Clutter Video Tip: How to Start Getting Organized, Part 1

Uploaded by clutterdiet on 25.01.2012

Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero and today’s Clutter Video Tip is about basic approaches for sorting
when you’re doing an organizing project. One of the first questions that people ask
us is “Where do I start?” And by that, they usually mean “What project am I going
to do first in my home?” “A closet?” [POP] “A kitchen?” “A home office?”
Whatever that is, the next question often also is “Where do I start?” Because they
feel overwhelmed about the actual space. How to tackle the project within the room. So
here are a few approaches that will be helpful for you, to give you some structure on how
to do that sorting and reviewing. First I want to talk about Centralizing. We just touched
on this when I did my Organizing Christmas Decorations video recently. And that’s where
we de-Christmased everything in the house and we brought everything into the dining
room right here, and we put it all on the dining room table. All the bins were here
on the floor and we were able to have that all in one place and we could review it and
sort it more easily. Plus you get very quick visible results in the rest of the house,
which is very satisfying. Another place you can do Centralizing is in a bedroom. So you
just make the bed first, and then you are able to take everything on the flat surfaces
and the floor and pile that on the bed to do the sorting. So that also is very satisfying
to get quick results. Another approach is called Outside In. That’s when you work
on all of the flat surfaces and the floor first, in a situation like a home office,
before you then open up drawers and cabinets and cupboards and start adding anything else
into the mix. So you get all that stuff that’s primarily outside under control first before
you add in the other items. The third approach I want to talk about is called Circular. And
this actually can be used in combination with those other two approaches. And it’s just
simply making a circular pattern around a room. So it’s picking a starting point,
usually people pick right by the door, and you can go whatever direction you want – clockwise
or counterclockwise – but just starting at that point working your way around [POP]
the room in a circular pattern sorting as you go, working your way back to that original
starting point. These are just ways to give yourself structure. They’re not rules per
se, they’re just guidelines. So you can do it however you want. One other thing to
consider though is having a staging area. No matter which one of those approaches that
you choose, it’s great to have a large open space, if possible, to spread things out so
you can see things more easily. For example, if you’re organizing a bedroom, you might
want to pull [POP] everything out into an open hallway to see it better. If you’re
doing a garage, you might want to pull everything out into the driveway to spread that out and
see it better as well. So a staging area can be a very important way to facilitate your
project. Another thing to think about is paper sacks. And we’ve made some videos about
this before, and I’ve put the link here on the screen for you. But paper sacks are
a great sorting tool because you can write on them and you can give them away without
worrying about getting them back. There’s lots of good reasons to use a good old paper
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