Creating a Meeting in iCal for Snow Leopard

Uploaded by ugamailvideos on 15.12.2010

To create a new meeting, start by going to 'File'
and then 'New Event'
This will place a new event on your calendar.
Double click the appointment to edit to edit it.
You can set the subject, location, time range, and repetition.
To add attendees, click on 'Add Invitees'
Start typing in the person's name or email address.
When their name appears click on it.
Once you have added everyone that you wish to invite,
click on 'Available Meeting Times'.
A new screen will open showing you timeline view
of the attendees free/busy time.
You can use the next available button,
to find out when all the attendees are free.
You can also click to move your meeting time.
When are happy with time you set you will need to click 'Done'.
When are finished with your new meeting click 'Send'.