Avast Free Antivirus v6.0 - Teste Preventivo (Preventive Test)

Uploaded by victorh2007 on 10.03.2011

Hello everybody! You are all welcome to another review!
Today I am going to test the latest version of Avast Free Antivirus
Version 6.0.1000
I've already installed the software
I kept the default settings
And as always, nothing has been changed
Among the major enhancements in this new version
Avast now counts with an optimized behavior module
It is enabled monitoring Rootkit
Monitoring the behavior of Malware
And monitoring unauthorized modifications to the system
The default action set, as you can see, is "self-decide"
In the module for additional protection
Here we have the AutoSandbox
The default action set
The default action set to the mode AutoSandbox is "Ask"
Now Avast 6 counts with WebRep, a plugin, that checks Web reputation of visited Webpages or searched in search engines
I will update now virus Avast's database with last signatures
Database is updated
Lets now check computer's resources usage of this new version
These two services here are from Avast
It takes about 25 MB of RAM memory
This memory usage must drop along the test
Here I have a list of malicious links and let's start testing
First link was already blocked
Computer is locked
Second link was apparently not detected by Avast
I will try to unlock the computer and I will be right back
I had to perform a forced restart of the computer to unlock it
I am back
And I will continue testing
This one was detected by Avast
This is probably a rogue software
This one was blocked by Avast
I think this is also a rogue software
This was also not detected
This apparently is also a rogue software
Here you can see Avast's behavior guard in action
That recommends to open this application in the Sandbox
So, let's do it
This one was blocked by Avast
This link is not working
This one was also blocked
Notice that my homepage was changed
There is also a new toolbar running inside Internet Explorer
This trojan horse was blocked
This one was also blocked
And the last one
It was also blocked
I cannot see the presence of any malicious service now in RAM
I will do a full scan of this computer with Avast and I will return at the end with the results
At the end of Avast scanning process Avast detected one threat, one infected file
Here Avast reports that suspicious files were detected using heuristics, and stating that this could be a sign of malware infection
And at the same time calls me for sending the file to the Avast analyze it
And the recommended action by Avast here is "Ignore"
I will keep the standard recommendation
I will scan now the computer with Comodo Cleaning Essentials
This is Comodo Cleaning Essentials updating its database
Database of Comodo Cleaning Essentials was updated
To complete the scanning process of CCE I will restart the computer and I will return with the results
At the end of scanning process, Comodo found two threats
First threat is located in temporary files folder, that rogue software
And the second one it is inside Avast's folder. I will consider it as a false-positive
I will unselect this one and keep the first selected
I will restart the computer again and I will be right back with Hitman Pro
After restarting the computer
I just do the cleaning of temporary files with CCleaner
And now I will do a scan of this computer with Hitman Pro
I will return with the results
At the end of Hitman Pro scanning process
These first two are the same threat, it was detected as the AdWare WhiteSmoke
And this one as a trojan - which is the Zbot
I will erase all these threats now
Computer will be restarted again and I will return with the results from Malwarebytes
At the end of Malwarebytes scanning process
922 infected objects were detected
But you can see all these objects are linked to WhiteSmoke
All of them referring to the same threat
That I consider a rogue software
I checked all the objects. Let's remove all these related to WhiteSmoke
I will restart the computer and I will return with the results from SuperAntispyware
At the end of SuperAntispyware scanning process
Nothing was found
I've also done a scan with Norton Power Eraser
And some suspicious files were found
Particularly this one, an .exe file - Check Cut.exe
I uploaded this file to Virus Total
And some Antivirus engines detected it as a trojan, like Emsisoft
And Kaspersky
So, most know Antivirus engines like Kaspersky and Emsisoft considered it as a trojan
Well, my verdict about Avast Free Antivirus 6
This new version of Avast showed improvements over previous versions
However, as we saw, it still needs to improve its behavior guard and the AutoSandbox
To deal better with rogue softwares and the zero-day threats
In just one moment during the test I noticed Avast's behavior guard in action
Well, that is all for today, let your comments, suggestions, opinions and visit my blog: seumicroseguro.com/
My YouTube channel and my Twitter is: victorh2007
Thanks for watching and I will see you!