Space Battleship Yamato Resurrection 宇宙戦艦ヤマト復活篇 (6 9).flv

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They will realize their stupidity.
Target Letzler's ship!
Yes, sir. All ahead.
Destroy Gorui!
General Pascal, what do you think of Etos action?
Highness. People started gathering at palace. More coming.
Fihgt with Yamato!
How do you hear people's voice, general Pascal?
Damn...they're too strong.
What's wrong with Captain?
Yuki...Amar is under attack because of us.
Yamato can't fire.
Amar will be saved if we leave, but we lose place to migrate. Mankind is gone.
Your courage saved Earth and mankind.
No injustice. You fight for right.
Not only you...all of Yamato crew share same heart.
Mr. Omura, let's send the convoy back to Earth first.
Mr. Nakashishi, get Princess Irija online.
Yes, sir.
Mankind never permits supression.
We declare state of war against the Star Alliance...
...and fight for justice.
Advanced apologies for inconvenience to Amar.
Captain Kodai. I'm on your side.
Amar chooses to fight against the Star Alliance, S.U.S.
We declare independence, and will fight till victory.
For justice.
Attention all deck.
Yamato aborts convoy escort mission...
...and engage enemy.
Our enemy is S.U.S. located west star system, dominating the Star Alliance.
For Amar's independence and for mankind's migration, we must destroy S.U.S.
We fight for future of Amar and Earth.
It may claim our lives.
Gentlemen, this what we are trained for!
Captain Kodai, Yamato, thank you.
Yamato, take off.
Yamato, take off, sir.
First time, the Star Alliance lost in battle...what a shame!
Enemy is crap Earth!
Worst event in history!
Destroy Yamato for the honor of the Star Alliance!
Captain, transmission from battleship chasing us, sir.
General Pascal.
Captain Kodai, let us join your fleet, please.
Loser returned...
Earth and Amar fleets are coming.
Freed and Verdel are joining us.
Have no fear!
Aim the fortress. General quarters.
General quarters. Cosmo Pulser and heavey bomber squads, ready to take off.
Mr. Kobayashi, you lead the Cosmo Pulser squad.
Mr. Sakurai, go to Mr. Kobayash's seat.
Yes, sir.
Kobayashi, taking off with Cosmo Pulser squad, sir.
Mr. Squadron leader, don't screw up.
You too, Miharu.
There they are...
Now we're even. You're safe on my back.
My back is for you, too.
Mr. Sakurai!
I will take over. Mr. Gohda, you supervise the combat team.
I'm alright.
I can do it. Kamijo, you lead the conbat team.
Oh,'s not good...
Power loss again...
Hey, engines, please! Run system check again.
Wave motion gun cannot fire...
You're right.'s restored...
Guys, what did you learn at academy? Forgot to use tools?
Penetrate the center, straight to the fort!
Yes, sir.
Kobayashi, Yamaoto penetrates the center. Escort us.
Maho, analyze the fort. Identify the energy flow.
Move to ECI for anlaysis, sir.
Letzler, are we close to see the end of animals?
Soon, sir.
Prepare to fire hyper neutron beam.
Sir, if we fire, collateral damage to allied forces...
I know. Fire.
Atetntion the fleet. Shield Yamato. All ahead.
General Pascal...
It's yours...Yamato.
They blew up own allies...S.U.S. bastard!
Look, sir. Allied forces are leaving the combat area.
General Pascal's breakthrough...
We can't waste his sacrifice, sir.
Take advantage, sir.
But we must destroy beam guns first.
Bastard Yamato...still alive.
Yamato is harmful ship for us, sir.
How about using all guns?
You're right. Ready all guns!
Ready to fire all neutron beam guns.
Hard to port, elevate up!
Hard to port, elevate, sir.