Love and Rain waited for Loreen at her hometown - Västerås

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It feels completely magical. This is my city, you know.
When the Västerås-born Loreen finally come to her home ground again after the Eurovision victory,
several hundreds of people from Västerås waited to see her sing, even though it rained. And it is special to sing at home says a nervous Loreen.
You get a little nervous too.
Why are you nervous? You’re home.
Of course you want to do good too.
So there’s a little extra pressure?
Aha. But it’s all good. It’s all positive.
Are you wet?
Let’s get wet together. Have I said that I love you?
Your summer, which I don’t think you expected, how are you spending it? You’re very busy, I know.
Well, there’s an album that is getting finished and there’s videos to record and gigs and promotions so there is a lot to do.
Vacation for me is not on the table for me until in about thirty years.
But do you think this is fun?
Yes, indeed. It’s very fun. But I have worked a long time for it.
Finally you came here in Västerås and you are going to be honored so everyone is waiting for you.
Do you feel, you said you were nervous, but do you feel an anxiety for that you might make a fool of yourself or they won’t receive you the way you want to?
No, I don’t think that way I just think of the fact that they’ve came here and taken the time. That is love enough for me.
I don’t need their shouts, it is me who’s giving now. Not them.
In this audience there might be old teachers and friends from the past, have you thought about that?
No I haven’t. Thank you for that.
This is your summer and your year, but do you have any tips on how to spend a summer here in Västmanland?
Oh, I am a nature girl so I like the scenery, which might not be super sexy for everyone, but I am grown up in Norra Grytan
and I like to hang there. It doesn’t happen that much, but I like it there.
Do you have any favorite places here in Västerås? Anything?
No actually, Norra Grytan is it.
Home is the best.
What do you want to say to the audience and Västerås who is standing here waiting for you out there?
What I want to say to all the people in Västerås is that you are the best and thank you so much for all the support you have given me.
I appreciate it and hope that I won’t disappoint you even though it’s raining. I’ll try a few moves despite the rain.
How do you feel about the rain?
That’s okay, it doesn’t matter. It is the way it is. I like it when the weather isn’t perfect.
Yes, despite the rain several hundred of people from Västerås stood on Fiskartorget to celebrate Loreen.
She received flowers and gifts from the politician Ulla Persson, the head of the public Board.
Aren’t we proud and happy to welcome Loreen home?
Emma and Linnea were two Västerås girls who were there to hear Loreen sing and they both say that Loreen means a lot for the community.
She was good.
What do you think she means for Västerås?
I think she means much. Since she is from here of course I look a little extra for her.
Hey! What’s your name?
Hi! Linnea.
What do you think of Loreen?
She is great!
Why is she great?
She has a good message with her music.
But what do you think she means for Västerås? What does she do for Västerås?
She shows that you can come from a random city in Sweden and go so far.
When Loreen finally sang the song Euphoria, the song she won Eurovision with, the audience couldn’t help but singing along.