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Hey whats up cachorros how are you? I hope you are all doing well
you might be asking where are all the books, that you never would even read?
but today I am recording where my very good friend Luisito Rey records
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so todays vlog is about...
beauty tips
there are very important feeling in our lives such as love, friendship
respect for your parents
pay attention because none of those things matter, what really maters is to be hot
hey dear, i don't know what s going on, I sent you a bunch of messages on whats app and you didn't reply
no way!? I didn't get anything! it was sprint, sprint sucks! or Obama! it is Obamas fault!
but it even had double check, that means you saw them
ohhh... and just because of that it means I saw it?
well... yes...
you should have sent me a text to my black berry
well... I also did that
or a text message....
yeah, did that too
did you send me an inbox in facebook?
you should have gone to my house
i did
ahhh freaking stalker!
exactly, being hot gives you the right to be mean to everybody
and sadly today what matters the most is to be pretty, I say sadly because there is a lot of ugly people out there
that is why people invest hours working on their shape
you guys are condemned to die.. today you will die with electroshocks
you will be in the cage with hungry lions
you will be in the cage with hungry lions
and last you! you will be waxed from your back!
noo!!!! please no!!!!! why me!!! no!!!!!!
that is what I call torture
girls cry too much.. how would that even hurt, today Ill try it out
ahhh no.. ahhh ... nah it doesn't even hurt
ahh just kidding
ok ok women, one time I actually tried it
it sucks!
the difference between the girls that shave their legs, and the ones that wax them is huge
specially if they have a boyfriend that smokes, because the one that shaves can light a match in her legs
-dude lets hurry up please. -yes, Jorge is almost here
-did you already put make up on? -no...
-come on hurry up... -this one i bought is very good!
-they say it is made of horse.. -really? that cute!
God's punishment
why do you make those faces?
dude.. we are trying to concentrate
no no.. that is not normal!
(focused face) please give me the formula to get the perimeter of a trapezoid
the perimeter.... wait wait.. Im focusing here...
congratulation champions, what did you do to get to this point?
-excuse me what? -what did you do to get to where you are now?
ahhh.. (focused face)
well practice a lot, eat well...
where would you practice, and what would you eat?
(focused face)
well a lot of vegetables, and fruits
excuse me sir, three books, that have inspired you
(focused face)
well that guy always has his face like that..
for different reasons, werever is not going to be making this videos anymore...
he wont to a bridge and jumped off, that is what he wanted... he made the choice
ahhh just kidding
hi mr ferris!
and among men there is more and more vanity
and its because men have to take care of themselves too! being men doesn't mean we don't take care
style our hair, even put some make up on... wax our eyebrows
put breast implants, use tampons...
this is a robbery give me all you have...
help me please, help me please!
I am a police officer!
no no no!!!
(hours later) we have everything under control, talk to you later
-what happened here? -don't worry everything is under control
is everybody fine?
there is a dead officer, and a woman too
OMG what happened? where did they shoot him?
they shot him right in the chest
what about the bullet proof vest?
it didn't work, that is why he died...
and what about the woman?
no the woman survived...
and how did she survive?
she had a bra, with a lot of paper in it!
ohh i knew it!! she had a bra! and you guys would laugh at me!!! i knew it!!!
who were you laughing at??
before women would only put paper in their bra, then they put paper inside their bra with sponges in them
and then implants with paper, with sponges in their bra
and when you are making out and grab them.. they feel like a baseball...
-mmm I feel like eating some lettuce... -what did you say?
what is it with putting salad on your face?
tomatoes, onions, lettuce
whats next? some ranch?
and the lips...
is one of the most sexy parts of the face
dude, i just got a cherry gloss
i don't like cherry, i like vanilla better
i also got one dude
what is the flavor?
oatmeal with banana
I am kinda sick so i put it on like this
hey.... girl, girl, hey!
-Im going to get some crackers... do you want any? -yeah bring me some
-wait here... -ok
they do everything to have some sexy lips
girl... I hate how my lips look now...
it cant be that bad...
i think you just... WHAT IS THAT!!!?
it looks like mike tyson beat you up
good morning son
ahhh!!! dad!!! dad!!! there is a raccoon in the house!
calm down son, its me!
dont worry dad, it is a domestic raccoon, wait here ok?
eyes are very delicate, so women have my respect
just let me use your mirror so I can see myself ok?
give me the mascara please
give it to me first...
give it to me... i need it...
actually you know what... gloss first
do you have crayons? give me the yellow one
like that?
ohh no you know what, the glue goes first glue, with paper
make some little balls with the paper
just put them on my face
no they are to big, i need smaller ones!
now we need some blue... please some blue..
all around my face... yeah yeah
yeah thats it..
the put mascara, and gloss... even glue and paper...
all sorts of things on their face
and 30 years later
- you dont look very different. -what do you mean, make up does miracles
lets hope Victor finally pays attention to you
ohhh you are such a slut
no you are the slut!
you are the whore! shut up!!!
make up can cause a lo t of things
let me fix this man.... ok man!!!
yes, we are here in a place where the wind is going 150 miles per hour
people cant even walk
it is really hard to be standing up, the wind is pretty bad
please help! this is bad!
that was our reporter out in the field... where this hurricane took 3 cities
and the thing causing this hurricane is this.. yes... this girls eyelashes
every time she blinks everything goes to hell
hurricanes are caused by eye lashes
hello how are you? can you please give me some pop corn, and nachos, and an icee
and also some candy
and also a light coke... i am on a strict diet
ohh yes... yes... it looks like it... you are very skinny
I am really losing weight
(behind her back) dude she is as fat as a pig!
yes yes you can see her from a mile away
that is good, that is good... you can just tell
yes I have been doing sit ups every morning and every night
i am losing weight the bad thing is that all the men are looking at me
yes and she is also a 132
(behind her back) oh well thats good
no no I am talking about her pants size
I don't believe it
zumo fighters look anorexic next to her
ahaha thank you, all men are flirting with me
you look super skinny now!
yeah right!
eating good is basic if you want to look good!
well.. if I want to eat some burgers its not like something would happen to me
and some times you don't even stick to your diet
and even though we have to look good on the outside, also we have to be good on the inside
it doesn't matter if you are super buff and strong or if you look like a super model
if you are empty on the inside
whats the point of having a diet.. if you don't have photoshop
photoshop is really important download it, we have the serial number here...
just 2 bucks per down load! not even expensive
cachorros thats it for todays vlog
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