Goodwin vs. Badwin - Mrs. Brickles (Ep #4)

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[Goodwin:] Good morning, dearest neighbor!
[Mrs. Brickles:] What's so good about it?
I'm still alive, ain't I?
Go f*** yer ****ty hole!
[Goodwin:] Wow!
What was that bleeping noise, it was magnificent!
[Mrs. Brickles:] Christ on my crispy c**t!
If you weren't such a d***-hole moron,
you'd know that you can't ****-lickin' swear in this town!
**** mother ****-in FCC.
[Goodwin:] Aaah. It's like candy to my ears.
[Mrs. Brickles:] Now, if you'll EXCUSE me,
I have a bus to catch!
[Goodwin:] Oh no! She just got hit by that bus!
[Mrs. Brickles:] Really, Sandra Bullock? You couldn't speed that **** up?
I need to die, here, I'm on a schedule!
Oh! Here comes a tank.
Come on, crush my **** sack!
[Goodwin:] Oh no. I'm sure that tank killed her.
[Mrs. Brickles:] I'm not dead yet, you testicle-dipping turd gobbler!
(Brickles swearing)
Go f*** yourself, I can't **** believe I'm still alive!
*Lion roar* Oh, this lion's gonna rip me to shreds
better than the time I got **** by my priest!
[Goodwin:] She's almost like a kitty cat, she has so many lives!
[Mrs. Brickles:] Oh **** it, a buzz saw!
[Goodwin:] Oh no!
That buzz saw cut off everything but her head!
I'm sure she's dead now...
[Mrs. Brickles:] Aw, god **** it. What's it gonna take to die?
[Badwin:] Oh my goodness!
Goodwin! What have have you gotten yourself into today, this looks fun!
[Goodwin:] Hi, Badwin!
I'm just hangin' out over here with my new best friend!
She's taught me about bleeping!
[Badwin:] Well, did you see my new toy?
It's a wood chipper!
[Goodwin:] Wow, it's so shiny and sparkly, it's got big wheels!
[Badwin:] Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to test it out and I've just been DYING to.
Oh, what do we have here?
[Mrs. Brickles:] The only thing I see is two **** fondling each other's **** sticks!
Why don't you stop gabbin' your mommy-lickers and throw my noggin into that wood chipper!
[Badwin:] Anything for the elderly.
Goodwin, I'll turn it on, you kick her head in.
[Goodwin:] Okay! [Badwin:] Ready? Go!
She's stuck! You broke my wood chipper!
I just bought this!
Get out of my f***n wood chipper.
Now you can just **** sit there in the middle of the **** **** street
and let the sun cook your **** brains!
[Goodwin:] Badwin, you just made the bleeping noise!
[Badwin:] Ugh.
[Goodwin:] I wanna try!
Ya mother fffflower!
Uh... Catalogues!
Uh. Shinsplint!
Ah, f*** I can't sw-
*gasp* [Badwin:] Look at you, you did it!
[Goodwin:] This is gonna be the best day ever! [Badwin:] It sure is!
[Mrs. Brickles:] Well, this is kind of interesting.