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Hi, this is InfoPuppet and today we are going to talk about how to stop your old dog from dying.
Now I'll tell you my story. My dog is
thirteen years old
a yellow lab,
love him to death
and a basically the condition
can barely get up and down the steps
umm he has fluid in his lungs we can here it when he's breathing
he has cronic bad breath
on uh, the other, the other thing that's wrong with him
is he's got lumps and growths
all over his body
and I was thinking, oh man I just feelso bad for this dog
IÉ its, is it time to put it this dog
take him to the vet and put him out of his misery
but here's the thing that you guys need to know
what you need to do to save your old dog from dying
and here's the answer
what you need to do is feed the dog
raw meat and raw vegetables
now, I, well what are you gonna do you cut up a steak do you cut up a hamburger and give 'em to him raw
after seven days my dog's bad breath completely gone I don't even get it
how did the bad breath go away
It is completely gone
the uh bumps on his body I started to notice are are starting to get smaller i don't hear
the fluid in his lungs anymore and
most amazingly in just seven days he's running up and down the steps
like a puppy!
a puppy!
So what exactly did i do? As far as the raw meat goes,
there is a company that makes raw meat for a dog food
and let me show you here it is ya' ready here's what it is it's called
Dogs Gone Wild, and
what this is is a pretty good grade of meat
and its got some little pieces of veggies in it
and, it comes frozen in a bag like this and what you wanna do is you want to keep a
bag in the freezer
keep them in the freezer obviously 'cause its raw meat
and the day before you're gonna give it to the dog, put it in the refrigerator and let it thaw out in the
refrigerator twenty four hours later it should be ready but its still a little cold
because of the temperature of your your freezer refrigerator
you can set it out on the counter
you know for a half-hour an hour and you'll get a little bit soft, soft enough
to give to the dog
Part two is putting raw vegetables
the raw meat
Your dog probably won't eat raw vegetables if you just cut it up and put it in his
bowl, but if you put the raw vegetables underneath the raw meat
the juices from the meat are going to seep into the vegetables and he's
going to eat the raw vegetables
what kind of raw vegetables did I give my dog?
well, I only use like four here's what they are
yellow squash
and baby already peeled carrots now I used organic I recommend use organic cause
that's where most nutrition is if you really wanna save your dog
that's what you should do
put the, the baby carrots down first like a half a bag of baby carrots
and then i put
ahh, the raw meat
umm... over the top of the baby carrots now when you get to squash or
zucchini, I cut them up into pieces for small dog cut them up
into smaller pieces and put it underneath the raw meat
for my yellow lab, I was giving him one bag a day how much does dogs gone wild
raw meat cost?
well I don't know where you're gonna get it from, I got it from an organic grocery store called
my organic market mom's but is usually sells for anywhere from two dollars and
eighty nine cents a bag from like three dollars and ten cents a bag. Which
you know comparatively speaking is about the same price that I spent on the really
expensive dry dog food.
but umm that's your formula to success guys, Save your old
dog from dying I just gave this to a dear friend of mine who's an accountant
who had a little dog
and uh... within three days this dog by the way this dog
would it was a lap dog and it couldn't even walk. Couldn't even walk it was in such bad shape. And I told
my friend what to do, three days later the dog's running around like a puppy.
hope you enjoyed the video, save your dog. don't take him to the vet yet he might have a still
quite a bit of time left to live Good Bye form InfoPuppet!