Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Moshe Wiskin

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My mother, Sarah-Leah,
my father, Tuvia,
my brother, Yosef,
my sister, Nehama, and my little brother, Haim
– I lost them all in one day.
When the Breslau ghetto was being liquidated,
everyone was driven from their houses and assembled next to the church.
From there they took us by groups to the killing pits.
Three huge pits.
That’s where they were undressed, and they would just shoot them,
and they would fall into the pits.
We have the testimony of one Jew who fell into the pit but was still alive.
At night he managed to climb out, and give us the details of the horrors which were taking place there.
We managed to get to our bunker and hide.
Three days we held out, until we were discovered.
I ran off, and hid between two cowsheds,
from where I watched as they killed my brother, Yosef, and my sister, Nehama.
My father tried to run, but was shot.
And my youngest brother, he was caught and killed too.
My mother was led off to the pit.
You are turned to stone…
I have no words to describe these moments, this period of time.
You walk around as though not knowing in which world you are living.
You watch your family be murdered, and you cannot do anything.
You have to survive. You want to live.