League of Legends - Elo Hell Combo (Sion and Alistar)

Uploaded by xChinNin on 25.06.2012

Are you losing all your ranked games and find yourself in ELO Hell?
Are you still trying hard to win your games, but still lose because your team troll them?
Do YOU wish to get out of Elo Hell to finally play with players at your level?
Well then, this is the video for you.
I warn you : to win your games, you must troll yourself.
I present you the...
Hey! What's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today with his ButtFucking Friend Murdered to play...
And now, you're going to learn how to gain some ELO points.
For runes, I take things here and there to give me some Magic Penetration and Ability Power per level because...
I have no IP since I just bought Soraka hehehehe...
If you have the IP to spend, take some flat AP instead to burst the enemies early game.
For masteries, I take everything to maximise my Ability Power.
If you're being pushed near your tower, that's the best situation you could hope for.
Have Alistar use his Flash-Shoot in air-Headbutt combo, have Sion use his stun and enjoy your threesome.
And then, since Soraka the bitch healer died, you can double ghost to make Vayne piss in her pants
and stun her, chop with your axe, headbutt to the wall, shoot in the air and whoop her ass in mid-air with your shield OH YEAH!
Usually, you should attack the range carry to minimize the damage done to you and to not let her farm, but if your AliSion, you can whoop that support if you want!
But why would we do that? Because now, you can hide in the brush, Flash and stun that running Vayne, explose your shield,
have Alistar stay a bit behind to block her path with a stun and headbutt for the kill OH YEAH!
Don't worry Vayne and Soraka, this party's just getting started.
Here's the reason we prefer to go for the support first : even if the range carry is almost dead, that fuckabish Soraka will heal her.
And then you will have to tower dive to kill her...
You're getting ganked when you have low health? No problem!
Use your shield to protect yourself, headbutt that fake dragon near your tower, stun her and enjoy watching her run away like a boss.
As Alistar, use your Headbutt-Shoot in Air combo if your Flash is down.
Then, Sion will Flash in to pick up the kill, not letting her use her heal abilities.
Thank you for the tower, barbie!
What? You want to die that badly? Alrighty then!
Now that the tower's down, do your ninja here, stun that fuckabish like no one to not let her heal and enjoy your threesome again OH YEAH.
And again.
And again.
No no no no no Soraka! Don't even try to run away.
Time for some Vayne bursting!
Knowing that Vayne has a push-back skill, separate yourself from Alistar.
And from the brush, use your Flash-Stun-Explose shield combo to burst her HP down and let Alistar enjoy his ass whooping session.
Sometimes, you will happen to be in a situation where you had a sure-kill, but somehow, you fail to kill your target.
But it's okay! Come back a bit later to pick up 2 kills!
So yeah, you and your BFF will have a lot of kills, the enemies at bot lane won't be able to farm, they won't have any good items and they will be under leveled.
Of course, there will be some fuckabishes that will tell you nonsense like...
But it's okay! You will carry the game, no problem and the one talking caca about you will beg you two to do this combo again!
As a nice player, you should always help your teammates in danger even if they seem to be some extra mega uber fuckabishes with no mana that will die for sure.
That's it for today, people!
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