Google STREET VIEW Parodie

Uploaded by YTITTY on 30.08.2010

Torge: Google Street View polarizes the masses:
while funny wanna-be politicians
in fancy pirate dress speak of a million-fold violation of privacy,
politician: This is a million-fold violation of privacy, arr...
Torge: others use the technology daily to spy on their neighbours.
male: Boha, I would have never thought that the neighbour has such huge knockers!
female: Darling!
male: What?
Torge: However, for some people this issue is not as funny as
that they would simply abuse it for the typical German anal, narrow-minded and gratuitous bickering.
The shocking details now from a journalist who does not have a clue.
Philieb: Thanks Torge.
I am here live on air with one of the victims.
Frank, tell us what happened.
Frank: Well I sent an exemption request to Google Street View,
so that my house would not show up on the virtual map.
When I came home from work,
suddenly, my house was gone!
I thought what the fuck, dude, what is going on?
Philieb: Frank’s tragic story is not an isolated case.
All across Germany,
objects exempt from Google Street view are disappearing.

boy Where is my trash can?

driver Dude!!
male: That is simply…
Philieb: Now everyone has to decide for himself whether he has the guts
to request an exemption of their property from Google Maps or not.
I for my part shall not back down.
I have sent in a request for exemption to Google.
Frank: Dude what’s going on with your face?
Philieb: Huh, why, what should be?

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