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Climate change?
Climate change, or the change in the average temperatures -
is caused by the phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect.
The effect is amplified by greenhouse gases -
which build up in the atmosphere through our actions.
The glaciers are melting and the Australians are sweating.
So what?
Climate change is this massive threat that cannot be stopped.
But why should we?
Wouldn't it be nice, if it was summer every day?
The sun would shine and jackets were unnecessary.
The media see it as a bad thing, but what do people really think?
Let's see.
Why is the climate change a bad thing?
Because the polar bears lose their habitat.
I don't know, no reason.
There won't be any polar bears left. - Polar bears are cute too.
I don't know actually.
It is dangerous, if the average temperatures rise.
Polar bears are useless.
Has the climate change affected you personally?
I cannot come up with anything.
Not really.
I don't need to wear my winter jacket that often.
I don't get to ski as often as I used to.
Right now it hasn't had an effect on me, -
but I am worried about the future.
Does the climate change threaten something important to you?
The nature.
I wouldn't say so.
I fear the weather will worsen.
Not personally, except on a moral level.
I think other people will suffer more.
Flying is bad, supporting holiday resorts is bad.
Why won't we take a look to 50 years from now.
Then we would see Finland as a tropical holiday destination.
This is achieved only by contributing to climate change.
What is good, what is bad? What do people think about it?
Wouldn't it be nice if there were palmtrees and beaches in Finland?
Maybe for a short while, but not in a long run.
Winters will be cold and rainy, no hot weather for Finland.
Beaches and sunshine would be nice, -
but I fear that won't happen. I'm not very optimistic.
Wouldn't it be nice to have palmtrees and beaches here?
And girls in small clothes? - That sure sounds nice!
The media force feeds us information about -
recycling, eco-shopping, energy, water and electricity saving.
Does this really affect on our decisions?
And do our decisions affect on our future?
What actions people take for and against the cause?
Have you changed your behaviour due to climate change?
We try not to buy unnecessary commodities.
Yes, I have started to recycle beer cans.
And he's taking the train to the city. - Or my car...
I bought an economical car.
And I try to use my bicycle as much as possible.
Is there too much discussion in the media?
Yes. - Depends on if you follow the media.
Too much.
What about the media buzz?
Is it possible that some of it is propaganda?
No, it is not.
The media sometimes addresses wrong issues.
Different newspapers discuss very different things.
The media sometimes distorts the issues.
I don't think about it.
I doubt that there's any propaganda.
I haven't thought about it.
Do you think, that we should do more and talk less?
We must talk more in order to know more.
Not everybody understands what is going on.
We should both talk more and do more.
Which one is the graver threat: recession or climate change?
My answer is climate change.
Recession. - I think so too.
Climate change.
Recession is the current threat.
But things will be different in the future, I fear.
Climate change is a long lasting process.