand in for my father to bless us at our wedding
May God always keep the two of you happy
We'll drop by again this evening to see you
Bless you
Asha, my child... Are you okay?
Yes, daddy. - You're not hurt, are you?
No, brother. Nothing serious. - Thank God
Daddy, this is Sanga
I see. So this is your expert horse-trainer
No. I was driving my car
There was a gorge ahead and her life was in danger
So how did you escape?
Daddy, come and meet the man who saved your daughter's life
Sure, let's go
Uncle, my daddy and brother are here to meet you
Please sit down
Daddy, had he not risked his life to save mine...
you wouldn't have seen me alive today. - I can never repay this debt...
but if you could give me a chance to serve you...
I'll consider myself fortunate. - This voice?
With your permission, I'd like to take him to my house, doctor
His treatment will lack nothing. - It's 'his' voice!
Lakhan! Leave me alone... - What are you doing?
He's my biggest enemy... I'm going to kill him!
What are you doing? - I. G... this is Lakhan Singh!
What are you talking about? - I recognise his voice
It's the bandit's voice! It's Lakhan Singh, the murderer!
Let me go... leave me alone!
There's a limit to your illusions
This is not Lakhan Singh. He's Thakur Surya Pratap Singh
Thakur...? No! - It's true
He's a leading industrialist of the city
Yes, Uncle. The I.G. Is telling you the truth
Actually, there has been an incident in Mangal Singh's life...
something he can never forget. - What happened?
I have never seen a better example of loyalty
I never got to hear of a greater example of sacrifice than his
To save his employer's life...
he saw his own son being slaughtered before his eyes
What are you saying? - Yes
That amputated arm happens to be a part of his great sacrifice
Uncle, your sacrifice will not go in vain
I'm sure, your sacrifice will one day spew fire...
and burn the devil and his dwellings to ashes
Raghu! Heera! Shyam! Shut all the doors and windows!
Everybody stays put... nobody moves
Who threw that there? - I didn't throw it... it fell there
I'm glad you didn't fall into it. Do you see this electric current?
It's 440 volts. How many volts? - Right!
Touch it, and you're dead. - Why have such a strong current?
Fantastic question! That crown is worth 20 million
Will we keep that out in the open? - That's worth 20 million?
So what did you think?
Know something? Every criminal in India has his eyes on that
And my eyes are... - On the thieves?
I told the government and had all the security arrangements made
There are hidden TV cameras everywhere around
From here to the marketplace, there's a hidden alarm
Till where? - The marketplace
No ordinary marketplace. The police headquarters at Lal Bazar!
Hear that? The wireless van has arrived
Raghu, switch off the alarm
You bear a great responsibility. - But naturally
I'm the Head Guard around here. Just as a cobra used to...
protect the royal treasures, this 20 million Vijay Mukut (crown)...
is being protected by me in this city
I'm the protector
With this crown, I'll start a new hospital
With your blessings, Maa...
this lifeless crown of 20 million will save a million lives
Yes, Rini. It's me
Security at the museum is so strong, that not even a fly can get in
The buzz is that the crown is going to Delhi after four days
All right. Meet me at 3 p.m.
Inform Django... - That iron-teethed guy?
Yes, but be careful. Because he's already dead, as per police records
Bring him through the graveyard
Remember your mummy, son?
She loved you a lot, didn't she?
Remember those lovely toys she used to bring for you?
On your birthday last year, she brought a train like this one for you
How come you're early today? - It's your birthday today...
and everything is falling in place. On my way home...
there was this gentleman who gave me a ride till home
Or I'd still have been standing in a queue for the bus
When is daddy returning?
I phoned him from the office, he must be arriving any moment
Go ahead and play while I go and change
Your friends must be coming too
Montu! Call your daddy
His daddy's not at home. I heard you saying that
Scoundrel! Let me go!
Leave my mummy alone! Let go of her!
Leave my mummy alone!
Let my mummy go!
I'll stab you with the knife... don't get any closer!
I'll use the knife! - No... you can't kill me
I'll kill myself!
Let my mother go!
Who came home that day? Who locked you up in the room?
Who was the bastard who killed your mummy?
The one who caused you to lose your voice
Speak, Montu...
Just once, tell me something about the way he dressed or looked
Speak, my son... tell me!
Why don't you speak?
Darling, forgive me
I've been angry with your Montu
You know...
ever since you've left...
Montu has lost his voice
To restore his speech, I've done everything I could
But it looks as if it's all of no use
I can't take it anymore
I'm going to go mad... I'm going mad!
Once Montu tells me about the killer...
I won't let him live
I swear it on you... I'll kill him
Mary, take Montu home. Go on, Montu
Get up, Danny
You must've got at least some clue about the killer
Only a cigarette-butt. Look
Whoever he is, he's not just your enemy... he's our enemy too.
you're alive, despite being dead in the records
Remember, you can't betray death all the time
Mr Ranjit, the name is Django D'costa
If a cat has nine lives, I have many more
Because I carry death in my mouth
"Django, the dreaded jewel-thief, has died in a car-accident"
Father, I just saw a man in the graveyard...
who is supposed to have died a year ago
And I saw him wearing that hat... - This is my hat, my son
It was I who kept it here Besides...
no one ever returns from the heavens, my boy
But he was the same man, father Once I set my eyes on someone...
the picture remains imprinted on my mind forever
You are imagining things. - No, father
A picture of this man was published on Page 3 of the "Indian Express"...
on the 6th of December 1982, with a news story
"The dreaded jewel-thief, has died in a car-accident"
What was his name? Django!
One has to pay for his misdeeds, my son
This is Django's widow. The poor woman comes here often...
to pray for her husband's soul
Come... - Believe it or not...
it was Django himself. My memory can never let me down
They've left
I've told Django that the crown is being taken to Delhi in a train
There will also be a strong security net
However strong the security is...
that crown will be at your feet by tomorrow evening
Don't you talk too much, Django
Do you know that you have been recognised?
Me? - Yes
I had a tough time getting rid of them
At this rate, you can be caught at any time
And I can't risk 20 million just like that
I'll have to find a special way of sending you to Delhi
Dad, the train carrying the crown has just left Gate No. 10
Friends, I am thankful to the organisers of this inter-collegiate...
cultural competition, for having bestowed on me the honour...
of being the Chief Guest here today. I am also happy to know...
that the prize the winning team here gets...
is sponsored by Thakur saheb
And that is the Crown of the Year
Sir, the Crown has been robbed. - From a running train?
It's true, sir
I'm sorry, I can't stay any longer. - But you're the chief guest!
Please stand in for me
Brother, is the I.G. Leaving?
What's up, uncle? You're leaving before the function is over?
Yes, I have some important work. - So who will crown the winner?
It's your daddy's prerogative now
What? The man who jumped in the waters with the crown...
was wearing an orange coloured boiler suit?
Ask Headquarters to inform radio and television
And block all entry and exit points of the city
And listen, do not let anyone go without a search. I'm coming over
There's only one way out now
I must swap this crown with the one in the competition...
and deal with the winner later
Friends, while we say good-bye to the old year and welcome the new one...
the contest we are about to present before you...
revolves around the theme "The Old and the New"
"It's truly said..."
"It's truly said by the people in the world..."
"that something new is always new and what is old is old"
"It's an age-old saying..."
"so think of something new and tell me"
"Or tell me..."
"Or tell me that you concede..."
"what is new is new and what is old is gold"
"The glitter lies in what is new... what the does the old offer?"
"Of what interest is the world if it were not for the novelty?"
"All that glitters is not gold"
"Human feelings are eternal... new things are but passing fancy"
"Don't let..."
"don't let the glitter of playthings dazzle you"
"What is new is new... and old is gold"
Call for you, Thakur saheb
Some men gave Django the slip and made away with the crown
They were in boiler-suits. The one who jumped into the river...
was wearing an orange-coloured suit
"The sign of love..."
"is what old images stand for"
"It's only when you meet old friends..."
"that you speak about it"
"New friends..."
"new friends are a joke"
"For new is new... and old is gold"
"You're still at the place you stood ages ago"
"Your times are gone and you're still here"
"What more will I say, love? You've said it all"
"You stand on the ground, and I fly in the skies"
"What's up? Why are you tongue tied?"
"Can't you think..."
"can't you think of another old excuse?"
"New is always new... and old is old"
This crown? Here?
10 seconds to go before we ring out the old and usher in the new year
I will crown her in the darkness...
so that there is only the light of this crown in the darkness
Where is your car?
Give me the keys. - What insolence is this?
Thanks for the keys. And give me that crown now
The crown?
You? - Yes, it's me
I took away food the other day. Today, I'll take Vijay Mukut away too
Vijay Mukut? - It's what you're wearing
Fantastic! Now turn this thug over to the police!
Give me the Vijay Mukut. I'll hand it over to the police
Suresh, Azad...
this girl has got to know everything about the Vijay Mukut
Take her to the junkyard at Chandivali and finish her
So you are also...
That girl has done nothing... let her go!
Break this guy's hands and legs and throw him over Tiger Point in a car
Let me go!
Where are you going?
Four guys against one? Aren't you ashamed?
Wait here, my boy... I'm with you
To save that thief, you're beating us up?
Let go... let go!
Before you embrace death, let me embrace you once
Leave me alone!
Let go!
Leave with the car immediately
Leave! - How can I leave you in this state?
Others in their gang can get here any moment
Go away immediately!
I have misunderstood him
If he was the bad kind, why would he come here to save me?
Why wouldn't he escape with the crown worth 20 million?
What's happening here? Why have they taken my pictures?
To publish them in the newspapers. Your name will hit the headlines
You don't know what a remarkable thing you have done
This crown, the Vijay Mukut, worth 20 million, is national property
You have retrieved it from a band of thieves
I must leave this crown in government care and return to the office
Seema dear... look after him. - Sure
How are you? - I'm fine, thanks to you
By the way, who was that gentleman? - My daddy
Will you fetch a glass of water please?
Here you are
May I have another glass? - At once
Come on upstairs
Put your clothes... - No tricks. My clothes are all right
Move... move!
Get ready now
the food is ready Will you eat here?
Or will you take it away?
I know how your mouth starts watering at the sight of food
You forcibly took away the food the other day
Not today. - I'm going to forcibly feed you today
What? - With my own hands
Sanga, I'm feeling giddy! I'm going to fall!
Sanga, please stop it! I'm going to fall!
For my sake, Sanga... please stop it!
Do you love me? - I do
Don't you want to marry me? - I do
So why can't you die with me? - I feel scared
All right. I'll be martyred all alone then!
Tell your father that I won't let him live in peace after I'm dead
Sure, I'll tell him Sanga... but please don't die
My remains will prove it that our love is sacred!
Yes, it's sacred!
Our love is immortal! - Yes, we share immortal love!
But please don't die!
All right, I won't die without you
But I will wait for you underwater
O Sea God... take me in your arms!
Here I come!
He has really drowned!
Don't go very deep, Sanga... I'm coming too!
Why did you take the plunge when you can't swim?
You said you'd wait for me underwater!
You can die with me, but you can't marry me!
We'll get married too, Sanga. Daddy is bound to agree
Your daddy wants to see my bier leave, not your palanquin!
Don't talk rubbish! Daddy has invited you to my birthday party tomorrow
What for? Does he want to cut me up like a cake?
I'm sure daddy will announce our engagement tomorrow
Is that the truth? - Yes. He even wants your friends over
Shankar and Danny? - Yes
Nectar from a snake? - What?
You call my daddy a snake? - Oh no
Why would your daddy be a snake? He's an angel... the Cobra
And I've always prayed to the Cobra, as you know
I'll worship your father and the two of us will seek his blessings
Like this!
Sanga! I won't spare the man who dreams of having my daughter!
Shankar, the bastard who stole the crown worth 20 million from us!
And Danny, the bastard who recognised Django at the graveyard!
I've invited the trio to Asha's birthday
Here you are
This party must be their last
"Tonight let's stay awake"
"We'll feel sleepy, but let's stay wake..."
"looking into each other's eyes while we wake"
"Tonight, let's stay awake"
"I won't let the day dawn"
"I won't sleep, I won't let you sleep"
"I'll stop the stars in their orbits"
"Tonight, let's stay awake"
"Is this how hearts are given and taken?"
"Is this how you fall in love?"
"Let those who stay awake watch us"
"Tonight, let's stay awake"
"Night-stars don't shine by the day"
"Where else do I see those I see in my dreams?"
"in your lap, I'll sit tonight and I'll wake through the night"
"Tonight let's stay awake"
"We'll feel sleepy, but let's stay wake..."
"looking into each other's eyes while we wake"
You sing so well, Mrs Django D'costa - Who's Django?
You can't hide your eyes, not from Danny's eyes
Who's Django? Where is he? And who was that padre? Talk
Where's Django?
Talk. Whatever you know about Django
We don't hurt women. Tell me, quick
Well done! Here's your reward
I am pleased with you
In just ten minutes, a train will run them over
Here's proof. - Oh no, no
It's for the police to find proof. Destroying evidence. That's my job
Where are they? - We left them here...
unconscious and trussed up. - Then where did they go?
I told you boss, a train would run them over
Look... the rope
But where are they? - Did the vultures finish them off?
Cut out the nonsense. If you can't find them...
I'll feed you to the dogs
This pendant? - The very one we've been trying...
to find all these years. - Which means we've got hold...
of the locket containing the map to the treasure?
Not yet
But we must get our hands on it. - Give me 24 hours
I'll deliver this man to you, dead or alive
And I'll take pleasure in giving him a regal funeral
First, we should nab Lily, to find out about the padre
Is there no other topic apart from the 7-foot man, Lily and the padre?
The padre! - Do you see Lily's padre everywhere?
Sit down. - I'll make mincemeat of him
Just let me get my hands on him - Your orders?
Minced padre
And a skewered Lily. - Let me find out...
Stop joking, we got to find Lily. - Then go after her
And when you find her, marry her with the padre's blessings
Sit, I'll bring her back
You might be beautiful, but you ought to put God's gift to good use
Allah be praised!
How exotic! What a beauty!
Lady, you could push me, like she pushed my wife
I'll thank you, by God!
The blue Fiat! It will certainly lead us to Lily
Every man can't be Lily's padre
So every blue Fiat isn't Lily's
But not every blue Fiat is numbered MMU 7938
Not every backlight is smashed
Not every car sports a silver-coloured horseshoe beside the number plate
Not every rear windscreen carries a colourful brake-light
I see. If the car is on the roads... - It can't escape our eyes
Ms Lily for Mr Shankar
I am Shankar speaking.
I just saw you entering that hotel
I want to tell you about the padre. He wants to see you guys dead
He isn't a padre for real. - Then who is he?
That's just what I want to tell you. See me outside Victoria Memorial
At 3pm. - Victoria Memorial?
Yes, Django is shadowing me. I'll wear a burda
She's here
I'll talk to her. - Boss...
she's there
I warned you! It's a ploy
So what? Just what how I undo it
Let's take one each
Then we'll draw them here. If you see something amiss...
hit and run. Don't bother about us
Are you Ms Lily? - Allah! I'm an innocent blossom
Are you Ms Lily? - Allah! I'm an innocent blossom
Let find a place where we will be alone
Are you scared about the man with the steel teeth?
Allah! I'm beautiful. Even men with golden teeth are after me
I don't fancy you. I'm here to find out about the fake padre
I am fortunate to have you here. First promise me...
you will always stand by me
Yes, I will. First tell me, what's your quarrel with us?
Quarrel? God forbid! This is only a face-off...
as between people in love
Love? Who's in love? - Allah! Curse these men
They call woman a queen of heart! They crown her
But let a woman talk of romance and he says, who's in love?
You're getting me wrong! - Of course I am
You are obsessed with someone else. - Who's this someone else?
What are you saying? You're Lily, aren't you?
Yes, that was my name till I lost myself to you. I'm in love
Why else would I come here in a burqa?
Then take it off. - Allah! What are you saying?
Doesn't take long for a man to gets wrong notions
Do not suspect my notions. Talk about the padre, that bastard
Goodness! Why curse someone?
If you won't have a padre...
let's call in a marriage registrar. - What for?
Our wedding. - Wedding?
Let's get married. I'll convert to a Hindu, for your sake
Who told you I'm willing?
Your heart tells me. I know, you love me
Wrong! - Absolutely wrong
Absolutely true
"What's this maze?"
"Of all the cities I've heard of..."
"Calcutta... - The city of mazes"
"I've lost my way. - I'm lost"
"In my own country, I feel like an alien here"
"Here's where word and deed mean exactly opposite"
"Chowringhee is a marketplace, bereft of colour"
"Look, there's rickshawallah running like a horse"
"Between the holy Ganges and riots... - Looms the monstrous Howrah bridge"
"You understand anything?"
"Of all the cities I've heard of..."
"Calcutta... - The city of mazes"
"I've lost my way. - I'm lost"
"In my own country, I feel like an alien here"
"Like Mathura and Kasi, the land of Krsna..."
"this is land of Netaji and Tagore"
"Learn how to live together enjoy life"
"Our country is one, speak whatever language you will"
"You understand anything?"
"Of all the cities I've heard of..."
"Calcutta... - The city of mazes"
"I've lost my way, I'm lost"
"In my own country, I feel like an alien here"
"There's Shyambazar, but there's no Shyam"
"Nor did I see Radha in Radhabazar"
"No tiles in Tollygunj, no sand in Ballygunj"
"But in Kalighat, is the shrine of goddess Kali"
"Glory to Goddess Kali"
I was away in Delhi, but the rest of the police force wasn't away in Delhi
Why did you run around? Nabbing criminals is the job of the police
Not your job.
The ballistics report in the Lily murder case
Shot by a revolver with a silencer
A 32 bore revolver
It must be the handiwork of the padre who tired to get us killed
Asha, are you all right? - Yes Daddy
I wonder whether anyone needs a bail bond. That's why I came
Not at all, Thakur saheb. If a contingency arises, I'm here
Any clues about the assassin? - Not yet
Sir, we have a clue. This cigarette
The killer rolls his cigarettes I'm certain
Just about anyone could roll his cigarettes
Had Danny seen him once, by now the killer would've been in police custody
Yes, Danny has a photographic memory. - Really?
Will you please stand up?
Why? What is the matter?
The same features, the same face, the same height
What do you mean? - The padre I've been talking about...
is just like him! I mean, a duplicate
Yes, put him in a cassock and a beard, he'll look like the padre
Danny! You mustn't speak like this
None of your fault. Actually, you are so obsessed with murder...
someday you might think you yourself are an assassin
And that day, I will have to resign. - May I take Asha along?
Seema, I'm buying Sunday cinema tickets for all of us
No Asha. Don't buy a ticket for Shankar. - Why?
I forgot to tell you. Shankar is going to Delhi tomorrow
Delhi? - It's about the crown you saved
The Indian Heritage Committee is giving you an award
And a cash prize of 100,000 Rupees
Here's your air ticket. You're on flight 173. Ten a. M tomorrow
Hello Thakur saheb. Car broke down?
Isn't he the one? - He's the one
Let's take an autograph
Going to Delhi? - Yes
Won't you give me an autograph? What's the matter with you?
Something's wrong with him
Go back to your seats
What happened to him? - I don't know, he's sweating
Is there a doctor on this flight?
Please take a look at him
He shouldn't be flying
I can give him a check-up at my hospital in Ramnagar
I'll organise his trip to Delhi after I've given him a check-up
That's, if you don't mind. - You're the best judge
Send a wireless message. Get an ambulance at the airport
Who is it?
So you laced my orange juice? - Yes
To help you sleep easy for a while
If you don't want to die...
you will hand that locket to me. - Certainly not. It has been with me...
ever since I was a child. It's the mark that identifies me to my family
Give me the locket
No one touches it
I'm no thief! - You robbed the crown
Now you're back? - No, I was only...
This belongs to the Prince. And someday he will return
Until then, I will protect this property
Get out of here
If you set foot inside this palace ever again, I'll hack you to pieces
Robber... rogue
Take care of him. - Sure
A falcon snatched my handgun. I'm going to look for it
Shamsher? Where did you find gun?
I see. The robber tried to kill you? I won't spare him
My prince
You see how happy Shamsher is? Because it's your birthday
This is my gift to you
To the Prince... - Victory be
To the Maharaja... - Victory be
Where did you find that locket? - I've worn it ever since I was a baby
Where it came from, only my Daddy can tell you
Yes son?
Why did you call me here?
Everyone thinks I'm the prince because I'm wearing this locket
Yes, that's the locket I was trying to save from Lakhan Singh
So I gave it to the Prince
My sacrifices have borne fruit, Lakhan Singh
A piece of paper?
No, that's the map to the royal treasures in Anjangarh
The route of to the treasure from the lake-shore
And where's the lake? - I know the way. I'll take you there
Can you tell us how your son came to possess this locket?
Tell me
Why don't you say anything, Daddy? Am I not your son?
Tell us the truth. Tell us he isn't your son
Tell us, he's the prince, the heir to the royal lineage
No Daddy! Tell me, it's a lie! I'm your son
Why are you silent?
The truth is... Ranjit isn't my son
I found him lying in the jungles
Hear that? Didn't I tell you? He's the prince! My prince
Truly, he must be royalty. Ever since he entered my family...
my business has grown by leaps and bounds
Even my wife conceived
Before she died, my wife swore me to secrecy
Till this day, Asha doesn't know that Ranjit isn't her brother
But no promises hold before destiny's writ
You have my word. My son will marry your daughter, Seema
No! I'm never going to marry him. I belong to Shankar, I will always
I'll even wait for him a whole lifetime
In our age, I don't think we can force our children into a marriage
And we mustn't
My child... - Forgive me
I was accompanying the children. Your friend was signing autographs
Suddenly, he fainted. A doctor attended to him. He was a bearded man
He took him away in an ambulance at Ramnagar airport
And yes, he rolled his cigarettes
He rolled his cigarettes ...he used his hands?
I know nothing more
I hope you find your friend soon. I shall pray to God
Where have you been? - How have you guys been?
What happened? - For the first time, I missed
Shankar walked in and he saved them! - What nonsense! Shankar is dead
I think they followed me here
Between the three of them is it a friendship unto death?
Get out. Take the road behind the church
The padre
Didn't I tell you? He is no padre
I must commend your capability of recall
Thakur saheb?
Asha's Daddy? - As your flight took off...
he stood watching. - Which means...
the man inside the plane and the doctor?
Yes. The doctor was my son. Ranjit
And your goons were in the ambulance
You got it right. - So you wanted to kill us?
You had us trussed up on the railway tracks?
And the man with the steel teeth was one of your dogs
In the end my dogs will chew your bones
Before that, we'll drink your blood
No point waiting. Let's inform the police
Come on Montu, don't be stubborn
I've looked everywhere in the graveyard. But no sign of them
God has answered your prayers! Look, the dungeons... they must be in there
No! Don't go in there
Montu! Spin the wheel to the left. Hurry
Let go of me
No, not the kid
Montu! My son! You're speaking again
Yes Daddy
Blood? And what's this?
The wheel. - Yes Daddy
Leave me
Ranjit! Our path has been cleared of every thorn
The Maharaja's wealth is ours and the Anjangarh treasure is ours
The wealth, the treasure... and I am Anjangarh's Prince Ranjit Singh
King! My son is a king
Your son?
No... you found me in the jungle didn't you?
I have fooled them! And now, you are their prince
When it comes to fooling people you are unequalled
After a lifetime in your company I've picked up a few of the finer points
Why not? Like father, like son
Not son
And you know it very well
My father was Digambar Singh, the Maharaja's cousin
Isn't that so, Lakhan?
My father was naive. 20 years ago, you incited him to raid Anjangarh
For the treasure. You remember? And it was because of you...
that my poor father lost his life. - To pay for what I owed him...
I reared you like a son. - That doesn't make you my father
A midwife is never a mother
Lakhan Singh, it's blue blood that runs in my veins
Get this clear. I am the rightful claimant to the royal treasure
Only I. - Ranjit! Don't try to fly too high
I know how to clip wings
Pick a quarrel with Lakhan Singh and you will never get to the treasure
No threats. My blue blood isn't accustomed to threats
You may have shaved that beard. Don't you think you've wiped off...
the sins of your past
Remember the Deputy Inspector General...
is still looking for the Maharaja's assassin
Had I known I was rearing a snake...
Would you have strangled me?
The snake has reared its hood. - I know how to defang the snake
They use guns to scare kids
The bullets are with me
This one isn't empty. 5 bullets still remain. Get it?
But... I'm no killer
Royal blood runs in my veins
For 20 years, you have protected the scion of the royal family
Therefore I will spare your life
But remember... don't try to follow me
The loyal Mangal Singh is with me
Even after years, he recognises your voice. He identified you at the hospital
Were he not blindfolded, he would've broken your hands then and there...
to avenge the amputated arm. To protect his prince...
he can kill a hundred like Lakhan
Hi brother! Where to? - I'm not your brother
Are you in your senses? - Yes, I've just recovered my senses
Brother... - Didn't I tell you?
You aren't my sister. Royal blood runs in my veins. Yours is a bandit's blood
If I'm unbelievable, ask your Daddy
Daddy, what's come over brother? Why is he behaving so strangely?
He's no more your brother. He is our enemy
He says, I carry a bandit's blood
He was raving
Go upstairs. - But Daddy...
Yes Thakur saheb? - Go over to the house on the hill
To the mob? - Yes. And say...
Lakhan has issued summons
I have the map to the treasure
If Lakhan know how to rear a snake...
he also knows how to defang the snake
Asha! You can't even imagine the truth about your Daddy
I know. I was under the illusion that I was the daughter of an angelic Dad
But now I am ashamed to think of myself as his daughter
Asha, but that's no fault of yours. - Seema I don't know...
why he wanted to kill them, but I know he's a murderer
He was the one who cut off Mangal Singh's arm
He was the one who murdered the Maharaja...
to get at the treasures of Anjangarh
The assassin who killed the Maharaja of Anjangarh?
My father's murderer? - Yes, he's Lakhan Singh
Mangal Singh thinks Ranjit is the prince. He's leading him to the treasure
Fraud! You spilled the beans in your stupor
Scoundrel! Are you trying to usurp the prince's place?
I have taken his place. - Never
I will never allow a bandit's son to touch the treasure
I carry royal blood. Not Lakhan's son I am Digamber Singh's son
Digamber Singh's son? - The man whom your Maharaja murdered
Like father, like son. Both traitors
He died like a dog. I'll kill you like a dog
Lakhan made a mistake, he only cut off one arm
I won't carve you up. I'll leave you in one piece
Only wounded, with gaping wounds all over
But you won't be able to use the wounds to breathe
Take him away
Hills all around. - And none of us knows the way
Let's split up and find our way
Sanga is here
Sanga! You went away... - And you forgot your parents?
How can anyone forget his parents? I got busy with friends
Have the city-types been visiting these parts?
Yes. The king of Anjangarh has pitched tents by the lake
Where are you off to, son? Listen...
He's badly wounded
He's going to be fine. Fetch the salve
Don't worry son.
When you were about six we found you outside the Anjangarh palace
Your back was scarred. Sword wounds. - Sword wounds?
Yes, it was the prince's birthday. The bandits raided the palace
That's when they killed the king
He's my son! - What?
Lakhan Singh was the one who scarred you and he also killed the Maharaja
I am your unfortunate father
Yes son
I am your father
Tomorrow, I will cross the lake
And a treasure worth millions will lie at my feet
It will all be mine
Let the wine flow
We have women too. - Women too?
"Salaams to everyone"
"We amuse everyone"
"Just watch our feats, what we do tonight"
"What no one can do, we can"
"We live life with a smile"
"We die with a smile"
"Only God we are afraid"
"That's all"
"We hold the keys to every treasure"
"We can tell you about the whole world"
"And we use our eyes to kill"
He's the man
He was the one who killed my Mummy
The royal treasure is inside. Blow it up
Everyone stays back! No one comes inside
All this... is mine
It's all mine
What are you waiting for? Fill the sacks
The Lord's crown? That means someone has found the treasure
Take me there, quick
You aren't robbing the treasure
It belongs to the people, not to scoundrels like you
You are still alive?
No one can harm whom God protects
Fool! You have come here to your death
Not even your God can save you now
Fry him
Drag him to his father's memorial. I'll set fire to his funeral pyre
Lakhan, your days are over
Will you bring to an end my days? Using a lone arm?
I'll cut off the good arm today and I'll give you the death...
that I gave your son. - No one can harm whom God protects
Witness Lakhan, my son is still alive. The one you tried to kill
Sanga... your son?
Yes Lakhan, your sword wasn't sharp enough...
to put an end to a life bred in loyalty
But the bullets in my gun can kill every one of you
Now I'm going to fry all of you. Together
Take that. And shoot
Shoot! Why do you hesitate?
Get out of my way. - No, you will kill me first
You are out of your mind. Get out
Mangal Singh, you are noble
Asha is the daughter of someone as lowly as I am
Welcome, Prince. Your estates await you
No Uncle Mangal. I'm no prince, no claimant to these estates
As of now, friendship is what matters most to me