The Fast and the Furious (8/10) Movie CLIP - Drive-by Shooting (2001) HD

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Dom, put the gun down now!
- Moveyour car. - No. Bullshit!
Put it down now! No more running!
l'm not running!
- Where's Leon and Letty? - They're long gone!
Then it's over. l didn't call the police. But don't push me!
- Put the gun down! l swear to God! - You are the cop!
You're a cop!
Brian! l got to find Jesse before they do.
- l'm all the kid's got. - l'll call in the plates.
P.D. will pick him up way beforeJohnnyeven gets near him.
- Moveyour car. - Dom, stop it! tt's over.
- Please! - Mia, stay out ofit!
- Move the-- - [ CarApproaching ]
Dominic, l am so sory.
l don't know what l'm doing, Dom.
l'm so scared right now. l don't know what's going on.
Jess! What wereyou thinking, man?
l don't know! l panicked! l'm sory.
- l'm scared! - [ Motorcycles Approaching ]
l don't know what l'm doing! Will you please help me?
- [ Sobbing ] - No,Jesse!