Patriotism vs. Nationalism

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Good morning guys, it's Wednesday. Today I
was reading the news. They were talking about what President Obama did and what Mitt Romney did to
commemorate the passing, er, anniversary of
9/11 and it involved Twitter and
something. It was just kind of strange. Today I want to talk about nationalism vs
patriotism because I feel like
there's just this weird
issue of contention about whether
we as Americans are patriots or nationalists
and what the difference is, so I thought I would explain that to you in the best way that I can

If your education was anything like mine was
I first learned the term nationalism when we were learning about Germany
in the 1930's. Nationalism
in that regard is basically the belief that your country is the best and that you
should go propagate all this other land because you're entitled to it.
That is how I learned what nationalism is and that's when I Googled it today to make sure
that is the definition of nationalism. So, that is nationalism.
Patriotism is having pride in your country
and its culture and the various aspects of it, like a sense of community. Basically, that you feel
aligned with your country, that you are where you belong, and that you are proud to
be where you're from
I want you to note
the difference between nationalism and patriotism.
Nationalism is believing you the best and patriotism is having pride
where you're from
pretty clear distinction right national ones like and want to be a classic i
dislike were awesome badger together asked if i don't think in politics
it's latest irvine ca me
is this constant need
for the politicians who are running for whatever office to affirm that america
is the best
and if they don't say s they are often treated as anti-american at that they're
not patriotic enough
ought to be running for office today thing to say during the convention it's
very much so
um... america is the best we are number one you'll recognize him part of our old
other countries want to be us understand
why it is we think
that is built best novel iffy too much credit nissen earlier we see that that
is nationalism not patriotism
a lot of times what i see it next patriotism is nationalism that's great
about everything because of nationalist vp
open meaning compatriots in germany and that's coming up the compared to
just because called are calling it a kid in the red meat
nationalism ideas it's just
tracing immediately
king that's okay
we think it's okay to actually no it's not it's not all does not mind if you
are not up in your anti-american
and he
labeling of those who don't believe that american maricopa that ants
anti-american people who i guess we want
to c_i_s_ fault of china
says that's the problem by
proud to be in america like america
it's great
i don't believe america is the best
i'm not an anti-american no i don't think that america is it
faltu china or abhi overrun by mexico let's not what i'm saying when i say
that dot
believe america is the best contradicting it
i don't know if there is nothing to be in i'd been keys country head of the
american what we fails recognized me say that america is the best
idea of the country
also think it's great
and pricing have risen solicitors people which it's my it's so shocking million
people are may have been alot americans can't they can to compute the best sorry
in peoria candidate by my interpretation of these events of though waive that
weaned masquerade our national anthem as patriotism
but i just saw this is an issue i think this is the minutes worth talking about
that's going around claiming that the best it's not doing anything for a
national image and that that's normal is just
scary which is why it's not surprising that often times the act as the
policemen of world
because we think that were the best and everyone else should be like us even
though that
culprit excel
uh... sorry that this video was ob eight funny how tolerant plant basket that
hoped we might be fun here
just tried not to be nationalist bent beat mike
really cool
acetone see on friday