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bjbj? Script Did you know that no matter what you think of your genes, your body is not
programmed to accumulate fat in your belly or in your tights? We are all meant to be
fit and healthy no matter what weight or shape you are in. And believe me when I say this
doesn t mean you have to eat very little and workout every day. You see, fatness is not
hereditary. your genes don't make you fat, but the food you eat does. If you are overweight,
it is because you have a sugar problem. Fat storage comes down to sugar and your insulin.
If you see this graph, you will notice that the consumption of sugar and processed foods
has skyrocketed in the last 50 years. Which is parallel at the increase of obesity and
other diseases of civilization, like diabetes, cancer and heart conditions. We have not evolved
to eat the food we find in the supermarkets. We have thrived during thousands of years
with natural, not processed foods, and not with what you usually find in the labels of
almost all the food producers. If we keep eating the way we do, we keep getting fat.
We may lie to ourselves and think it is all in our genes, that we are meant to be fat.
But I promise you that is not the case. You just need to discover exactly what makes you
fat, and how to revert the process and lose that lard in your body effortlessly and without
silly sacrifices that make you go hungry most of the day and are definitely not the healthiest
way of losing weight. Listen to this: The main reason you are overweight is because
you have become insulin resistant. To become insulin resistant you have been eating the
wrong kind of foods full of refined carbohydrates. These refined carbohydrates have made you
secrete more insulin that you need and have produced the following two results: they have
converted any excess glucose into fat, and they have stopped fat from being burned in
your body. Making you to storage fat over and over again every time you eat. You see
fat does not make you fat. But carbohydrates do. So how do I become insulin sensitive again
and enter my fat burning mode? What kind of foods should I eat and how often? How soon
can I see the results? What other benefits apart from weight loss can I expect? All the
answers to these questions and more you will find in our free (yes free!) ebook at liveprimal.org.
Get a free copy of our ebook and open your eyes to what is the easiest, healthiest and
most natural way to effortlessly lose weight and get the figure you have always been deserved.
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