ABS-CBN: "Bandila" - November 19, 2010 [with English Subtitles]

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ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs
The closure of the FPIC Pipeline can possibly affect the economy,
Prices of commodities, feared to rise.
Boxes of fake medicines, seized by NBI.
The Ad agency that was tasked to create the "Philippines, so beautiful" campaign admits inspiration from Poland's (travel) logo...
... under the orders of the D.O.T. (Department of Tourism)
Latest News, A granade was found inside a car in Pasig... Bomb Squad had act immediately.
Manny Pacquiao is going back to the Philippines tomorrow morning, Mommy D had pled for Manny to retire from Boxing.
Single-plated Buses continue to ply EDSA, 20 buses had been caught again by the MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority)
And finally, Group of Filipino Animators are teaching for free.
(One Flag)
Here are the banner stories for the day...
- (Laughter) - (Laughter)
You laughed out!
I remember, You said "No Goodbyes."
But don't you have anything to say to our viewers for the past four years?
I would like to thank first, of course to our viewers, Many Thanks for Watching Bandila
But Bandila will not yet end!
- (Laughter) - (Laughter)
And to the management of ABS-CBN, for giving me a chance to be a part of Bandila.
- We have been together for a long time, Ces, Since then. - Yes.
And Many thanks to you, I've learned so much from you.
- Whoa, Really! - That's True! Really, that's true.
And of course, to the people behind Bandila, Many Thanks to All of You.
I've been lucky today, You know why?
- Why? Because tomorrow, You will win the lotto? The 6/55?! (laughter) - Yes.
- (Laughter) - (Laughter)
- You always say that! - So True...
No, but I have recieved a letter of appreciation, first, from the Children of Child House, which are cancer patients.
And second, earlier, from the staff of Bandila. Thank You, Many Thanks.
And everyone is asking, Where can you be seen next?
- (Laughter) - (Laughter)
There, Stay tuned for that!
Bandila will not yet end, stay tuned, Julius Babao and Karen Davila will be together with Ces this monday.
And there it was, a week of news has passed...
A week that is now a part of history.
On behalf of our great nation, Under our lone flag.