22. Swahili 101 - Months in Swahili

Uploaded by kulmansam on 06.01.2011

Hello and welcome back to learning Kiswahili with kulmansam.
In today's lesson we're going to learn about the months in Swahili.
Swahili borrows from different languages, in case of names of the months, the main two
languages we borrow from are Arabic and English.
Depending on whether you are in Zanzibar or Tanzania main land and depending on whether
you are in an area that has a lot of Arab influence or not following is what you will
most likely hear in this next lesson  
1. January   - Mwezi wa kwanza (first month) or Januari
Which is first month.
The name for that first month is Januari.
So, January = Januari
2. February  - Mwezi wa pili (second month) or Februari
3. March     - Mwezi wa tatu (third month) or Machi
March = Machi
4. April     - Mwezi wa nne (forth month) or April
April = April
5. May       - Mwezi wa tano (fifth month) or Mei
May = Mei
6. June      - Mwezi wa sita (sixth month) or Jun/ Juni
June = Juni
7. July      - Mwezi wa saba (seventh month) or Julai
July = Julai
8. August    - Mwezi wa nane (eith month) or Agosti
August = Agosti
9. September - Mwezi wa tisa (ninth month) or Septemba
September = Septemba
10. October  - Mwezi wa kumi (tenth month) or Octoba
11. November - Mwezi wa kumi na moja (eleventh month) or Novemba
November = Novemba
12. December - Mwezi wa kumi na mbili (twelfth month) or Disemba/Decemba
December = Disemba
Now the areas with Arabic influence may follow Islamic calendar as well.
So they follow the English calendar and Islamic calendar as well and they combine the months
The Arabic Calendar or Islamic Calendar has LUNA MONTHS so their period in the year changes
every year.
So, they are not in any way shape or form equated to the 12 month used in English calendar
Since Luna calendar has anywhere from 28 days to 30 days but no more than that.;  
1. MFUNGUO MOSI (first month)/ SHAWALI - Shawwal
2. MFUNGUO PILI (second month) - Ziqa'ad
3. MFUNGUO TATU (third month) - Zilhaj This is the time when people go to pilgrimage
in Mecca.
4. MFUNGUO NNE (fourth month) - Muharram [Islamic New Year]
5. MFUNGUO TANO (fifth month) - Safar
6. MFUNGUO SITA (sixth month) - Rabi-ul-awwal
7. MFUNGUO SABA (sevethn month) - Rabi-ul-thaani
8. MFUNGUO NANE (eith month) - Jamadi-ul-awwal
9. MFUNGUO TISA (nith month) - Jamadi-ul-thaani
10. RAJABU - Rajab
11. SHAABANI -Sha'ban
12. RAMADHANI - Ramadhaan (this is the period when people fast, 30 days of Ramadhan)
With that said, we conclude this lesson in months in Swahili.
Thank you for joining me and we'll see you again in another lesson..
Kwaheri, tutaonana baadae! Bye, see you later!