Todd Vrooman: Winter Hawks radio announcer, PCC student

Uploaded by PCCvideos on 04.03.2010

It would be pretty fun to be on NBC calling the Olympics
and doing a gold medal game like that. Stanley Cup playoffs.
I think in the long run I'd like to work my way up
and do National Hockey League games;
it would be a real big thrill for me.
This is Todd Vrooman.
I am the color commentator for the Portland Winterhawks
and a student at PCC.
Well I was at Tualatin High School and I graduated in the class of 2007.
And the summer before my senior year I was looking at my options.
I played golf in high school and there wasn't any scholarship offers
or anything like that coming in
so I knew I was going to have to pay my own way through schooling.
And really, PCC, for the first couple of years especially,
it just makes so much sense with how inexpensive the classes are
and you get the great instruction.
So it was pretty much a no-brainer for me.
I actually never even applied anywhere else,
I just decided during my senior year in high school
that PCC was where I wanted to go.
The plan is, right now I’m just working on
getting the credits and general stuff in right now.
I actually took this term off as I got this job with the Winterhawks
I wanted to see how it would shake out
before I really committed to going to school full time again.
So in the spring I'm going to go back and be a full time student once again at PCC.
And try to get my credits to transfer to some sort of an adult degree program
and probably end up getting a communications degree
because it makes a lot of sense in this field.
Well, my dad was the radio voice of the Portland Winterhawks for 25 years
so it’s kind of in my blood.
And, I've always grown up wanting to play hockey.
When I was about 16 and 17 years old,
I realized I wasn't quite good enough to make it.
So from that point on I've kind of been worked my way into broadcasting.
He's been an influence on me
because I listened to Winterhawks games, you know,
most nights going to bed when I was growing up
whenever he’d be was on the road I'd listen to Hawks games.
Come down here.
I actually worked with the team
as an assistant equipment manager down in the locker room
from when I was about 12 to when I was 18.
Well, it’s so exciting.
We had a game earlier this year where we scored,
the Winterhawks scored the game-winning goal with less than a second left
which actually tied it up and then they won it in overtime.
And, just the adrenaline rush that you get It makes you really feel like part of the
as the radio voice
and also there's the fact you get a connection with the fans.
our games are our broadcast over the Internet
and lot of the players’ families listen to the games on the Internet
so when they get an idea about how their son is playing
or how their friend is playing
they get it through how we describe the action to them
and it really makes you feel close to the team
and a really nice bond.