Do Anjaane

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What?. . . Sir!
Mr. Prem!
Your son has met with an accident!
- What happened? ! - Hold on, Shivani.
- Listen to me, Shivani. - What has happened to Naresh?
Don't worry, Shivani. Everything will be all right.
Let them take him inside the house.
Go on. Hurry up.
Oh Lord ! What has happened to my son?
How did I come here?
He has come back to his senses.
He has come back to his senses. . . my son has come back to his senses!
Naresh ! My son ! I was praying for you.
What's the matter?
Why are you staring at me like that?
Can't you recognise me?
I'm. . . I'm your mother.
Mother? !
No! How could you be my mother?
I can't understand anything.
You will. . . don't worry. Just take some rest.
We should go outside, Shivani.
How can I go away just like that? What's the matter, Doctor?
- Tell me. . . please tell me. - Nothing's wrong, Shivani.
As of now we must go outside. Isn't that so, Doctor?
- That's right. - Let me be with him for sometime.
- Come along, Shivani. - Please! I want to stay here.
- Listen to me, Shivani. - No!
Why don't you understand? It has been such a serious accident!
He's in a state of shock.
Don't you remember? When we found Naresh injured for the first time. . .
. . .we had to remind him of everything.
- But. . . ? - Everything'll be all right.
Let me go and speak to the doctor. And in the meantime. . .
. . . .you should go up to the temple and pray for Naresh.
- Take her up, will you? - No!
Just now he needs the doctor more than he needs us.
Please go upstairs.
Go on. . . take her upstairs.
Doctor! What's all this going on?
Who are these people?
Will you please excuse us for a couple of minutes, Doctor?
- You see. . . I can't. . . - I know.
You might be feeling that we are strangers.
It may be because you have come to remember your past.
- Remember my past? ! - Yes.
You haven't come into this house as of today.
- You have been here all of 6 years. - Six years? !
I'm Somesh Dutt. And the woman who addressed you. . .
. . .as her ''son'' is my wife, Shivani.
You must hear me out if you really want to fathom all this.
Some 24 or 25 years ago, we went on a pilgrimage to a holy fair.
Our son Naresh was a seven-year old. He was the only son we had.
The fairgrounds were crowded. And we lost our son in the crowd.
We searched for him but to no avail. We didn't find Naresh.
Shivani nearly lost her mind out of shock.
And she lived in the hope of finding her lost son some day.
Everytime she heard of a lost child, she would rush over in anticipation.
Six years ago, we got word from Nashik, and we left immediately. . .
. . . headed towards the town of Nashik.
- What's the matter? - Someone is lying by the road.
He must have fallen off a train.
We should take him to the hospital.
Mother! . . . Mother!
He must be my son Naresh !
Yes! Just take a look at him! He's Naresh.
- Naresh ! My son ! - Well, all right. He is Naresh.
But he needs medical help. Hurry up.
Where am I?
How did I come here?
This is your home, my son.
- My home? - Yes. Don't you remember?
You were lost when you were a child.
I'm your Mother.
- Mother? ! - Yes!
And, this is your father.
Father? !
You used to be sad and absent-minded those days. You had lost your memory.
The doctor advised me to keep you busy and I took you into my business.
Honestly, it has been your untiring efforts over the past 6 years. . .
. . .that have helped me make a complete success out of my business.
Ever since you come into this house, Shivani has been enthused. . .
. . .as one with a fresh lease of life.
Tell me. . .did you not try to trace your son?
No. I didn't. In fact, a search wasn't necessary.
The police had found his corpse floating by a river the very next day.
As a father, I've been unfortunate enough to have performed. . .
. . .the last rites for my son. I cremated him with my own hands.
The doctors had advised me that Shivani wouldn't survive the shock.
That's why I couldn't give her the news.
I couldn't snatch away the hope that she was clinging to, for dear life.
I don't know who you might be.
I have no idea of your past.
But, I'm sure you have someone you could call your own.
No! I don't have any relations.
I have no past. It is all dead and gone!
We don't even know what your name is. That's why we call you ''Naresh''.
You have recovered your memory.
But today, we face a horrible future, if we lose you.
As for myself, I might tide through it.
But your Mother. . . I mean Shivani. . .
. . .she might not survive the shock. She simply can't. . .
You might not be related to us.
But, over the past 6 years, you've grown to mean such a lot to us!
I will confess, that at times, I tend to forget the reality. . .
. . . in your presence. . . The reality of my son's death.
As of today, not only we. . . but society at large knows that. . .
. . .you are indeed the child we had lost.
My mansions. . . all this wealth is yours to keep.
But that is no charity.
Instead, I stand before you. I beg your mercy.
- What? ! - Yes. And I beg of you. . .
. . . not to disclose the truth till that poor unfortunate woman is alive.
I can only hope that it won't be too inconvenient for you.
I shall be grateful to you forever.
Anyway. . .I think you should take some rest. You must rest now.
I had found this wallet inside your pocket.
There were no addresses inside it.
Nevertheless I'd stored it away carefully.
Here. . . you may have it.
Mithun !
Mine. . . and Rekha's!
Hey! Have you lost your senses? !
- Don't you want to go home? - Yes. I want to go. . .
''I must travel afar''
As of now you're supposed to come with us.
- I'm thinking. . . - What are you thinking of?
- Why don't I get married? - Marriage? ! Who is the girl?
Don't you understand? He has turned luckier.
Ever since. . . well, since when? Luckier. . . since he has seen her!
That's very nice.
Long ago, when we migrated to the city of Calcutta, my son had died.
My daughter has been the bread-earner in our family.
Dancing has been the only source of income for us.
We are fortunate to receive such a good matrimonial proposal.
I have no objections to this match.
I object!
I don't want to marry. I won't.
Why? ! Why won't you marry?
Why must you take such a stand? We are fortunate to have been. . .
. . .offered such a proposal. It's a godsend for us.
I'm not sure we'll find as good a proposal ever again.
So what? Haven't I told you time and again, that I don't want to marry?
I dream to achieve something in life.
I want to become a famous artiste.
I want the glamour and the money that comes with it.
- I want to see you happy. - Wants to see us happy, eh?
. . . married off to a decent person hailing from a good family.
Why don't you try to understand, Mother?
I can understand. Please don't refuse the proposal.
You've already reached a marriageable age. And we keep so worried.
Besides, you can fulfill your dreams even after you're married.
After all, he saw your dance. That's why he has propositioned you.
D'you think we like living off your incomes?
Had your brother been alive, would he even have. . . ?
Well, all right. I'll do as you say.
Now listen carefully to the next lines.
''You are so beautiful''
''And this night is so wonderful''
No! No poems please. I'll tell you what you must do.
- Remove her veil gently - All right.
And then you must ask her!
''Rekha. . .you're happy with this marriage, aren't you?''
In reply, she will tell you !
''Oh happiness! You're the one I've waited for so long ! ''
- Amit ! Where are you, my child? - Who is it? Oh,. . .Aunt!
- What is it, Aunt? - It's late in the night already.
You should call an end to your party.
Besides, the newly-wedded bride is about to fall asleep.
My friends here are very close to me. They're family for me.
She dances well, I'm told.
I won't insist on it as it's late in the night already.
But sometime, I'll come over to watch her dance.
- Sure. - May I take your leave now?
- Of course. - God bless you.
- Shall I leave now? - Sure. . .go away.
Goodness! I've forgotten everything, thanks to that Aunt!
What were those tips you were giving me?
- Oh yes! I remember those. - Very well. Then we'll leave.
- Leaving already. . . ? ! - Everything'll work out fine.
What are you ladies up to? Want to spoil the show, d'you?
Come on. Off to your homes.
- Savitri ! - She's coming. Right up to you.
- We'll be on our way. Greetings. - Greetings.
If you get an opportunity, make sure to recite my poems.
You're happy with this marriage, aren't you, Rekha?
No point in discussing my likes or dislikes.
I was married off against my wishes.
And I understand that your mother kept on pestering you. . .
- . . .to get married until her death. - Yes. That's true.
- And did you keep on stalling her? - Yes. I did.
And now, you've destroyed my life with your fancy.
After all, this is our nuptial night.
The most romantic night in our life! . . . ?
-It happens only once in a life time. - A lot of bunkum philosophy.
Nowadays, a man could've half-a-dozen nuptial nights in a lifetime.
Couldn't you find any other girl in town?
No! I didn't! Would I have disappointed my parents if I had? !
Eversince I have seen you, I've had this feeling that you're mine.
I've felt that we've shared a lovely relationship through many lifetimes.
You'd laugh at that, would you?
Your father has told me everything about your aspirations.
You can still work towards your goal. You can fulfill your aspirations.
But. . .I hear that you earn a meagre salary. Only 500 Rupees.
So what? It's said that sometimes a wife helps the husband to turn lucky.
You might turn lucky for me. That 500 could become 5000 in no time.
Anyway. . . must we fritter away these precious moments talking trivia?
That which you liken to the trivia happens to be everything for me.
But, never mind all that. I'm feeling sleepy.
Where are you off to?
The tea. . .
I'd brought it. . . I'd brewed it.
And now, it's spilt.
Never mind. . . here's another cup of tea.
Go on. Have the tea. I'll brew some more for myself.
- Did you brew the tea? - Yes.
So what? This is just the first morning in a lifetime of home chores.
I've brewed tea today. You can start at the chores from tomorrow.
Why me? ! Don't you have hired help at home?
Nothing quite serious, I'd say. After all, I've been living alone.
I used to eat out at a restaurant. And the teastall around the corner. . .
. . .the Great Grand Tea Stall used to serve me the tea.
Now that the Goddess of my fortunes has come unto me. . .
And is the Goddess of fortunes to be forced into household chores?
No! I don't mean that. As long as we don't find a cook. . .
. . .we could eat out at some nice restaurant.
- I don't know how to cook. - That's just fine with me.
But. . . why don't you have the tea? It's getting cold.
- First, let me freshen up a bit. - Right you are!
Come along.
Over there.
Goodness mine!
Holy Mother of God ! And they told us that all women. . .
. . .are cast in the mould of the Goddess Mother.
What mould is this one cast in?
- Come over here! - Coming !
- Coming. . . and. . . here I am. - Is this the bathroom?
Well, I don't suppose you could call it bathroom.
Rather something like a place used for bathing, you could say.
There's water on the tap too.
The carpenter! I'll get the carpenter! I have a carpenter around here!
Hey! Carpenter!
What are you saying, Amit?
It's just 5 months that you've been married.
And, in these 5 months. . .
. . .you've drawn loans twice out of your super-annuation fund.
For middle-class people like us. . .
. . .the superannuation fund is a security for the future.
And you want to squander your future.
In times to come, you'll land yourself in trouble.
These days of runaway inflation. . .
And the inflation seems to have hit you hardest. Isn't that so?
Please don't mind if I tell you that I've heard. . .
. .that you and your wife dine out regularly.
Does it befit people of our status to spend so lavishly?
That is my private business, sir. And, I'd rather, you didn't comment.
In any case, I've come to ask for a loan. But, I'm not begging.
- I need the cash. And, if you may. . . - No! I can't.
That's just why I've been advising you.
And I've also heard that you've taken loans from your friends in the office.
You're regarded as a good worker in this office.
- But, if you go on doing all this. . . - Excuse me.
A petty office. . . and a petty manager. . . conceited !
Such a narrow-minded fellow! Shame on him!
Can I tell you something Rekha?
Granted that he has no right to say all that, But. . .
- I think he was right on one count. - What? !
We eat out everyday. Sometimes it costs us 20 or even 30 quid.
Wouldn't the food have been better had we cooked at home?
- Besides the matter of cost. . . - I see.
D'you want me to start doing the chores?
I'd turn black with all that smoke!
No. I didn't mean to say that. Why must you cook at all?
What I was suggesting is that we could hire help.
Say a house-maid who doubles up as the cook. . .
- Wouldn't it be expensive? - We might end up spending. I agree.
But we'd spend less. And, I thought about asking you whether. . .
. . .you'd like to hire a dance teacher and start practising.
No. I won't dance any more. I've left it altogether.
I think you're angry.
- Sometimes I feel that I'm guilty. - Why?
I get the feeling that I'm forcing you to lead a life of penury.
- You had such great ambitions. . . - What use of saying all that now?
That's not the point. You know, I used to tell my Mother that. . .
It isn't possible to start a family on my meagre salary. That's why. . .
. . .I'd decided not to marry. But, my resolve lasted only still I saw you.
I dream for money too. Money that'd help you achieve your aspirations.
I'd love to add reality to the dreams that I have woven around you.
- Tell me. - What?
You love me very much, don't you?
Not ''very much''. Just a little.
- Hey lady! - What is it?
Step out for a moment. Will you?
People passing by are bound to think. . .
. . .that this locality is a red-light area.
Is Amit's wife dancing? Or, is she making him dance to her music?
- Have you received your salary? - Looks like I have.
-Can I have the 50 quid I loaned you? - Hang on, dear.
- What is it? - Just 240 Rupees this month? !
50%%% of your salary has been deducted against your loans.
- But. . . - It shouldn't have been deducted.
The accountant raised the matter at a meeting of the board of directors.
And I had to face the music. All for your sake!
I'm a senior person in this office. And, I have to abide by the rules.
Please bring me a cup of tea.
Enough ! I've had enough for the day.
Please excuse me for a few minutes.
- For whom is the tea? - For Mr. Amit.
- Is he back already? - Yes. He has returned.
Please give that cup of tea to my tutor.
- I'll brew a cup for my husband. - All right.
- What's the matter? - I was listening to your dance.
- Are you feeling all right? - Perfectly well. Come, sit down.
- Has the tutor left? - No. He's still here.
- D'you remember the date today? - Sure! Here. . .Take a look.
I was about to remind you. The tutor is due to be paid.
- Why not? How much is to be paid? - Before I was married to you. . .
. . .I used to pay him 30 or 40 Rupees every month.
Now, it's a matter of prestige. Why don't we pay him a 100 Rupees?
A hundred? !
Here you are. . . 240 Rupees in all. That's my salary for the month.
- Only 240? ! - Yes. 240 only!
The board of directors have ordered a 50%%% pay cut for repaying my loans.
And you came away quietly with this measly 240 Rupees!
Oh ! Should I have given the whole thing away?
Haven't I told you a thousand times to drop this useless job?
You and your flights of fantasy!
That's why you're so far removed from reality.
If I resign this job, I won't find any other that pays more than 50 Rupees!
Now don't you wear a glum face over this.
Go and freshen up will you? I'll take care of everything.
How about 7 0 Rupees for my tutor?
Do as you want to. After all, it's a matter of your prestige.
You're poking fun at me!
Come what may, our lot is sure to improve in times to come.
We'll find our rainbow and our pot of gold too.
And then, we'll become rich overnight.
Remember the car we saw the other day? You'd told me that it is priced. . .
. . . in the range of 50,000 or 60,000 Rupees.
Someday, we'll have at least 2 or 3 cars like that one.
Now, get up and wash your face, will you?
- After I have a cup of tea. - I'll get it for you just now.
Art for the sake of art. And, there's no differentiating between art forms.
- Shut up! - Well, all right.
- Without my husband's permission. . . -That's why I asked the director over.
Today is a Sunday. But, your husband isn't to be seen in the house.
- Where have you been? - Over to a friend's place.
Meet Mr. Majumdar. He's a renowned film director.
- The tutor has brought him over. - Yes, I've brought him.
- Please be seated. - Yes. Let's sit down.
- Please excuse me for a moment. - All right.
I introduced you to him. And you dealt with the formalities in a jiffy.
- I thought he'd come to meet you. - That may be so.
But, I can't do anything without your say-so.
My permission?
Mr. Majumdar is directing a film. He had seen me perform.
It was at the same function that you'd seen me at.
It's been such a long time. And yet he remembers me.
His film is slated to contain a dance item.
He wants me to perform. He'll pay me 5000 Rupees.
Are you going to act in the films?
Girls from good families are also into it.
That may be so. Tell me. . . . what kind of a dance is it?
A cabaret.
What? ! A cabaret!
A cabaret? ! Are you out of your mind?
- D'you know what a cabaret is? - No! I don't have any ideas!
- It's you who's the know-all. - Sure. That's why I'm telling you. . .
- . . .that you can't! - And why can I not? !
- It's worth 5,000 for the do! - Money! Money! Money!
This hankering after money has turned your head !
What has come over you? A middle-class housewife dancing a strip-tease!
How could you even think of it? ! Showing off your body!
Have you considered the repercussions after the film is released?
You won't even be able to step outside this house.
The loafers on the streets would whistle at you.
They'd pass hard remarks at you ! Everyone will ridicule you.
Had you an iota of sense, you would've refused forthwith.
- I can't do that dance. - Why?
- Why? - Shut up, tutor!
- But. . . you said you would ! - I did. But after thinking it over. . .
- I won't be able to perform. - Who says you're not capable? !
- Tell her, tutor, who I am! - The director!
- It's my job to get you to act! - That's right.
Nowadays, films just can't succeed without cabarets.
I've told you what I had to.
If you allow me, I'd like to discuss the matter with your husband.
- Money isn't a constraint, you see. - Never mind all that.
Please excuse me.
- I'll take your leave, tutor. - Very well, director.
You've committed a big mistake. Art is art, after all.
I know. And, I won't be needing your services tomorrow onwards.
I don't want to take dance tuitions.
Bloody director. Got me fired !
- Tutor! - What's it?
You must've understood that I didn't permit Rekha.
So I thought too. But let me tell you that you shouldn't have refused it.
- The fees were lefty. - In the cultural context,. . .
. . .as Indians, we respect the performing arts of dance and music.
Had it been a traditional dance, I wouldn't have objected.
- But this is cabaret! - Now I get it! Understood !
Oh ! What noble thoughts. Now, I can comprehend clearly.
You've put my troubled heart to rest.
Thank you.
And, please don't mind whatever Rekha told you. She must be angry.
Please continue giving her the lessons.
She's my disciple after all. I'll make sure she continues with her lessons.
Allow me your leave now. But, I'll come surely. The lessons are on !
- I know you're annoyed with me. - Enough of your dramatics!
Now I know! All you've ever wanted. . .
- . . . is to stifle my aspirations! - Now, Rekha. . .
Anyone home?
Here you are.
What's up? Why are both of you so glum?
It's nothing.
- What's wrong with you, Rekha? - It's nothing. Just feeling faint.
Faint? ! This is no trivial illness, Amit.
You should call the doctor. It seems that. . .
- She might be with child. - No.
- I don't want to become a mother! - What are you saying?
What woman wouldn't want to become a mother?
Motherhood is the greatest of glories for a woman.
- I don't want glory! I don't! - You? !
Don't touch me.
You've strangled my aspirations.
And now, d'you want to kill me? !
What's come over you, Rekha? ! Are you in your senses?
Go away! Go away!
- Welcome, Amit. - Did you call me in?
- Yes, I did. - D'you want to tell me now that. . .
. . .the board of directors have decided to deduct 7 5%%% of my salary? !
You seem to be quite agitated. Come on, sit down, will you?
Please try to understand that, just as you're a subordinate to me. . .
. . .I am also a subordinate to my superiors.
Now cool down, will you? I've got good news for you.
- Good news? - The company's made record profits. . .
. . .out of the excellent correspondence done by you over the past 6 months.
Sales have gone up by 40%%%. The board of directors have acknowledged. . .
. .your credit for yours efforts. And you have been granted. . .
- . . .an increment of 100 Rupees. - Really? !
There's more. . . your loans have been waived. It's your reward.
Thank you very much, sir.
- Sorry for losing my cool. - I know. What else have we. . .
. . . but frayed tempers? The rage in every home, so to say.
Tell me. . . how's everything at home?
Just the two of you still? How about any newcomer?
- You see, sir. . . - Go on. Tell me.
I see! Congratulations!
The new one is lucky for you. Take the case of your increment!
- Well, perhaps. . . - Perhaps? !
No. . . I mean ''definitely'' !
Excuse me, Sir.
- Come over here! - We must get hold of Amit!
- Here he comes. - Hello, brother!
- How about some sweets to celebrate? - What for?
Spoken like a true friend !
He's hidden away such good news! Want to become a father on the sly?
I'm fine, nurse. Just fine.
Please leave me alone.
Mithun. . . he was a 4 year old.
- Where's my chocolate? - Yes. I have brought you a chocolate.
Here you are.
C'mon. Let's go out somewhere.
What's the matter with you? Still in bed? Not ready yet?
I was reading the biography of a famous actress.
She was married away to a scion of a famous family.
-She gave it up for the sake of films. -Yes. She was married off into. . .
. . .that famous family. Not my family! Now, come on.
Caught him! Caught my boy!
- Isn't that a lovely pearl necklace! - Oh yes. It is lovely.
- Come on, now. - Why don't you ask the price?
What's the use? It must be very expensive. Let's go.
Please. . . Ask them what the price is.
Hold the kid.
What d'you want?
The pearl necklace displayed on your showcase.
- Yes? - How much would it cost?
- 1500 Rupees. - Fifteen hundred? !
- Yes. - That's a good price.
See you later.
- I've asked. - How much does it cost?
One thousand and five hundred rupees.
- 1500 - Yes.
- Let's go. - Come along.
D'you ride with your eyes closed? You bum!
Hold your tongue!
-How are you? -Look at you ! Straight out of America.
- What a coincidence, I say! - You were about to kill me!
- How long have you been around? - A couple of days.
- I hear you're married - Not a crime, I'd say.
Atleast I'm not a Casanova like you.
Now, tell me why you didn't bother to reply my telegram.
- You should have congratulated me. - I used to be so busy in America !
So you kept busy over there too!
Now shut up and sit in the car. I'm going to meet your wife.
I'm on my way to work.
We've met after such a long time! Must you go to work even today?
To hell with work! C'mon, sit in the car.
- The bicycle. . . - Dump it in the backseat of the car.
I still live in the same old dump.
Look. . . who's here. . . can you recognise him?
You can't. . . because he was away in America when we married.
My childhood pal. . . Ranjit Mullick.
Go on. Greet him formally. .
Namaste ( greetings ).
- Is the car yours? - No. I just bought it.
He has several cars like the one you see.
- His father left him a fortunes! - Hold your tongue!
Why harp on my father's fortunes? After all, I'm worth some myself too.
Stuff and nonsense! Tell me lady. . . d'you like the car?
It's beautiful.
Let's go out on a long drive.
How could we? You've just arrived. Let's go in for tea.
Let's have tea later. We could take tea somewhere outside.
- Why don't you get dressed? Go on. - Come inside.
- Mithun ! You must greet Uncle Ranjit. - Come over here, son.
Your son is suspicious of me!
- Why not? You do look suspicious. - Watch it!
- Where's my chocolate? - Sorry I forgot.
This imported uncle of yours just didn't let me go to work.
How could I get chocolates for you? Let's have a wink for today.
Take a look at the greens in this park. Isn't it colourful?
My friend seems to love children more.
He leaves his wife behind and goes chasing the kid.
Stop! Slow down !
Where is Mithun hiding?
Where's Mithun? He was here a moment ago!
It's unjust to force someone as talented as you into household chores!
What a shame! Intolerable!
Amit is such an idiot!
Had you been my wife, I would've told the world what a gem you are.
We should return now. They must be searching for us.
You're right. Amit could be wondering whether we have eloped !
- Listen. . . - Who? ! What? ! Rekha !
- What's the matter? ! - Nothing serious.
- Were you asleep? - Yes.
- Can I ask you something? - Go on.
Your friend Mr. Ranjit is very wealthy, isn't he?
Yes, he is. D'you want to burgle his house tonight?
Why don't you borrow some money from your friend and start some business?
- Business? - Why not? !
What's the use of a salaried job? Will you do this all your life?
- Can I say something? ! - Go on.
- I must get to work in the morning. - Oh, yes.
I need some sleep. And I think you need some sleep too.
Go on. Go to sleep. And please switch off the light.
- Papa isn't at home. - Isn't he? I see.
But Mummy is in. Isn't she?
- You? ! Come in. - I have come in, thank you.
A true son to his father, the little one. He was holding fort. A tough one.
I hadn't noticed that photograph earlier.
This must be a photograph of the function when my friend fell for you !
Please sit down. What would you like to have?
- Let me tell you about my plan first. - Plan?
Yes. A plan. I plan to kill 2 birds with a stone.
I want to promote your talent on one hand. On the other,. . .
. . . it's a good excuse for me to see your perform.
- What? - Yes.
Besides, it's an honorable assignment.
The function in which you're going to dance, is a charity show.
Amit! My boy! Will you listen to me for a moment?
- Have you bought this car, Amit? - No. It belongs to my friend.
Your friend's is it? I see it parked over here everyday in the afternoon.
I thought you had bought it.
Your friend's car, did you say? Nice car. Very nice car.
Here comes Papa. And here you are.
- We were just talking about you. - When did you come?
A few minutes ago.
- You should hear what he has to say. - What does he say?
Nothing earth-shattering.
I'm hosting a charity programme. I was asking your wife if she would. . .
. . . perform a dance item at the programme.
A very good idea indeed. I have no objections.
- I haven't practised for so long. - You can catch up in no time.
Don't you worry. I'll take care of everything.
- Excuse me, Amit. I must be going. - Stay back for tea.
No. I'll get late for a company board meeting. Tea sometime later.
- Does Ronu come here every day? - No. He doesn't.
Aunt next-door is so narrow-minded.
For that matter, no one who lives here can be broad-minded.
That's unfair. You're attacking me.
How could you never ask me such a question.
After all, you're my wife. Can't I speak openly with my wife?
Never mind all that. But at least, you'd get me a cup of tea, won't you?
A cup of tea, please.
- How are you? - I'm fine.
You're invited over to my place this evening.
- Why? - Let me tell you later.
I wanted to meet you before this evening. It's urgent.
- Urgent? - Yes.
- What's the matter? - I'll tell you when we meet.
- Sorry to be late. - Never mind. Sit down.
- Waiter! - Don't. I won't have anything.
Don't be scandalized. You don't have to booze. You'll have tea of course.
I won't have anything. Thank you.
I have to discuss something important with you.
- What is it? - Can you lend me some money?
Just that? Tell me, how much money d'you need?
- 2000 Rupees. - Only? I'll give it to you just now.
Tell me. . . how come you're in need of so much money?
Rekha happened to like a pearl necklace she saw at the jewellers.
The necklace was quite expensive. And, I can't quite afford it.
Today being her birthday. I thought I'd give her a pleasant surprise.
What a strange fellow you are! Why didn't you let me know. . .
. . .a couple of days in advance?
How can I arrange for such a large sum at short notice?
- It'll be quite difficult for me. - Never mind.
I'll get going.
You're coming tonight, aren't you? Rekha insists you should.
- I'll come surely. - Very well.
Welcome, sir. It's your wife's birthday, I'm sure.
- Yes. A dozen sticks please. - A dozen?
- Make it 2 dozen. - Very well.
- What are you up to? ! - Why? What's the matter?
- D'you see who's here? - Hi Ronu ! When did you arrive?
It's been quite sometime. But, where have you been?
Had been held up at work.
Please be seated.
D'you know what your friend has done?
Why? What has he done?
He brought this for me.
Did Ronu bring this? ! Let me take a look.
This is the pearl necklace that we saw in the showcase the other day.
Stop staring at me like that. You make an unfaithful friend !
Can't I give her a birthday gift? Is it solely your preserve?
You don't really consider me a friend, d'you?
- What's the matter? - He's a scoundrel. That's what.
Forget it, I'd say.
- What are you up to, Ronu? - As if you don't know what this is.
- Not here. - What not? ! And why not? !
Why don't you understand? What'd the neighbours say?
Why mustn't we celebrate the birthday happily?
Why don't we do it quickly? There mustn't be champagne glasses. . .
. . .at home. Let's have cups or just plain glasses. Hurry.
Don't keep standing. Let's hurry up.
- Here you are. - I don't drink.
This isn't alcohol. It's champagne.
Why don't you tell your wife?
That's right. It isn't booze. It's just the beginning.
My friend has brought such an expensive gift for you.
You should drink up. Else it'll break his heart.
That's the spirit.
- Now about a drink for you? - Just one bottle? !
Don't you worry. The chauffeur's gone for whiskey.
- In that case, you may pour. - That's the spirit.
Where's your chauffeur? Where's Black Label? Green Label? Yellow Label?
Why are you screaming?
- Where have you been? - I've been cooking.
Go on with your cooking !
- There he comes. - There he comes. Black Label !
The wines has started flowing.
Bottle after bottle is going in.
- Hey you ! Come over here. - What's it, Aunt?
Look! What they've turned the neighbourhood into!
Nothing as bad as that. It's a party. A birthday party.
Party! A fine party indeed !
Enough !
So! Mr. Ranjit Mullick! My friend !
You didn't have the money, did you?
I should've told you at least a couple of days earlier. Eh?
What've you started? Drunk on a couple of pegs?
On a couple of pegs only!
But you're a fish of deep water.
What've you started? !
- What are you up to, Amit? - Shut up!
You bloody. . .third person. . . singular member. . . !
- Very well. - Don't talk.
- I should make a move. - How could you go away?
- I've cooked for you. - But. . . ?
I'll go after having food. Don't worry.
I'll have food some other time. Just now, he is out of his senses.
Why did you have to create a scene?
- What d'you want? - Go on. Tear the place up!
Tear this necklace. . . no! You won't tear this!
You want to wear this. . . go on, wear it!
I. . .went all the way to New Market to get these flowers. Flowers!
Fool (= flowers ; in Hindi) I'm a Bloody fool ! I am!
Aren't you ashamed? Everyone in the neighbourhood has heard you.
- And now, your son is watching you ! - My son !
My son ! Hello, little Mithun.
- Goodness! - Can I ask you something?
Why did you throw out the guest last night? You insulted him in public!
I don't remember. Did I insult Ronu?
You would've known had you been in your senses.
It's said that when intoxicated.
People will speak their hearts.
Tell me, what provoked that outburst?
Let me tell you the truth. You had liked the pearl necklace.
And, I wanted to give it to you as a gift.
Yesterday was your Birthday, and I went up to Ronu asking for a loan.
I even told him why I wanted to borrow the money.
He excused himself saying that he didn't have enough money.
And what do I see when I come home? He's bought the very necklace for you !
That was the root of your jealousy!
But why must you put on such a show?
This house has been lying mortgaged for 3 years.
You haven't been able to repay that loan yet.
Don't worry Rekha.
I'll make sure I meet Ronu on my way to the office.
And I'll apologise to him. And, I'll bring him home this evening.
I wonder if he'll even step inside this house.
Ronu is my friend, Rekha. I know him.
Didn't I tell you? Here's Ronu.
Where has she gone?
There he is. . .just as I told you.
- Hello, lady. . . - So nice of you to have come.
Yesterday. I didn't get the opportunity to apologise so you.
Please take this gift back.
What are you doing. Rekha?
I might've insulted him yesterday under the influence of alcohol.
And you're adding to the insult today.
- Insult? ! - Yes.
Returning a gift one has made out of love? !
That's a grave insult to a friend.
You're truly a gem of a person.
What you might not be knowing is that when we were in school. . .
. . .we used to say that one day, Amit will become famous.
Enough of your lectures.
C'mon, Rekha. Don't be angry anymore. Wear the necklace.
Ronu was telling me that the date for your show is nearing.
He says, that it's high time you started rehearsing for the show.
You mustn't cry. I'm tying a bandage. It'll heal in no time.
Your father is going to be back soon. He'll get a chocolate for you.
And your Mother is going to be back soon. Now, don't cry.
- What's up? - He cut his finger.
Cut his finger? Let me take a look.
Can't you look after him? Where's Rekha?
- She's gone a dancing. - What? !
Speak properly. You should say that she has gone for rehearsal.
Now go back to your work.
Don't cry, my dear. I'll tie it up. And everything will be right.
Now stop crying. And I'll give you the chocolate. The chocolate!
Here's your chocolate.
My husband is back from work. Please come in.
No. I must move on. The show is coming up the day-after -tomorrow.
No. I must move on. The show is coming up the day-after -tomorrow. And, I've a lot of work on my hands. I'll drop in sometime later.
No. I must move on. The show is coming up the day-after -tomorrow.
We're about to present a famous artiste, Miss Rekha.
The dance that she's going to perform is called. . .
Hey tutor! Her tutor will tell you all about it.
- Yes, sir! - The tutor!
- Yes, sir. - Go on. Greet the crowds.
- Greetings, everybody. - Tell them the name of the recital.
I will, in due course. Let me greet the audience.
The dance number that Ms. Rekha is going to perform. . .
. . . is based on an ancient epic tale in Indian mythology.
Suna and Upsuna were demon kings. They were brothers.
Heaven, Hell and Earth were ravaged by the demon kings.
They were made powerful by a charm ; and no one could destroy them.
They could be destroyed only when they fought each other.
When all the courtesans in Heaven failed to being them to war. . .
. . .with each other, as was decreed by the King of the Gods,. . .
. . . Lord Vishnu, the protector of life took the form of a beautiful woman.
Won't you go to sleep?
- I was getting bored waiting for you. - Sorry to be late.
Now tell me. Why did you call me over?
I was wondering whether we should ignore your wife's talents.
She's such a talented girl. Well, what d'you think?
I'll tell you what I think later on. But first, you should tell me. . .
- . . .what you have in mind. - Not that I want to say anything.
It's just that a few film producers called me up after seeing her perform.
They want her to play lead roles in their films.
- Heroine? - Yes.
I have a feeling that you plan to fan the little fire you've seen in her.
- We're middle-class people. - My dear friend !
- Why are you dragging us into it? - Drop the nonsense.
Let's go out. We can talk on the way.
- Now come on in. - Wait for a moment! Listen to me.
- What's it? - Rekha will be annoyed if I eat out.
Who's asking you to have supper? We'll have a drink. That's all
I just can't stand drinks. Remember what happened at Rekha's party?
This marriage seems to have dragged you a 100 years backwards.
Your wife is an artiste. The least you can do is to turn ''modern''.
Further down. . .go ahead. . . right up to that gate. . . stop there.
Here's your money.
Amit, my boy. . . are you unwell?
- Why d'you ask? - Poor Amit!
He's a lovelorn drunkard in the nights.
It's all Mr. Romeo's fault. He haunts his house in the afternoons.
You bloody loafer! Shut up! Else I'll bash you up! Get it? !
You'd rather take care of your domestic affairs first.
Don't even care to answer him. We'll knock him off quietly sometime.
- Come on. Let's go - Get lost! You can't knock me out!
Want to knock me out! Eh?
Want me to take care of my domestic affairs! Eh?
It's my house! I'll take care of my affairs.
What do they think of themselves?
Hey! Open up! Open the door!
Where? Where are you, Rekha?
Why are you staring at me with those big innocent eyes?
Heard that? Did you hear what the neighbours are saying?
They say Mr. Romeo haunts my house in the afternoons.
Yes. I heard that. And I also heard them call you a drunk.
- Why won't I? Why not? - Quiet!
Why shouldn't I get drunk? Do I have anyone close to me in this house?
No one. I have no one except my son.
What have I given you? Nothing.
- And I've spoilt your life! - Isn't that true?
It's true! Every bit true!
Which is why Ranjit Mullick means so much to you !
He has made a Venus out of you.
Everyone in the city of Calcutta is talking about you. Praising you !
True! That's true! I aspired to become famous.
It was you who strangled my ambitions.
And you aren't satisfied even after killing my ambitions.
You now want to take away the peace out of my life!
Go then and dance with your arms around Ranjit Mullick.
Which you've doing anyway! Yes, you are doing it!
Hold your tongue!
I can tolerate only so much.
My performance was praised. I've become famous.
The newspapers praised my photographs. That's what has made you jealous.
Enough is enough. This has to end. Now!
What do you want?
A divorce in my family!
Till yesterday, people were speaking behind our backs.
Tomorrow, they'll spit in my face.
What am I to live for now?
There's only one way out for me.
That'd give you a fresh lease of life.
Live happily ever after!
How could you tell her such a thing?
She was in tears when she come to me. What has gotten into you?
Why this absurd behaviour? Tell me whatever you have to clearly.
If it's irreconcilable, I'll stop coming to your house.
Not that, Ronu. Neighbours have started poking fun at us.
I'm only human. After all, I live in this neighbourhood.
It's always the neighbourhood ! I'd rather go away!
You're no less, lady. Let me tell you something.
This poor fellow is rotting away at work as well as in this area.
. . .where you people are living. He's gone out of his mind.
Why don't you understand that this is middle-class meanness.
Oh very well ! I'm narrow-minded.
You're a rich man from the upper class. And you're so broad-minded !
So, why don't you tell me what to do?
If you take my advice,. . . Let's all of us, go out for a vacation.
Once you've returned, you'll find everything working out fine.
He won't ever get out of this place.
And I'll be able to get off this only after I'm dead.
No point wisecracking. You know fully well that I'm. . .
. . . hard pressed to meet our daily expenses. Luxury is beyond my reach.
Take a leave of absence from your office.
I have some work in Bombay. Let's go there for a short trip.
- I can't get any leave. - And why not? I'll organise that.
Besides, you've always wanted to see Ajanta and Ellora.
It's close to Bombay, we can go over.
- What d'you think? - Why ask me? I don't have any say.
Don't say that, Rekha. I've always done whatever you wanted me to do.
Oh yes! You've done everything for me!
Enough !
Are you enjoying the trip?
Unquestionably so! I'd kept her ''confined'' to the household !
Why taunt? What he says is true.
It's been 4 years since we got married. And the only places. . .
. . .I've been to are museums and the lake resort in the city.
Now, don't tell lies. I've taken you out to the suburbs, haven't I?
Quarrelling again !
You'd rather stick to your magazine, lady.
Let's start with the next item on the agenda.
- Right on. - Please don't let him drink.
- He'd spoil the fun on this trip. - That's right.
I can't keep quiet after a drink.
Never mind, dear.The neighbours aren't around. No one can throw me out.
A bit of water for me, please. . . . Enough.
So what if the label is ''Black'' ! The stuff inside is fantastic.
Makes me want to jump off the running train. . .
. . .with my darling wife in my arms.
Why my beauty? Didn't you like my suggestion?
Will you please stop smoking? I'm choking !
- Hear that? - Right. Let's step outside, Amit.
Out in the open, we can enjoy our drinks.
- You have a point there. - Come along.
- This is better. - Sure.
- Are you enjoying yourself? - Yes. I am.
Tell me something clearly.
Why are you shelling out the money for the trip? Why spend on us?
- Why? What's up? - I'm a true friend.
Am I not good at heart? Don't I spend freely?
Oh yes, you do spend. You do.
But I don't see you spending money for a friend.
Only if your friend has a beautiful wife. Only then do you spend.
You do behave absurdly after a drink.
Why don't you ask Rekha.
She opines that drink makes a man speak his mind.
Ranjit Mullick, thou art a blackheart. Your heart is labelled black!
These outward pretences are in sharp contrast. . .
. . .to what lurks in the black depths of your heart.
Why must you pretend to be a paragon of virtues?
Anyway. . . let's drop that topic, Mr. Ranjit Mullick.
Now that we face each other. . .
. . . let's take a final decision.
Tell me the truth. What are your intentions?
I must decide once and for all !
Before that. . . !
My son ! What's the matter with my son? !
- Mother! - My son !
Please forgive me, Mother!
I've been through the darkness of hell.
I'm sorry if I couldn't recognise you.
I've remained silent for so long.
Just because your father and the doctors insisted.
Now, I must see you married off.
For 20 years I had been alone. And, some matter pertaining to. . .
. . .those years are yet to be settled. I'll return after settling them.
And then, I'll do exactly what you want me to do.
Where d'you want to go?
- To Calcutta. - In which case. I'll accompany you.
I won't have you travelling alone.
I must go alone. Please don't object.
I'll call you every day.
If you insist, I won't go. But I should. It's important.
Why not? Let him go.
- You'll return soon, won't you? - As soon as I finish my work.
I wouldn't ever leave you, Mother.
Sunita Devi !
''PATIVRATA'' (= virtuous wife, devoted to her husband)
O'Lord, my husband means everything to me! You know it!
Please God ! Do not be so cruel.
I can't live without my husband, O'Lord.
Please spare my husband. Take my life instead, if you will.
Bless him, Lord, that he may be cured. Please save him, Lord.
Out of the way. . . please move aside. . . please.
I want to be excused. I want to go home.
- Why? - She isn't feeling well.
That isn't true. Just that I'm expecting come guests.
- Yes. Guests coming over. - May I leave?
- All right. - Come on.
This film of yours is another silver jubilee hit!
- Really? D'you think so? - Yes. Sure.
-In that case, I'll smoke a cigarette. - Here you are, sir.
- Matches? - Here. Matches for you !
Make sure the box you give him is a clean one.
Sorry. I didn't recognise you.
Naresh Dutt, are you a Bengali?
No. You probably not aware that the surname Dutt is also Punjabi.
- I see. - I liked your film. Congratulations.
I've just come in from Bombay.
I'm a businessman.
- I want to make a film in Bengali. - I see.
I'm putting up at the Grand Hotel.
If you don't mind. . .
We can go over after the show, perhaps.
The show? Oh, never mind the show.
I've directed it. And I've seen it a hundred times over.
Let's go right now.
No! Please don't.
No. I don't want that either.
It's right just the way it is. Please go ahead.
Nowadays, everything is adulterated. I don't like adulteration.
You're a Punjabi. How come you want to make a Bengali film?
- I have a deep liking for Bengal. - I see!
It is that ''liking'' that brings me here.
I've liked your film so much that I've become an ardent fan of yours.
Please be seated.
A very good choice of a name for the film.
Tell me something, Mr. Sanyal. This heroine of yours. . .
- Now, what's her name? - Sunita Devi.
Devi (= honourable lady ). . . well, this ''Devi'' of yours. . .
. . . is she really as pious in real life, as she was on screen?
Bunkum! And you don't seem to have been exposed to life as it is.
- Exposure to life? - Understood.
- That's ''TAJURBA'' ( in Hindustani) - TAJURBA?
TAJURBA. . .just like D ILRUBA (=lover). . . nice words!
Yes. I was telling you about Sunita Devi.
Behind the scenes, she has a reputation of going after men.
I've heard that she was married to a poor man.
Her husband is said to have been a drunkard.
He killed himself by jumping off a train.
Did you notice that other fellow who was accompanying her?
He's Ranjit Mullick. He's supposed to have had an affair with her.
Ranjit Mullick inherited a vast property from his father.
He squandered his wealth trying to make a heroine out of Sunita.
He's finished as of now.
Come what may, Sunita is a very talented lady.
After Ranjit Mullick went bankrupt, she latched on to. . .
. . .one Mr. Kathuria. He's the one who has produced this film.
Does Sunita Devi have any other relations?
Yes. I hear that she has a son from her deceased husband.
She has packed him off to St. Paul's School in Darjeeling.
She pays up the fees. And that's the end of her maternal responsibility.
What a scandal !
Tell you what, Mr. Sanyal. . . your heroine. . .
. . . Sunita Devi should play the heroine in my film.
Sure. She will play the heroine. Why not?
- But her fees are on the higher side. - Don't you worry about that.
I'll let you have a blank cheque. And cash too.
Besides, I'm willing to pay you whatever you want.
- Whatever I want? ! - Money, that is.
I see. Very well.
In that case we'll have to find a suitable story.
Not necessary. I can give you a story.
- Can you? - Yes.
I've written the story myself.
Well. . . most certainly. . . you may write.
After all, it's your money. If you don't write a story, who may!
Let me give you a cheque and the cash. Please wait here.
Smartass! Now I know why you want to make a Bengali film.
Says he has a ''deep liking for Bengal''.
Rather say that you're fallen for Sunita Devi hook-line-and-sinker.
Who gave you the authority to commit?
You should've at least asked me. I haven't even heard of him.
And here comes this character, claiming that he's a producer!
Why are you spoiling my mood up in the morning?
- I'm the one who has to do the job. - Correct.
- Mr. Sanyal has given his word. - I have!
He seems to be a fine fellow. Besides, when I'm getting more money. . .
- . . .why shouldn't I work? - Right.
I don't think you have had any D ILRUBA ( = lover) in life.
- D ILRUBA (lover)? ! - I mean. . . TAJURBA ( experiences ).
You don't have any TAJURBA about life. Understood?
Please don't worry. I'll work.
- Let me have the money. - The money? Well, all right.
But make sure that the story is a good one.
It's a good story. Mr. Dutt has written it himself.
He has given you a cheque as well as cash.
- Who would give so much? - It's all right.
Please be seated. I'll get some tea.
See that? And of what value is Ranjit Mullick any more?
She has forgotten who has made her. She has forgotten those days.
And thanks to her, I'm a pauper today. I'm a pauper.
Welcome Mr. Sanyal. I was just thinking about you.
Please take a seat.
I'd been upstairs to your room.
The waiter told me that you're sitting here.
All goes well.
I've clinched the deal for you. But it was very difficult.
- Difficult? - That fellow, Ranjit Mullick. . .
- Ranjit Mullick. . . ? - Yes. He was a nuisance.
- A nuisance, you see. - He shoved his foot in the doorjamb!
Foot? !
I see. The foot jammed? !
- The foot in the ''doorjamb'' - ''Doorjamb'' ! His foot in it!
I did something without your say-so.
I told them that you're an old-time acquaintances of mine.
I mean. . . that you're an old friend of mine.
I told Ranjit that you're a new comer in films.
I also told him that you're a rich man. And I offered him a job. . .
. . . in your production unit. You could pay him 1000 or 1500 a month.
Well done.
Sunita Devi wanted to hear the story line.
I told her that you've written the story yourself.
But, it wouldn't be proper of you go to over to her place
I was wondering if we could organise a small get-together over here.
You could meet each other.
You could get to know each other.
Let's keep it for tonight.
But I'd prefer it if Mr. Ranjit Mullick doesn't come over.
He won't come, Mr. Dutt.
I'll take your leave.
Later. . . in the evening. Excuse me. I have to arrange things.
No. Mr. Sanyal. Sunita won't go to any party alone.
A party? Had it been a party, wouldn't I have asked you to come?
Sunita wants to hear the story.
And she can also get introduced to Mr. Dutt.
Can His Majesty not come here?
He can, very well. But, this is an invitation from an important person.
Sunita is going over to listen to a story.
You'd stick out like a sore thumb if you go over.
Right! Nowadays, I'm the sore thumb.
Look at her. . . the Sunita Devi today! Who made her?
Who made you. Had it not been for Ranjit Mullick,. . .
. . .would Sunita Devi have become a star?
I don't like a word of this, Ranjeet!
Who says you've made me? I have talent. Therefore I am.
Whatever you have done, have been solely to meet your selfish ends.
Well said ! Indeed ! You regard me as scum nowadays.
- You hold the purse strings too! - Ranjeet!
- That's true. - Stop it! What are you up to?
You're screaming all the time. I can't bear this anymore!
We're meeting him on business. What am I to tell Mr. Dutt. . .
- . . . if he asks me who you are? - Of course!
How could you introduce me as I am, in real life?
Complex relative, eh? If you introduce me, the client is likely to vanish !
Ranjeet! I've tolerated just about enough.
I am going. Please come over in the evening, Mr. Sanyal.
I'll go over with you.
As for you. . . you won't come with us.
And if you feel so inconvenienced with me,. . .
. . .you're free to walk out of my house. Understand?
How dare she say something like that? I can't bear this insult!
- I want to. . . I feel like. . . - Shut up.
You've developed a knack of jamming your foot!
I mean. . . putting your foot in the doorjamb! Understand? Nuisance!
- Take the phone. - All right.
Greetings, sir. Yes. A moment, sir.
It's the boss on the line for you, Ma'am.
Started off again, have you? Come on now. Move it.
Tonight? No. I'm going out tonight.
No. I'm afraid it can't be cancelled. See you tomorrow.
Come in.
What are you staring at?
You must be wondering why I wear dark glasses at night.
It helps me see the dark side of life.
Please don't mind. I was joking.
Actually, I can't stand the glare of lights.
Please be seated.
D'you like what you hear, Sunita? I was under a wrong impression.
I was under the impression that rich people can't write stories.
But, after speaking to Mr. Dutt, I realised that. . .
. . . he is an author of great culpability.
- A great culpable author. Right? - Great capabilities you'd say.
- Oh yes! Great capabilities. - Capability.
- Yes. Capability. - Anyway. Sunita Devi. . .
. . .I must say that you quite astounded me. . .
. . .with your performance in PATIVRATA.
Audiences were cheering every scene.
You're really a great actress!
It is as if ''acting'' flows in your veins.
Have you come here alone?
I have come here alone.
But, I think you want to know about my wife.
I'm not a bachelor. I was married.
But, my wife died on our first night together.
On the nuptial night?
Yes. She died on our nuptial night.
And, you're laughing over it? !
When life becomes a joke, one must laugh.
We have wasted much time talking shop.
What would you like to have, Mr. Sanyal.
- What about you, Sunita Devi? - I won't have anything. Thank you.
How could that be? This first meeting should be a memorable one.
How could we not celebrate this occasion?
Besides, it'd create the correct atmosphere for a story session.
So, you wanted to listen to the story, didn't you, Sunita Devi?
Please do not hesitate. You're among friends and family.
Let's start.
The story revolves around a simple middle-class family.
This is the story of a man who. . .
. . . had refused to get married much against his mother's last wishes.
Once after his unfortunate mother has passed away. . .
. . .the man happens to see a lady singing at a function.
He falls in love with her, after he hears her sing.
He wants to marry her. But. . .
. . . She isn't willing to marry, because. . .
. . .she hankers after name, fame and riches.
She wants to become a famous singer.
Later she relents to her parents wishes. She gets married to him.
But, she accuses her husband of having destroyed her life.
Her husband suffers quietly and doesn't say anything. . .
. . .as he loves her.
Whose story is it?
Mine. I have written it.
That's the only story I've ever written.
Listen to what happens next.
One day, this lady realises that she is pregnant.
She refuses to enter motherhood.
But she is forced to bear the child.
After the child is born, she tries to adjust. . .
. . .to the reality of her situation. But. . .
. . .she can never quite overcome her desires.
One day, a friend of her husband arrives from England.
The friend discovers her weak point and rekindles her desires.
The family is gradually being destroyed, but. . .
The poor unsuspecting husband knows nothing of the fire that rages.
Don't worry. Let me get you another drink.
No! Please excuse me. I want to leave.
- Why? - I'm not feeling well.
Strange! What was it all about?
This is why I'd asked you to let me come along.
When you woke me up just now, I thought you were actually. . .
. . . regretting what you had told me earlier.
I thought you wanted to apologise.
Little did I know that I'd have to listen to a pack of nonsense.
You expect me to believe that a person who has. . .
. . .jumped off a running train and died, has suddenly come alive!
And it's none other than your husband who's suddenly rolling in millions?
This isn't a joke, Ranjit.
When he was narrating the story. I had a strong feeling that. . .
Oh yes! You thought that it was the story of your own life.
Tell me, where does he come from? He comes from Bombay.
People in Bombay can't think much further.
In those typical Bombay films, there's a hero, a heroine and a villain.
And you've taken me to be the villain of the piece!
Now come off it, will you? You've been after me all day!
C'mon. Let's break into a bottle.
No, Ranjit. I'd rather you went home.
Let me take some rest. I'm feeling sleepy.
Look here, Rekha. We must sort this thing out between the two of us.
You've started insulting me in public.
Tell me, what is it that you want? What? !
I want to go to sleep!
It's 10 O'clock already, ma'am.
They've already called up thrice from the studio.
What's the matter ma'am. You didn't change your clothes last night.
I was feeling sleepy.
Call the studio and tell them that I won't be going over today.
I'm not keeping well.
- Is Mr. Sanyal in? - Speaking.
- Sunita speaking. - How are you, Sunita?
- May I ask you something? - Go on.
Why did you ask? Anything specially interesting about him?
He's an old friend. But tell me, what's the matter?
Why haven't you gone shooting today?
- I'm not keeping well. - I see.
What's it? ! Why are you disturbing me?
- A visitor asking for you. - I don't want to meet anyone.
It's one Mr. Dutt staying in the Grand Hotel.
- Mr. Dutt? - Should I ask him to go away?
- No. Ask him to sit. I'll come down. - Very well.
- Ma'am asks you to sit awhile. - Very well.
- My regards. - Greetings.
- What are you looking at? - Is that your husband's photograph?
- No. - Then it must be a friend.
Incidentally I haven't met your husband. Where's he?
- He is. . . - What's the matter?
Never mind. I won't ask you if it's personal.
Not really. My husband is dead.
What brings me here is. . .
. . .your sudden departure yesterday.
I hope I haven't offended you.
Yes. I've heard that you were unwell.
Anyway. . . I must wish you many happy returns of the day.
Happy returns? ! What for? !
On your birthday.
Birthday? ! How did you come to know it's my birthday today?
Why only your birthday? Newspapers inform us of. . .
. . .everything about film stars.
Even what they eat or drink or their lifestyles.
Anyway, I got to know of your birthday from Mr. Sanyal.
I'd expected to walk into a fancy party.
But I find it so quiet. . . well, it may be because of your illness.
Anyway, allow me to wish you a happy birthday.
And, here's a small gift for you.
- Who are you? ! - Beg your pardon?
You seem to have paled visibly.
You seem to be quite ill. I'll call the doctor.
- No. I'm all right. - Thank God.
I was worried. We met yesterday. . .
And here you are, asking me who I am!
I don't want to disturb you anymore.
Incidentally, I am leaving Calcutta for a few days.
The flight leaves in sometime.
What's the matter? Who's he?
Come with me.
- What's the matter? - Look at this.
- What's this? - A pearl necklace? Expensive one.
Naresh Dutt has given it to me.
Looks like his plans to squander his fortune on you.
This is no time for jokes, Ranjit.
This is a birthday gift for me. White lillies and the pearl necklace!
Who could possibly remember that today's my birthday?
He's the one, Ranjit! I'm telling you ! He's the one!
Let's do something about it. Why don't you get dressed?
- We'll go to the hotel and find out. - Very well.
I'm looking for Mr Naresh Dutt who has come in from Bombay.
- He isn't here at the moment. - I know that.
I'm Mr Dutt's friend.
He had asked me to deliver a message to his residence in Bombay.
I've lost his telephone number. I'm sure you have his address.
Sunita Devi. . .you see, is acting in a film that he is producing.
A trunk-call from Calcutta, sir.
- From Calcutta? - Yes, sir.
- I'm Ranjit Mullick. - Yes?
Yes, I'm Somesh Dutt.
- I'm a friend of your son, Naresh. - I see.
- But, Naresh is in Calcutta. - Yes, that's true.
He had asked me to call you up, just before he left.
Seems as if he loves you very deeply.
Yes, that's true. He is my only son.
Do you know that he is producing a film here?
Yes, I know that he is making a film.
I'm afraid, you wouldn't have heard of me.
In fact, I've met him in Calcutta.
Did you hear that?
Naresh Dutt is the Bombay-based millionaire. Somesh Dutt's only son.
I'm Naresh Dutt. I've come from Bombay.
What can I do for you?
One Sumit Roy is studying in this school.
Are you enquiring about Sumit, the son of the famous actress Sunita Devi?
Yes. Sumit's father was a very good friend of mine.
He had jumped off a train in an inebriated condition.
I hadn't known about it. I heard about it when I went to Calcutta.
- May I meet Sumit? - You may.
But I think, he might refuse to meet you.
I've been observing that child over the past 6 or 7 years now.
I haven't ever seen him smile.
I've seen many children. . .
But I've never seen a sad and morose child like Sumit.
During school vacations, other children are enthused. . .
. . .at the prospect of going home.
I hear that Sumit's mother has to go out of station for shootings. . .
. . .during school vacations.A couple of times, one of his father's friends. . .
- One Mr Mullick. . . - Yes, Mr Ranjit Mullick.
He had come to take Sumit home. But Sumit refused to meet him.
Didn't his mother ever come to meet him?
Yes. She come once or twice. But. . . never mind that.
I'll send someone to fetch Sumit.
Have Sumit Roy called up. Tell him that one of his. . .
. . .father's friends wants to meet him.
- The gentleman has come from Bombay. - Very well, sir.
Let's go upstairs, Mr Dutt.
The rector has summoned you, Master Sumit.
Someone has come to meet you. He is your father's friend.
- I don't want to meet him. - He has come from Bombay.
- From Bombay? - Yes.
I wouldn't like to make any comment on the domestic affairs of others.
But, I'm inclined to believe that a mystery surrounds his father's death.
I'm not aware of the details.
- You may go now, Sumit. - Go on, son.
- So, have you met your friend's son? - Yes.
How do you see him after 6 or 7 long years?
I'd brought a chocolate for him. Mithun used to like chocolates.
You appear to be a rich man.
Yes. I have been fortunate, I guess.
All you could give your friend's son is a cheap chocolate!
You see, his father told me that he likes this particular chocolate.
I couldn't ever imagine that his father would die. . .
- . . . in those circumstances! - What if I tell you that. . .
. . . Sumit's father isn't dead? What if I tell you that he's still alive?
- What? - That's true.
And the gentleman is standing in front of me just now.
I've seen life, Mr Dutt. You can't deceive my eyes.
For the first time, I've seen a glint of happiness on Sumit's face.
No friend of his father could ever make him happy.
It could only have been his father.
You're right. I'm Sumit's father.
- Where have you been so long? - Please don't ask me that now.
I'll tell you everything when the time is right.
As of now, I must request you to maintain secrecy.
Sumit mustn't know of this either.
I'll tell him everything myself.
I want to take Sumit out for a walk. May I?
Why not? You may, of course.
I shall come over tomorrow morning.
- Has Mr Dutt left? - Yes, my son.
He'll come again in the morning tomorrow.
He'll take you out for a walk. You'll go with him, won't you?
Yes, I will.
What did Mr Dutt tell you? Is he a friend of my father?
Yes. That's right. But, why do you ask?
I think I've seen Mr Dutt somewhere.
This chocolate. . .
Your classes are about to begin. And you haven't changed your clothes yet.
- I'll change my clothes just now. - Good boy. Now hurry up.
- Mr Dutt hasn't arrived yet! - He will, my son. He will come.
There he is.
We've been waiting for you.
Sumit is coming out with me, isn't he?
Certainly. And he has been quite anxious.
He has already asked me at least thrice since this morning. . .
. . .as to when Mr Dutt is expected to arrive. Go on, Sumit.
What's the matter? I noticed this yesterday. And today again !
- Why d'you keep on staring at me? - I get the feeling that. . .
. . .I know you very well. You're a very close friend of my father, aren't you?
Yes, my son. You could think of me as the same person.
- So that is why. . . - What?
You gave me the chocolate yesterday. And winked at me.
And I thought that it must have happened so many times.
I think my father used to do the same thing.
But, I don't remember clearly.
Do you have any photographs of your father?
No, I don't have any. Once I'd asked for a photo from Sunita Devi.
- Isn't Sunita Devi your mother? - No. She's no one to me.
People laugh at me because of her.
During vacations, everybody else's mothers come here. . .
. . .to take their children home ; But she has never come. Not once!
Had my father been alive, this would never have happened to me.
He would've taken me away from here.
Do you remember anything else about your father?
- Yes, I do. - What is it?
A tune. Sometimes when I am alone and I lie down to sleep in the nights. . .
. . .I remember the music. I think my father used to sing. . .
- . . .a song for me when I was small. - Do you remember the tune?
- Yes. Shall I sing it? - Go on.
Mithun !
- D'you recognise me, Mithun? ! - Yes, father!
- I've just arrived. - That's what they told me downstairs.
I've come to tell you that I've completed shooting the scenes. . .
. . .that you had explained to me before you left for Darjeeling.
I've arranged for a preview projection tomorrow.
Please take a look and tell me if you like it.
I'm sure to like it.
You are helping me to achieve my goal, Mr Sanyal.
I shall always remember you for that.
I'm not a factor, really. You've woven a spell of magic around Sunita Devi.
She has called me up at least 10 times since you left Calcutta.
Just last night, she was asking me why you'd gone to Darjeeling.
I cracked a joke at that one. I told her that you'd gone. . .
. . .over to Darjeeling to write poems.
Make sure that you invite Sunita Devi to the projection.
But she hadn't acted in this particular scene. What's the point?
Oh, of course. She will come.
She'll surely come when she hears that you've arrived.
There's another thing. At this projection tomorrow. . .
. . . it'd be nice to have Mr Ranjit Mullick over there.
I see! But worry not. . . . he'll turn up anyway.
I'll take your leave now.
- Did you say something? - No, I didn't.
In that case, I'll take your leave.
- Sunita speaking. - I see.
- Please go on. - Have you returned just now?
- How are you? - Why had you gone to Darjeeling?
A friend's son is studying in a school over there. I had gone to meet him.
It seems that you have been keeping updates about me.
- I want to meet you, Mr Dutt. - Why?
- Anything urgent? - Yes.
I wanted to listen to the entire story.
I couldn't hear it all the other day.
You seem to be anxious to know how the story climaxes.
I'll tell you when the time comes.
But the way, Sunita Devi. . .
. . .I've arranged for a preview projection of the film.
I've asked Mr Sanyal to make sure that you are invited.
You will come, won't you?
- What's the matter? - I'll come.
MIDNI GHT EXPRESS Scene : 7 6, Shot 1, Take 3
Come out.
Now tell me the truth, my friend.
Why are you spending your money on this trip?
Why are you taking us for this holiday to Ajanta and Ellora?
- What's your plan? - What plan? !
You know very well that I'm broad minded and open-hearted.
- I've always been liberal with cash. - Certainly!
But it's not spent for your friend. It's spent on the lovely wife!
You'd start ranting as soon as you've taken a drink, Amit.
That is what Rekha would say.
She's of the opinion that alcohol makes a man speak his heart out.
Take yourself, for example. You're Ranjit Mullick. . .
You talk as if you're the son of the Prince of Virtuosity!
Honestly tell me, what are your intentions?
Today I must know this.
Then let it be so!
You lied to me, Ranjit!
- You had pushed him out of the train ! - Of what use is all that now?
And, if I'm caught, you'll be caught too. You can't escape.
All this glamour and glory will mean nothing then !
Scoundrel !
Come on, driver. Let's go!
Tell me, Mr Ranjit Mullick. How did you like this scene?
I'd like to speak to you, Mr Dutt.
- Go on. - Not here.
In that case, you may come with me.
- Not now. - I see.
In that case, you'd like to come later, would you?
-I'll wait for you Mr Ranjit Mullick.
Three are you enough for you.
The dramatics are unnecessary.
You have been identified.
No doubt about that.
I was waiting for you here.
I did but you escaped !
Today you won't escape!
I am here.
Just three bullets?
I considered you my best friend.
So I don't want to beat you.
Welcome Inspector.
I got them over to serve you.
My good friend.
And this is his confession.
Has. . . Ranjit come there?
He did come but he has left.
I was waiting for you to call.
- Pardon. . . ? - You sound worried.
I must meet you right now.
You want to know how the story ends.
Come over. I'll look forward to seeing you.
- So all that I thought. . . - . . .turned out to be the truth.
But this time too, your Ranjit Mullick wasn't successful.
I had him sent to his right home.
At this moment, he is in police custody.
I can do the same to you if I wish.
I want to punish you severely.
Believe me, I didn't know what I saw today.
- Ranjit told me you. . . - I committed suicide!
And you believed him and kept mum!
You needed Ranjit to fulfill your dreams!
And today that same man is a scoundrel in your eyes.
You are so selfish !
The love of a husband and son mean nothing to you.
You got whatever you wanted in life.
But everything comes at a price and today you have to pay it.
But what do you possess to pay?
Fame. . . name. . .
Wealth? The day you are exposed all this will turn to dust!
Those who applauded you playing the dutiful wife will spit at you !
Stop it! I can't bear any more!
How do you want to punish me? What price do you demand?
I'd forgotten that you still have something to pay.
These. . .these tears.
The day you realise their worth, the tears too will dry up.
Yes? Speaking.
This is Papa. I'm coming over tomorrow.
- Then we'll go to Bombay. - No!
See you tomorrow.
You can't take away Mithun !
- You have no right! - I have no right?
You have a right because you're his mother!
Only in name.
Only to show the world !
You've cremated the mother's heart at the altar of your aspirations!
You wanted to live in thousands of hearts at once not one.
Today you're neither anyone's mother nor wife!
You sold your body and soul in the market of the world !
Today millions love you.
You are the paragon of beauty.
So good night, Sunita devi !
All right. I'll see how you take Mithun away!
Nobody can snatch him away from me!
I'm exhausted. I wish to sleep.
I have a plane to catch in the morning
We have to go to Darjeeling right now.
You. . . ?
Is this the discipline and trust of your school?
- What's the matter? - Are you asking me?
My son studies in your school. Can anybody meet him anytime?
He's threatened to take my son away from here!
Is this the rule of your school that anyone can take my son away?
Who is that person?
The one who is taking Sumit is called Amit Roy.
At the time of Sumit's admission you yourself wrote. . .
Amit Roy is the father of Sumit Roy.
But you had written that he is not alive.
If the father wants to take the son and the son wants to go with him.
There's no rule in our school. . .
. . . .that we can stop him.
But you can stop him if you wish.
There he comes.
If you admit in my presence that he is not your husband. .
I can definitely keep Mithun back.
Sorry to be a little late.
- Mithun. . . - No need to inform him.
He's waiting all ready.
He saw you coming.
There he comes.
Dad !
You're so late!
- Yes, dear. - Are we leaving now?
Yes, son.
You and I.
I'll be grateful to you forever.
Whenever I come this way, I will come to meet you.
Let's go.
Stop them. Don't let my son go!
All that is happening is for Sumit's welfare.
I've lost everything in life.
If I lose Mithun too, how will I live?
How will I live?
I can't answer that.
Why don't you ask him?
You can stop both is you wish.
Or you too could leave with them.
Go in, I'll follow.
Now what's wrong?
I've come to ask you one last question
I'm willing to give up everything.
Can't you take me along?
I am taking you along. . as a memory in my heart.
That's best.
You will live on this earth. So will I.
The only difference is there will be distance between us.
And the distance is essential.
For Mithun.
I won't lie when I'm going away.
I love you a lot even today.
I came to Darjeeling to meet Mithun.
To know what's in his heart.
And I found he had only hatred for you.
How could I bear our child. . .
. . . . hate its' mother?
Look, you found what you wanted from life.
I harboured a craving for wealth which I got.
We achieved our dreams.
But what both of us lost is far more precious.
I'm glad you came here.
I want you to shoulder a responsibility.
This contains money.
You know the end of the story.
Tell Mr. Sanyal and get this film completed.
So the world can watch it.
And nobody makes a mistake like us.
Where they have to pay a heavy price.
We've come to take you home.
You. . . ?
This is our mother.
Mother. . ?
Yes. Mother.
Only a mother can understand another mother.
A son can never know the heart of a mother.
Come, my dear.
Here's your son.
My son !